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February 1, 2005

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?Jenny, girl - I?m fat!?

- Kirstie Alley?s new Jenny Craig commercials are a hoot!

Brad & Jason Splitsville; Spotted! In WeHo; Au Natural Productions' "Grant Fox's Bareback Hotel"; Jason Tyler Calls It Quits.



BRAD & JASON SPLITSVILLE: And just as fast at it began, it has ended between gay porn superstar Jason Ridge (pictured here) and newcomer Brad Slater, or so say my sources. Slater was overheard this weekend saying, ?It?s over. I can?t have someone ordering me around.? Meanwhile, the two are still slated to perform together live on Jocks TV at FalconStudios.com this Thursday, February 3 rd at 6:00 pm (PT), so who knows if it?s ?really? over?

One thing?s for sure, the coupling certainly did enhance Slater?s career. After all, who?d heard or really paid attention before his attachment to Ridge? I don?t even bother calling Jason for comment on these things. I?m sure he?s rising above it all and has no comment, always one to keep his private life as private as possible. Speaking of which, I just watched The Best of Jason Ridge from Red Devil Entertainment last night, wherein I interview Ridge between his hottest sex scenes. For once, I?m actually happy with the finished product. Check it out at www.RedDevilWorld.com.

Anyway, don?t cry for Jason. Even though the saga of Brad and Jason didn?t prove as much longevity as, oh say Brad and Jen?s, Jason?s got reason to celebrate! Last year?s GayVN Award winning Best Newcomer is this year in the running for Best Supporting Actor as nominations were announced last week. And this could all work out quite nicely in the end! I have a feeling Jason?s former roommate Rob Romoni is going to be needing a place to stay in a month and with Brad out of the picture, it could be perfect timing to move him back in.

Now if only we could get Nick Capra?s two cents worth.

POST SCRIPT: As of 4:45 pm on Monday, the Jocks TV appearance has been cancelled.


SPOTTED! IN WEHO: Kent Larson (pictured here) and punk rock boyfriend at the Mann?s Chinese theatre in line to see Lemony Snicket. ?Straight male pornster Kurt Lockwood getting his tan on at Ibiza on Fairfax and Romaine. ? Live & Raw regular Matthew Mayfair working out regularly at Bally?s on El Centro. ? Nick Capra hanging out on the patio at Micky?s with love of his life boyfriend and club bartender Keith. ? Anthony Shaw dancing (and drinking) the night away at Fubar on Friday night. ? Also on Friday night, Jason Ridge and Brad Slater (pre-breakup) showing support to Chi Chi and Rascal exclusives Johnny Hazzard, Eddie Stone and Brandon Lee by attending their signing at Hustler Hollywood.


AU NATURAL PRODUCTIONS? ?GARTH FOX?S BAREBACK HOTEL?: I didn?t know who Garth Fox was before watching the movie and I?m not sure who Garth Fox is now, but I do know that Garth Fox?s Bareback Hotel from Au Natural Productions would be an interesting place to stay! I was sent the sexvid from Rad Video, who is distributing the movie, for review.

If I had to venture a guess I?d say Garth Fox is a Russian porn star, one of eighteen in the movie. Perhaps he?s the one who opens the movie by taking a bare double penetration. That?s the highlight, folks. It?s all downhill from there. But there?s plenty of anal action, cum eating and even a couple of cum kissing scenes that will leave you as drenched as they are.

Au Natural Productions? Garth Fox?s Bareback Hotel is now available on VHS and DVD at www.RadVideo.com .



JASON TYLER CALLS IT QUITS: After landing ?nearly on [the] death bed from cellulitis? following an overdose on steroids, former Falcon exclusive Jason Tyler has proclaimed he?s out of the gay XXX biz for good. He talks with VidioView.com columnist Mark Adams in this week?s View and says he?s moving back to Boston. ?New York is not for me,? says Tyler. ?I like a simple life. No more porn, no more escorting, no more movies, no more partying. I?m done with all of it. Look what I?m doing to myself. I?m taking steroids, putting myself on my deathbed just for my appearance. Fuck this. It?s time for me to grow up and be a man.? ? There?s an old saying in the biz, kids. It?s called the ?adult? industry for a reason. I hope Jason comes back to us when he finds that he is one. But hey, for now, you know what they say. If you love something?

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