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December 02, 2003

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“Monogamy is the way to go.”

- Breathes Britney on the new album, “In the Zone.”

Jeff Palmer Retires to Life of Monogamy; Jason Adonis Flies to Falcon; Carmen Luvana Loses Anal Cherry on "Stern"; "Most Interesting" in Gay Porn 2003.


JEFF PALMER RETIRES TO LIFE OF MONOGAMY: You know how sometimes you toss and turn in bed, unable to sleep, and as the time flies by, your mind wanders and you begin to focus on the most absurd of subjects? Well, last night I was in such a predicament (What was it Dorothy Parker used to say? “To bed by 10, wish I was dead.”) and one of the many things I couldn’t shake from my weary head was none other than Jeff Palmer. God only knows why, but I started thinking about his recent situation – now ostracized from the gay porn community as a “rebel” and “pioneer,” if you will or won’t, of bareback porn; now separated from his “Papito,” the man who was his greatest “sponsor” funding his CD releases not to mention nearly everything else in his luxurious life; and from that parting of ways now comes his decision to return to “escorting,” something I can only imagine is but a necessity and a bother now that it’s time to pay the bills on his own. “This escorting thing is not going to last,” I found myself saying out loud, all the while wondering why I’m even thinking about Jeff at such an ungodly hour. I continued on my half-conscious mind’s journey: What if he finds someone else who wants to ‘sponsor’ him? Would he stop the escorting thing? Maybe not! In interviews he’s told me that he will never live a life of monogamy because of his desire to share his “gifts” with more than one person. He almost feels as though it is his spiritual duty to share his penis with the world. And yet, knowing Jeff, I don’t doubt that if he did find a second “Papito” at this juncture in his career, he’d do just about whatever was asked of him.

This morning, I awakened to find this posted on Jeff Palmer’s web site: “As today 1st of December of 2003. Me Jeff Palmer is experiencing a big change in life. My mission is complete. Record all you can in this web site now before it goes off. Within days of this message another message will arrive with the date of the last day of this electric home. Jeff Palmer's story should end with a very happy ending. Jeff Palmer wants to live in monogamy. Soon his happy ending story should come to an end.”

When I sat down to interview Jeff Palmer earlier this year for an article in AVN magazine, I asked the self-proclaimed “King of Gay Porn” if he believes in monogamy. “Noooo!” he exclaimed, drawing the word out dramatically. “Monogamy, I believe, it is what destroys everything... especially when it's forced.” I detected he was speaking from personal experience and he confirmed, “I used to give too much of me to one person and I ignored other things and other people in my life. Every time I did that I would end up being sad and lonely, so that's when I decided to learn all of my rights. One of those rights is to connect with as much people as possible because you don't have the opportunity to feel hurt, or sad and lonely. I believe you choose how happy you want to be.”

I then asked him if he believes in true love, to which he responded, “How could I not? I would not be alive.”

Here’s to staying alive, Jeff.



JASON ADONIS FLIES TO FALCON: While talk that Jason Adonis was to star in a movie titled Adonis for Blue Blake never came to fruition due to some frisky fiscal disagreements, there’s one company out there that is willing to do just about anything to get to what could very easily be the gay porn industry’s next major super star. Falcon Studios is bringing the hunk out for a live chat and solo show on their Falcon TV on Wednesday, December 17th from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm (PT). But this isn’t the sort of thing Falcon does for just anyone! Flying a boy from the Midwest to do a show that is typically reserved for Falcon exclusives? Hmm… it only seems logical that something bigger might be in the works here. Should his Falcon TV show and his meeting with the higher-ups go smoothly, Jason Adonis could have a hefty contract staring him in the face before he even flies home! … Jason Adonis will also perform a live Internet solo show the following day on Flirt4Free.com, from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm (PT).



CARMEN LUVANA LOSES ANAL CHERRY ON “STERN”: Did you happen to catch Carmen Luvana, the beautiful, blonde Latina bombshell who is Adam & Eve’s fast-rising contract star, on the E! Channel’s episode of The Howard Stern Show last night? During a wild game of “Spin the Wheel of Benjy,” Carmen spun Benjy, who landed on “toe in an orifice.”

“Howard suggested [Benjy] put his toe in my butt,” Carmen explained in a press statement issued by Adam & Eve. “But I told him I don't do that!” Still, never one to let her company down, Carmen finally relented and agreed to allow Benjy into her backdoor. “I told Howard I would rather just be tea-bagged,” says Carmen, “but he insisted I had to do whatever was selected to plug my web site and Adam & Eve.”

After covering his toe with a condom and an ample amount of lubricant, Benjy inserted his toe into Carmen's beautiful butt. “It was all in the name of fun,” insists Carmen. “But don't expect me to do it again!”

Carmen and Howard bantered in Spanish and discussed her X-rated movies (most recently Raw Hide, for which you can see more hot photos of Carmen and read our on-set report in The Voyeur’s Log) before she promoted www.adameve.com and www.carmenluvana.com. Joining Carmen on the show was adult star Violet Blue - who enjoyed a rousing game of naked leapfrong with Benjy and promoted her Adam & Eve movies (Total Exposure, Beauty and the Bitch) and her official website, www.violetblue.org. “I wish I could have had Benjy's toe in my butt!” laughed Violet, who enjoys both anal and double penetration scenes. “We only got to leap over each other once!”



“MOST INTERESTING” IN GAY PORN 2003: Every year, fellow columnist Mark Adams takes votes on the year’s “Most Interesting Personality” in the gay porn industry for a write-up on his VidioView.com. Who held your interest the most this year? Send your two or three names and why you chose them to [email protected]. And don’t forget, you don’t have to limit yourself to performers! Here’s who I voted for this year:

Billy Brandt (pictured above) – He’s been the most talked about porn star amongst connoisseurs this year, bar none. He's appeared on Ricki Lake, released his own documentary, a new XXX movie, and has kept his name in the headlines through journalists’ accounts of his various lovers, impostors, personal and sometimes nearly fatal tragedies that have given him a running head start at becoming the Liza Minnelli of the porn industry twenty years from now. And you don't get more “interesting” than that, Mark!

Bret Wolfe – We all seem to love Bret Wolfe for the same reasons. A. He gives porn stars a good name. More than a hot piece of hole, he happens to be witty, surprisingly intellectual, and an incredible writer as proven in his monthly column Wolfe Bytes on this very site. B. He is the industry’s foremost and most formidable super bottom. So much so, in fact, that Home Depot wants the sink back! This was without a doubt The Year of Bret Wolfe. One billion served can't be wrong! And neither can his record-breaking amount of awards won in a performer's first year. Not Ryan Idol, not Caesar, not Jenna Jameson... no one has won more awards in a performer's first year than Bret Wolfe or had a consecutive and unanimous sweep of Best Newcomer honors. Hard to believe he's accomplished so much and it is only the beginning! Hmm... most interesting!

Scott Bradley – He’s in the business! He's out of the business! He's in the business as a writer! He's still doing porn after all! And through all of this, he's managed to hold (some of) our attention. You may love him or hate him, but he's certainly been one of the “most interesting” characters we've had drop into our sess pool for quite sometime, isn't he?

Mark Dalton – Anyone who put Mark Dalton’s photo on a box cover or magazine cover this year will tell you that is has been one of their best-selling. In the entire year that I have been hosting Cocktails with the Stars at Micky's in West Hollywood, California, no evening was as jam packed as the night we had Mark Dalton performing live and in the flesh on stage. Lines out the door! For having never done anything but jacked it in front of a camera, Mark Dalton is every inch the super star. We don't really seem to care if he's ever going to have sex, or if he's straight, or even if he's completely hard at times! Why? Because he's good at what he does; the best this year, in fact, at the art of being a tease.

Below are some hot photos of Mark in Pacific Sun’s Ranch Hand Muscle, available now on VHS and DVD at www.gaymagix.com.




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