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March 11, 2005

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By Jason Adonis

Monthly Column Exclusively at JasonCurious.com

Column #1: Finally, A Chance To Share!

Seeing as I have been in the business for about four years now, I?m hoping most of you know who I am. For those of you who don't, I will use this chance to let everyone know a little about myself and how I got into porn. I was first introduced into this business by fitness modeling. I did a few layouts for some fitness magazines and was told that if I wanted to make some extra money on the side I could do a couple of adult movies. With money in my eyes, I decided to try it. I soon realized I actually enjoyed it. Who doesn't love sex?

The start of my career was with Jet Set Productions where I was cast in several movies. During this time I was living in the Midwest where, as you can imagine, people who work in this industry are looked down upon and considered outcasts. While at home I had to be a tough country boy and when in Los Angeles, a GAY PORN STAR. Is this what you call leading a double life? The decision was made to take a break from the business and as irony would have it, this is when more offers started rolling in. Porn became too exciting and rewarding that it was impossible for me to stay away.

The offer to become Falcon?s new Lifetime Exclusive seemed too good to pass up. They whisked me away from the critical glares of my Midwestern life to the big city of San Francisco. I made four movies with Falcon and eventually decided that things were not working out. We mutually decided to go our separate ways. It turned out to be a great thing though. I have less stress now.

Since then, I've gone solo. Learning how much work it takes to be in this business on your own is a definite eye opener. Coordinating possible films and appearances is definitely time consuming. Don't get me wrong, it is great to be on my own. (LESS DRAMA!) Also, leaving the great state of California and moving back to my roots was a good decision. I finally realize that it doesn't matter what other people think and it only matters how you feel about yourself.

I have recently been reunited with Jet Set Productions, though not as an exclusive this time around. I appeared in their new series Wet Palms and I also have a part in their second installment of Jet Set Direct. I also did another new movie with Big Blue Productions called Young Gods where I really enjoyed working with Jason Ridge. I won't give away any of the delicious details, you'll have to see it for yourself.

Recently I have made the decision to put more effort into my own website. Newly added material consist of Jason's Store, several new photos and video clips. Make sure you come check it out at www.JasonAdonis.com.

Thank you to Jason Sechrest for giving me this opportunity to share myself and my opinions with everyone. Now that everyone has had a quick lesson in the life of Jason Adonis, check out my future columns for more in depth details.


Jason Adonis

For more on where to find Jason Adonis in print and video on JasonCurious.com, check out his Black Book entry.

Visit Jason Adonis?s official web site at www.JasonAdonis.com.

Email Jason and let him know your thoughts on his column at [email protected].

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