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Cock: 7"
5' 7"
hair: bleached blonde
eyes: brown
hometown: Denver, CO


* There's 7 photos of Pepper inside Jason's Closet!


I was introduced to Pepper on the set of the stud's final film, Stable Entertainment's "Goosed 3: A Bisexual Love Affair." Pepper's sex scene opposite Matt Bradshaw and Jacob Hayes was certainly ending his porn career on a high note! I learned through my time with him that Pepper is an ex-marine who spent two years rebelling against everything in hopes of getting booted out of the corps. Don't ask, don't tell? He told. And then showed. And then disobeyed rule after rule, for which he received many a spanking I'm sure. Eventually, they kicked his ass back to where he came from and Pepper decided he'd like to pursue a much quieter, gentler kind of life as a gay porn star. But after only three feature films, this bleached blonde bisexual rebel is ready to move onto yet another new phase in his life. The day after he shot his scene in "Goosed 3," Pepper returned to his hometown in the mid-west to pursue still an even quieter and gentler existence. "Still," he concluded before disappearing, "if the scene's nominated for an award or something... I'll have to make a comeback!"

Pepper in "Jason's News Desk":
Friday, October 12th, 2001 (1 photo)

"Goosed 3: A Bisexual Love Affair" - 5/1/01 (6 photos)


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