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January 20, 2004

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“Gossip is news running ahead of itself in a red satin dress.”

- Liz Smith, one who would know.

Jason Adonis Shoots First Falcon Feature This Week; Studio 2000 Signs Tommy Brandt as New Exclusive; Mark Dalton - Looking Better Than Ever!; Billy Brandt's Back to His Roots & Back in Town.



JASON ADONIS SHOOTS FIRST FALCON FEATURE THIS WEEK: You may have already heard about Falcon Studios shooting their new exclusive Bobby Williams this week in his first major starring vehicle, Bobby’s Been Bad. You may have even heard that gay XXX super star Rod Barry will be giving a rare performance as a bottom for the feature to be directed by porn impresario Chi Chi LaRue. What you haven’t heard is that the movie is also slated to be the phenomenal Jason Adonis’s first movie for the company, which would also mean his only movie to date outside of Jet Set Productions.

Does this mean Falcon has signed Jason Adonis as their new exclusive? Absolutely not. If anything, they’re wary. Just over a month ago, Falcon flew Adonis out to perform for a live solo show on Falcon TV, now available in streaming video 24/7 on their mega-site www.falconstudios.com. That alone, however, didn’t seem enough to close a deal. Adonis is reportedly performing one scene in Bobby’s Been Bad just to get his feet wet in the Falcon pool.

If his performance is up to par, then – and only then – will we be hearing terms like “exclusive” bantered about in the press. In the meantime, it is just great to know that Adonis is back in front of the cameras and with a company like Falcon and a directrix like LaRue, we all can rest assured this will be his hottest scene to date!



TOMMY BRANDT WANDERS TO STUDIO 2000: Since I’m already going to be in hot water with Falcon for the item above (even though I plug them ceaselessly and they know I adore them, they naturally would prefer to be the first to announce such tidbits – but then I wouldn’t be doing my job, would I?), I might as well just get it all out of the way today and not stretch the pain out any longer than need be. My spies tell me that Tommy Brandt has just signed a new contract with Studio 2000. The company is shooting Brandt’s first movie under contract, literally as I write this. Whether his contract with Falcon has expired or not, however, is another story altogether. One source close to Studio 2000 tells me it has indeed expired while another source close to Falcon claims they still have a “binding contract” on the stud. Whatever the case, the movie’s being shot. Brandt’s hottest performances ever are featured in Falcon’s latest release Tommy’s Tale, now available on VHS at www.falconstudios.com – look for my review of the movie here later this week and then next month in GASM and Badpuppy magazines. … Michael and Troy, you can find me bent over in bed waiting for my spanking! I have a feeling this time around, a ball gag might be in order.



MARK DALTON – LOOKING BETTER THAN EVER!: Yes, it’s true! I did spend a weekend with Mark Dalton and I did capture most of it on camera. Well, let’s just say I captured anything you might be interested in jacking off to! The rest I’ll save for the book. From his arrival at LAX airport to a nude photo shoot with Dean Keefer to his performance at The Mayan in downtown Los Angeles, Mark Dalton is looking better than ever. Want proof? Tune in to JC TV next Thursday, January 29th for Celebrity Uncensored: A Weekend with Mark Dalton.

As a teaser, Dalton’s agent, David Forest, sent over this super hot shot of Dalton taken by fab photog Keefer just this past weekend. See what I mean about looking better than ever? Even Keefer agreed: “I’ve shot this boy so many times,” he laughed, “but never has he looked this incredible.” …And the proof, darlings, is in the picture!



BILLY BRANDT’S BACK TO HIS ROOTS & BACK IN TOWN: Speaking of gay porn icons looking better than ever, check out these hot new images of Billy Brandt, also courtesy www.forestmen.com from photographer Richard Armas. I ran into Billy on Saturday night who looks just stunning with his hair no longer platinum blonde and not even rock star black (as we have him for his one hour jack-off show on “JC TV Live”), but now back to its natural brunette color. Billy’s not only back to his roots, he also happens to be back in town and is currently fielding offers for his next video. Email [email protected] if you’re interested in booking bad boy Brandt for any live appearances, photo shoots, or one of those intimate “fan appreciation” meetings for which they’re both so famous!



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