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August 5, 2003


By Tina Tyler

Monthly Column Exclusively at JasonCurious.com

Column #7: Desk Job

Iíve been a very busy beaver this month. I just took the position of Publicist at Sin City Films. This means Iím representing our contract performers, Aurora Snow, Hannah Harper, Shay Sweet, director extraordinaire Skeeter Kerkove and all of Sin Cityís new movies.

As I was sitting behind my desk last week, I couldnít help but be reminded of all of the things Iíve done on desks in the past. For a good majority of my on camera adult career, I was cast as the receptionist or the secretary. I canít count how many times Iíve had sex on a desk, although if you ask my tailbone, Iím sure it would come up with an exact calculation. Since the scenes Iíve done are available for public viewing, Iíve decided to tell you about the very first time I had sex on a deskÖ pre-porn.

I was working as the receptionist at a modeling agency in Vancouver, B.C. when I was 18 years old. The owner of the agency was a very hot British man who also served as portfolio photographer for the new models coming in. One evening, just after heíd finished a photo shoot, the owner Ė weíll call him Charles Ė opened up a bottle of really good Cote du Rhone and asked if I wanted to stay a while and have a drink. I jumped at the opportunity to be alone with him. He made my panties so moist with that accent of his.

We went into his office and began chatting and drinking and drinking some more until the bottle was empty. Iíve never been a big drinker, so by this time, I was soused. Charles suggested we fool around with the camera and take some Ďartí pictures. Even at 18, I knew Ďartí meant nude. I was thrilled to be getting naked in his presence. As the camera clicked of shot after shot, I got bolder, until finally I worked up the nerve to make my move. I went over to Charles, wrapped my arms around his neck and slurred into his ear that I wanted for him to take me on his desk.

Thatís all he needed to hear. Before I knew it heíd cleared his desk in one of those moves you only see in the movies and laid me out on his, now empty, desktop. The room was spinning as he entered me, making the experience that much more surreal. The smell of wine, sweat and sex filled the air. It seemed like hours were passing in my drunken state, as he moved his hands, mouth and hips in rhythm with mine. I was in such ecstasy it wasnít until the next day that I realized the corner of the desk was practically embedded into my tailbone the whole time. When he finally climaxed, he collapsed on top of me and passed out cold. I extracted myself from underneath him, left the building and poured myself into a cab.

The next morning it was as if nothing had happened. It wasnít mentioned again until about a week later, at the end of the workday, when Charles asked me into his office to show me the pictures we had taken. We were so drunk that every shot was blurred and totally unusable, but who needs a picture when you have memories like that?


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