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October 20, 2003

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“Being a sex symbol is rather like being a convict.”

- Raquel Welch.

COLT Studio Reloaded; Ashton Moore Opens Up; Ethan Marc Back in the Slammer; "Skin" Series Premiere Tonight.



COLT STUDIO RELOADED: It is evident from the press kit mailed out late Friday afternoon that COLT Studio is reinventing itself with former Falcon head John Rutherford now at the wheel. Here is an exclusive first look at their new look and their new movie, RELOAD.

“I’m proud to announce the release of my first feature, RELOAD, under the COLT Studio name,” writes the award-winning industry impresario himself, “but RELOAD is more than my return to directing. It also signifies the return of the COLT Man – the natural man. I handpicked the new COLT Men exclusive Tod Parker (pictured above) who makes his first appearance in this video, debuting on VHS immediately and debuting on DVD November 1st, 2003. While acknowledging our 36th year legacy created by Jim French, the new COLT Studio is merging a celebration of what was, what is, and what will be.”

RELOAD features an all-star cast that includes some brand new faces and a lot of old favorites: Tod Parker, Dave Angelo, Adam Dexter, Lane Fuller, Chase Hunter, Alex LeMonde, Jake Gianelli, Trey Rexx, Rob Romoni, Marcus Iron, Ray Dragon, and Matt Colmar. RELOAD is currently available for order only on www.COLTstudio.com and will be available for national distribution by Paladin Video in mid-December.



ASHTON MOORE OPENS UP: Now the second longest running Jill Kelly Productions contract girl and that is a feat in itself (Haven is the first), Ashton Moore appeared on my sex talk radio show, The Young & the Curious, last Friday night. In this rare and intimate interview, Moore opened up on everything from her trial of ecstasy to some of the “rotten apples” who have come down the JKP turnpike in the past year, specifically naming Cynara Fox and Shyla Stylez. For the complete story, check out Gene Ross’s recap of the show at AdultFYI.com.


ETHAN MARC BACK IN THE SLAMMER: Isn’t it dramatic irony that just when we’re gearing up to post an old gallery of Ethan Marc’s, news comes that he’s back in jail again. Nothing new, “supposedly for many of the same things for which he was previous incarcerated” including credit card fraud, false checking, etc. Marc was making in roads for a potential “comeback” by appearing on a couple of live cam sites earlier this year and appearing in a series of sex romps for AMVC.com in Showguys video installments 42, 43, 45, and 46.

Don’t cry for Ethan. He’ll be back. When he’s out of the slammer, he’ll need work and this is the club you can’t get kicked out of. In the meantime, we’ve got some classic yesteryear shots of Ethan Marc going up in the Naughty Galleries tomorrow.



“SKIN” SERIES PREMIERE TONIGHT: Although Ginger Lynn’s character won’t be introduced for another two weeks, the series premiere of Skin airs tonight on FOX TV, from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and starring Ron Silver in a role all too familiar to Vivid Video President/CEO, Steven Hirsch. Isn’t it interesting how life imitates art? The New York Daily News will feature a story on Lynn next week detailing her bravery for taking on her biggest mainstream accomplishment to date while launching her own adult video production company, Ginger Bred Productions. It’s true, the girl’s got balls!






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