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November 6, 2002


“At best, Sky is great. On average, Sky is not very good.”

- Raging Stallion head Chris Ward on former exclusive Sky Donovan.

Sky Donovan Speaks Out, Raging Stallion Refutes; Pacific Sun Entertainment's "Billy Brandt Lost on Sex Island"; Who Pulled Tera Patrick's Hair?; Brandt Forms Official Yahoo! Fan Group.


SKY DONOVAN SPEAKS OUT, RAGING STALLION REFUTES: It’s been months without hearing hide nor hair from former Raging Stallion exclusive, Sky Donovan. Since the company filed a lawsuit against the performer in late August, claiming he stole over $10,000.00 worth of inventory, Donovan has been laying low with little to no comment or public appearance until now. I received an email from the star/producer/director of such movies as, Gay Boy Gangbang, last week, with a different side to the story.

“I haven’t felt the need to make a comment because it’s such a bunch of bullshit,” writes Donovan. “The reason I’m making one now is because I thought I was mentally to my limit. People have a right to know that the claims made against me are false. Raging Stallion could only wish that they even had $10,000.00 in inventory. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of their poverty and how bad off they are. They don’t even have good money to pay their exclusives. In return for lesser model fees, most if not all performers, are given the right to all of their chromes and the scenes they were in.”

Raging Stallion head, Chris Ward, refutes, “That’s crazy! Of course we have $10,000.00 in inventory. We have a lot more than that! We have over forty titles in our warehouse with hundreds of copies of each title. Each tape is sold at $59.00, you do the math. … Sky walked out of here with more than 50 VHS copies of his own titles. It was quite a while before we caught it, too. We just thought we were selling out the ass. We had to keep reordering tapes from our dupper. Eventually, we found that the numbers weren’t matching up. Sky was living here, so he was here at night and that’s when he would remove the inventory. He would take his movies and sell them on his own site, www.skydonovan.com. He even stole our email list and sent a mass email out telling everyone not to buy from www.ragingstallion.com because his site had them at half-price.”

Donovan explains his position: “In one day, they fired me, gave me 30 days eviction notice, and a disclaimer of intellectual property, all to someone who has stayed with them through two distributor changes and taking a cut in salary that no one could ever think of living off of. So what is one to do? You try to start to cash in on the promises that were made to you, only to find that they’re empty, and that your inventory from your own production line was seized by your attorney. Chris Ward made verbal agreements with me. Those tapes were mine to do with what I wanted.”

Ward says Donovan’s employment with the company was terminated due to a 75% error rate and a history of insubordination. “We knew he was an ex con when he came to us, but we were stunned at the high quality of his work,” explains Ward. “He was a workaholic, to the point that I saw myself in him, back when I was starting the business. He was very ambitious and his ideas were very innovative. So we gave him a chance. We put him to work here at the studio, we let him live here, and we even fronted every penny for his own line of videos. But all that we saw in the beginning started falling apart. I’m not sure why and I really don’t want to speculate, especially to the press. He was in charge of shipping and we had to refund so many customers because of him. There were times when he wouldn’t even show up to work for three or four days. He may feel he was slighted in terms of payment, but that all depends on how you view his compensation package. He never went below minimum wage. He lived here at the studio, the entire time he worked for us, for eight to nine months. We provided him with free rent, room and board, full health coverage, utilities, cable TV, he never had to pay a phone bill! And San Francisco has some of the highest rents in the country. When you take all of that into account, he was the highest compensated Raging Stallion employee. There was agitation among my partners to get rid of him three to four months before I did though, and I just kept trying. I liked Sky. I still liked him the day I found out he robbed me. It’s only after he so screwed me over and bad mouthed me that I can’t stand the thought of him anymore. … Really, we can eat the loss on the inventory, we just want him to leave us alone. We’ve had no contact from him in the last four or five weeks and we’d really like for it to stay that way.”

But Donovan has no intention of going away or leaving Raging Stallion alone anytime soon. “If it takes a court to pull every model from every shoot and getting every one of them to lie, much less make their stories match, then that’s what I will do, so they better start,” writes Donovan. “These claims have left me feeling like they thought I was just some stupid redneck. Well, this is one redneck that is the biggest hard head and won’t back down.”



WHO PULLED TERA PATRICK’S HAIR?: Fellow KSEXradio host, Jacklyn Lick, (pictured here) tells me the hair was flying at The East Coast Video Show last month when the women of Las Vegas Novelties met up with the girls of Digital Playground. “We were supposed to sign at the same booth, all of us together, we had to share,” Lick told me when we met up at the studio on Monday night. “When we got there, Tera Patrick had taken the entire booth for herself. We stood there, waiting for her to move and she just wouldn’t budge.” After requests to Patrick’s publicist and manager were ignored, Las Vegas Novelties decided to pick up and head out. “We figured we would be the bigger people in the situation and just go,” says Lick, “but as soon as we started walking away, Tera started telling her people that one of us pulled her hair. So Devon gets all up in our faces and asks Tera which one of us pulled her hair. First she looks right at me and says, ‘That one,’ but I think I must’ve given her a look that put the fear of God in her because she quickly averted her eyes and pointed to Serenity instead. So Devon reaches out and starts reaching for Serenity’s hair to pull it and Mr. Marcus had to hold us all back, it was insane!” … Digital Playground might opt not to fuck with the girls of Las Vegas Novelties, if they know what’s good for them. Did you know they all practice Wicca? It’s practically a coven!



PACIFIC SUN’S “BILLY BRANDT LOST ON SEX ISLAND”: Director Thor Stephans is in his element at the open of Billy Brandt Lost on Sex Island. Anything shot outdoors, from the beachscapes to the jungle studs, is obviously inspiring to Stephans, as rarely does porn look this beautiful. Of course, another inspiration could be having a leading man like Billy Brandt, and here again, rarely does porn look as beautiful as he.

Brandt gets a thumbs-up for making an effort in the acting department, throughout what is a moderately dialogue-heavy film, even if his acting could often be described as “over-reacting.” Stranded on a desert island, Brandt shakes and convulses, from what we’re not sure. Maybe he’s cold. Maybe he’s starving. Maybe he was out partying the night before. At any rate, he tries the old “message in a bottle” routine, and then makes his way into a jungle area where he finds Kirk Kelley, perfectly cast as he’s looking like some sort of cross-breed. Is he a man? Is he a monkey? We’re not sure. In or out of the loincloth though, he leaves much to be desired. I can hardly blame the gorgeous Brandt for his apparent impotence when presented with such a partner. The shining moment comes when the two move from the jungle to a nearby shelter where Brandt gets his ass spread and licked for the majority of the scene. The stud goes from all fours to a crouched hand stand, making the most erotic noises ever uttered in the history of the world and those super sexy constipated facial expressions we’ve come to expect and love from him. The actual fucking (Brandt on Kelley, of course), literally lasts for 53 seconds, but its fine because we’re just waiting for the scene to be over anyway. Kirk Kelley does deliver in the end, a huge load shot all over his body as Brandt jerks him off. Most disappointing is the missing cum shot from Brandt, but he more than makes up for this scene by the end of the movie, so stay tuned.

Brandt collapses on the beach and is dragged away by cohorts of a mysterious Dr. X. We soon find those cohorts are Jason Hawke and Gregg Rockwell, as the movie cuts to a dungeon scene with the two hotties opposite cutie patootie Dane Brando. I would go on and on about how delicious Jason Hawke looks, but at this point, it doesn’t even need to be said. It’s simply a given. I don’t think the boy has ever looked bad a day in his life and he’s never delivered a poor performance. If we can count on anything in this world, it’s death, taxes, and Jason Hawke giving a good scene. Gregg Rockwell’s pretty freaking fine himself with a body that won’t quit, slender but incredibly defined, with a cock about nine inches to match Hawke’s massive member. Dane Brando serves as the perfect contrasting “twink” type for the scene, which starts by Hawke giving Brando some sort of sex serum that looks like piss in a bottle. Brando is shackled in the beginning, his arms restrained, though there’s no S&M to be seen here. Just a lot of licking and kissing that goes on for what seems like twice the length of the last scene. There’s lots of oral action to follow when Brando is released from the cuffs and drops to his knees to service both big dicks, while Hawke and Rockwell kiss. Their tongues battling back and forth is just as hot as Brando’s sucking and jerking. A train forms soon – Rockwell sucking Hawke while he gets sucked by Brando, then Hawke sucking Rockwell while he gets sucked by Brando. Little boy Brando just stays on his knees with cock in his mouth the whole time like a good little slave and he’s finally rewarded by both boys taking turns banging the living hell out of him. With one cock in his ass and the other in his mouth as they trade off, Dane Brando is obviously quite the happy camper. The best is when Hawke teases him, swiveling his hips to smack his cock back and forth against his adorable little ass. Hawkes makes him say that he wants it and it’s clear that Brando is especially into his more rough-house style of fucking. While Jason Hawke and Gregg Rockwell may provide the cock for the scene, its Dane Brando’s insatiable sexual appetite and energy that carries it. Rockwell shoots a load on Brando’s chest while Hawke jerks right down onto his dick so he can use his cum to jerk himself to a climax, leaving the boy thoroughly drenched.

Enter Drew Peters, who finds Brandt’s SOS bottle on the beach. Brandt has included a polaroid of himself, as well as a cell phone number where he can be reached. Who knew he had a cell? Of course, Peters calls, intrigued by the hot boy in the bottle, and Brandt explains frantically, “Look, you’ve gotta believe me, I’m stranded on this island!” Peters thinks it’s some sick joke, like something out of a porno, and hangs up the phone. But we haven’t seen the last of him yet.

Meanwhile, Jason Hawke is delivering Jay Ross, a new slave, to Dr. X, portrayed by Damian Ford. It’s the porn role Ford was born to play, the diabolical doctor who forces shipwrecked boys to drink what sure as hell looks like his piss in order to make them his personal slaves. He does just this to Ross and their sex scene begins. Both of them are the most “mature” performers of the cast; their bodies hairy but still in shape, they are by no means long in the tooth, and together they prove that older men know from experience how to fuck. A sixty-nine happens for a while in Ford’s lab before he takes him to his gothic bedroom where there’s more sucking and some mad hot ass eating from Ford, who looks better in this scene than I’ve ever seen him in the past. They fuck missionary, cowboy, flat on their stomachs, and then back to mish again before they both nut all over Ross’s upper body.

Cut back to Drew Peters who decides to call Billy Brandt back. Fortunately, that cell phone hasn’t run out of batteries yet and Brandt’s end of the conversation consists of the exact same footage we saw in the last scene, as he says, for a second time now, “Look, you’ve gotta believe me, I’m stranded on this island!” We believe you, Billy! We believe you. It’s like a bad B-movie, but it may be intentional – Stephans is a fan and is known to pay homage.

Peters awakens from what I guess is a nice little nap he decided to take and then proceeds to jack off thinking of Brandt being lost on Sex Island. Here, as usual, director Stephans, is all about lighting the eyes and Peters’ have never looked more piercing and beautiful. There’s a lot of freaky twists here, with Drew Peters stepping outside his masturbatory daydream to watch himself get blown by Billy Brandt under a waterfall before Brandt appears in Peters’ bedroom at home for a totally separate part of his fantasy. Brandt proves here that he can be a sensational porn star when paired with someone who is equally sensational. When he sucks Drew Peters’ cock, he does it like he’s on his Blonde Ambition tour, and when he’s the one getting the blowjob, he’s hard as a rock. He even gets down and dirty, licking and fingering Peters’ ass before slipping a condom on and plowing him. Brandt throws his blonde boy toy around the bed and they end up in a series of sexually compromising positions, more than I can start to name and some of which have no names. Brandt does his trademark jack-rabbit fucking, and Peters yells out, “Fuck yeah!,” begging for more like he means it. Through all of the sex, they can’t stop kissing each other or licking the other’s neck. The passion and the chemistry is all there, as Brandt finally delivers an ultimate pop shot on Peters’ lower back. He then lays back and sucks some more before Peters drops his load all over Brandt’s neck and chest. It comes so close to hitting his face that we can at least get off on the fantasy.

Peters comes out of his own fantasy to call Billy boy again, only to find Dr. X answering the phone. We see Billy Brandt, now with his head shaved, resting next to Damian Ford’s cock. “No, Billy’s not available,” says Ford devilishly. “He’s sucking my cock. … Hello? Hello?” Guess Drew Peters gave up. “That was your last contact to the outside world,” Ford tells Billy, as he’s made to suck him. The camera backs up and pans out of the bedroom while Brandt proceeds to bob up and down on the dick. It’s an eerie ending to what is really a very eerie movie for gay porn. Kudos to Stephans for his originality, creating something that has truly never been done before.

 Billy Brandt’s scene with Drew Peters is hands-down the highlight of the movie and yes, it’s worth buying it for. Would it have been nice to have another hot scene or another load of cum from the crowned prince of porn? Sure, but as anyone in this industry will tell you, with a boy as beautiful as Billy Brandt, we all just take what we can get, wherever we can get it… and we’re thankful.

Billy Brandt Lost on Sex Island is now available on VHS and DVD from Pacific Sun Entertainment at www.gaymagix.com.





BRANDT FORMS OFFICIAL YAHOO! FAN GROUP: After making your own opinion on Billy Brandt Lost on Sex Island, you can give him your own personal review! The super star of the gay XXX world tells me he’s started his own Yahoo! group, BADBOY_BILLYBRANDT, to keep in touch with his fans and offer lots of free photos while his official site is in the making. Check out all the action and then email Billy at [email protected]. Tell him Jason sent ya!





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