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October 22, 2003

Monthly Guest Columns

Tina Tyler, Monthly Guest Columnist

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Bret Wolfe, Monthly Guest Columnist

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“If you want to see the girl next door, go next door.”

- Joan Crawford, who never went out without looking like Joan Crawford.

Bret Wolfe to Headline Indie Documentary; Word from Forest - "Billy's Back!"; New Sensations' "Big Cock Seductions 8"; Falcon Signs Gus Mattox to Exclusive Contract.



BRET WOLFE TO HEADLINE INDIE DOCUMENTARY: Gay adult entertainment super star Bret Wolfe has signed with BabyXeroPictures™ to headline a new reality contest and documentary entitled Sex, Lives & Videotape. The film will follow three ordinary gay male porn fans chosen by judges through an online contest to live out their fantasy of being with a porn star on tape. The project is being helmed by filmmaker and BabyXeroPictures founder Steven Pomerantz, whose credits include the documentary Skin Deep, an official selection in festivals all over the world including the London Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Milan Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, South Africa Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, and Austraila’s Queer-Doc Film Festival. “Sex, Lives & Videotape is a real departure from my other films in terms of the content aspect, but the film remains true to my mission in its attempt to expose the emotional reality behind sexual fantasy,” says Pomerantz.

“The reason I agreed to participate in the documentary and I believe the reason why they chose me is to try and defy the stereotype of your typical gay male porn star,” says Wolfe. “One of my biggest goals besides offering consistently hot entertainment to our fans is to prove that not every porn star is some stupid kid who just got off a bus from the midwest and wants to make a buck. People in this industry can be educated, they can be bright, they can have an opinion that is noteworthy. Steven [Pomerantz] was interested in making this point as well.”

More information on Sex, Lives & Videotape can be found at the film’s website at www.slvmovie.com. The documentary is in pre-production and currently accepting applications online for gay male amateurs to compete for a chance to fulfill their erotic fantasy of being with Bret Wolfe on camera. Production on the film is scheduled for early 2004 and it will hit the gay and lesbian film festival circuit in fall/winter 2004.

 Bret Wolfe recently broke the adult entertainment industry’s record for winning the most awards in a performer’s debut year, including categories like “Best Newcomer” which he swept at every ceremony throughout the season. Up next is the highly anticipated December release of All Worlds' Daddy Does it Best from director Paul Barresi in which Wolfe stars, his first on-camera appearance in eight months! This title as well as others this year (Resurrection from Hot House, Butt In from Falcon Hot Hands) have already put Wolfe in the forefront of many minds as a potential Performer of the Year, as nominations for the 2004 awards’ circuit are just around the corner. Wolfe defies the stereotype of the gay porn “super star,” predominantly known his talents as a “power bottom” as well as his extraverted-come-shy personality and incredible intellect, a rare combination in the genre that is showcased in his self-penned monthly column “Wolfe Bytes” found exclusively on the “News Desk” here at JasonCurious.com.

Wolfe’s latest column, which was due to be posted yesterday, is still being edited and will be posted later in the week. Keep checking his “column” graphic on the sidebar to your left!



WORD FROM FOREST – “BILLY’S BACK!”: Along with revealing the interesting factoid that Billy Brandt’s current “hideaway ranch” is in Jackson, Mississippi, his manager David Forest announced in a statement made yesterday that the blonde and ambitious stud is back and available for all kinds of work! Not that he was ever gone really, but it’s good to put rumors to rest. Here’s the email we received:

Billy Brandt and David Forest jointly announced, today, that the 24 year-old superstar is once again available for film and print bookings, live nightclub shows and “fan appreciation meetings” (through the Meet The Stars program) effective immediately. Forest Entertainment will exclusively handle ALL of Brandt's bookings in these areas, just like the past 3 1/2 years. Brandt, who is currently living in Jackson, Mississippi, stars in G.A.I.'s new film, Down To Earth (Billy's first adult feature in nearly 2 years) which is now available through G.A.I.'s mail order and is set for national release on November 12 through Arena Entertainment. You can see a video clip of Billy's scene in the movie, with Dane Brando, by clicking here. Billy is also working on his own film, Totally Billy, created with Latin Pacific Entertainment's, Fay Dubois, which will be released through I.M.D. (by the end of the year).  Billy and Fay are co-producing/editing the unique new movie. It should provide Billy's fans with an incredible “look” inside his personal and XXX life.

Billy also announced, today, that he wants his adult industry friends and his XXX fans to know that:

-         Billy Brandt does NOT sanction, condone, authorize or support the BillyBrandtUSA website or anything stated by its owner, Tass. Billy has not given Tass any permission, whatsoever, to sell his personal items or to publish any of his personal messages or images.

-         Billy Brandt is not involved with nor has he ever communicated with or authorized anyone to communicate on his behalf with or associate him with Damon Kruezer, Kent Barclay or that person’s web site. Nothing posted about Billy Brandt by that person or published on that person's website has been authorized by Billy. The information has, as usual, been taken from other sources and/or given to Damon/Kent third-hand. Billy wants everything about him taken off this person’s site ... and hopes the person will comply. 



NEW SENSATIONS’ “BIG COCK SEDUCTIONS 8”: Who said size doesn’t matter? New Sensations and Digital Sin are about to prove them wrong with their latest release in a best-selling series, Big Cock Seductions: Volume 8. It truly has something for everyone and let me explain how I’m not just saying that! Consider: What gay man doesn’t like watching a hot dude with a big cock no matter where it is being stuck? What straight man doesn’t love watching his favorite porn stars’ holes stretched as far as they can go? Even women will love these well hung sex romps, with super hard-hitting pussy pounding action but no anal to make them go queasy or fear that their partner is going to unexpectedly ask or worse yet do the deed without asking!

The sex certainly measures up. The movie opens with world famous starlet Mason taking a dirty dicking from Manuel Ferrara. Ferrara uses his hands almost as much as he uses his dick, whether shoving both in her mouth and stretching her jaws or both in her pussy to stretch out her hole. … Julian also shows up for two scenes in the sexvid, one with Lana Moore and another with Tai Angel. Originally known for his feature work, Julian proves himself more and more the quintessential gonzo performer with every new release. Of course, it’s nothing knew from the “straight” sex stud. Put a blonde with big tits and attitude in front of him and he works harder than a coal miner. Anything else is “second best.” Thus, the performance he gets out of Lana Moore tends to one-up his romp with Tai Angel. … Melanie Jagger, more curvaceous than we’ve ever seen her and maybe just a little too much so (and this is coming from a columnist who adores voluptuous women) performs a rare interracial with Biggz before Domino takes the big bone from Mr. Pete. Both scenes are sensation, but nothing can compare to the hardcore fuck stylings of Ben English as he sticks it to Japan. It is a grand finale as he turns her up, down, around, and upside down for every position known to man before nutting all over her face.

If you’re a fan of the “big cock stretch,” hard poundings and don’t mind the lack of anal, Big Cock Seductions: Volume 8 is a must add to your porn collection.

Big Cock Seductions: Volume 8 is now available on VHS and DVD at www.newsensations.com.






FALCON SIGNS GUS MATTOX TO EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT: Fresh off a touring production of Cabaret, Gus Mattox (pictured here, left) has signed an exclusive contract to Falcon Studios. Mattox has performed musically and sexually for both the mainstream and adult entertainment show business worlds for nearly two decades. This will be his first exclusive porn contract. His first movie under contract to Falcon will be The Recruits and details will be forthcoming. Interested in scheduling an interview with the stud? Contact Falcon’s new publicist and our new best friend, Troy, at [email protected].



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