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March 2, 2005

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?Ugh, I could NEVER do crystal! I like to eat and drink booze!?

- Wunderkind composer Damon Intrabartolo.

Chet White Goes Live; Spotted! In WeHo; Sweatshop Video's "Squirt"; Matthew Rush Explains It All For Us.


JENNA TALKS UP NEW EXCLUSIVES: I see Jenna Jameson is busy talking up her two new exclusives for Club Jenna these days, Krystal Steele and British adult film star McKenzie Lee (pictured here). Here?s one of Jameson?s latest online diary entries:

The days are passing quickly, it's funny how contract girls make that happen. I converted my yoga room into an office for myself at the house, since I am up until all hours of the night finalizing commitments and contract with my contract girls. I don't want to pat myself on the back, but I'm going to anyway... My girls are awesome!

I love how driven McKenzie is, I mean, without me saying anything... she is on a few of the bigger forums on the net posting! Not many girls would take that upon themselves to connect so quickly. She completed a scene yesterday that was amazing, she had the crew with their jaws on the floor, saying contract girls aren't supposed to fuck like that! LOL Mine are!

Krystal and McKenzie are going to be shooting until Saturday and then we go straight into promo shoots for all the girl with the great photographer who shot the pictures of me for my book. I can't wait to see all the girls together!

Anyway, I am going to get back to work.... It's never-ending!

Oh, and just a note about my noahped sucks diary entry... He is my buddy, it's kind of an inside joke about his suck factor! So, no, I am not mad at him, I was just busting his balls!



For more of Jameson?s private diaries and contract girls, visit www.ClubJenna.com.


SO TELL US WHAT YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT THE BEL AMI SIGNING, ANGEL: I was unable to attend the Bel Ami signing in West Hollywood on Monday night afterall, but I sent my good friend Angel Benton (star of the indie film Britney, Baby? One More Time) to cover the event and here?s what he had to say:

Although the boys from Bel Ami seemed nice enough, the staff at A Different Light bookstore were NOT so accommodating to members of the press, which is surprising. In addition to starting 35 minutes late, the press were let in, only two have about 2 minutes (no exaggeration there) to take pictures, then to be hustled out, refused any further access. Maybe next time Bel Ami chooses a venue to do a book signing they should pick a venue that's better prepared....LIKE WAL-MART! (Hey, it worked for Paris Hilton.) The line DID wrap around the block, and both Rocky and Andrew Addams were spotted in the crowd. I don't want to expound TOO much on the negative (the letter from Matthew Rush got to me too) but I DO think it's fair that my mistreatment be mentioned. I'm sure you'll agree.

In spades, darling! Why else would I have posted it? ? I?m sure Angel will expand in his own blog at www.livejournal.com/users/angel_benton/.


MAYHEM?S ?DEMENTIA 2?: Director Jim Powers has already been called back to Mayhem for a follow-up to the popular movie Dementia. In the sequel, Dementia 2, star Missy Monroe and Sin City exclusive Hannah Harper, along with Ariana Jolie and newcomer Riley Brooks give up all of their holes to men doning everything from gas masks to full-body leather. It?s not for the faint of heart and even harder second act to the original hardest of hardcore features.

Highlight: Missy Monroe?s romp with midget Napolean. ? Well, you can just imagine.

Mayhem?s Dementia 2, also starring Joel Lawrence, Trent Tesoro, Brett Rockman, Rick Masters and Scott Lyons is now available on VHS and DVD at www.MayhemXXX.com.



NICK CAPRA BARES HIS SOUL: And in what has seemed to be a column practically written by my friends, why not end with another piece of mail, this one from porn star Nick Capra, recently estranged from the former love of his life and no longer retired from the biz.

Hope that you are well. When you get a minute, please check out the recent journal blogs on my site www.NickCapra.com as they are sure to give you and everyone else out there in Porn-land a very intimate, vivid depiction of my tragic yet fabulous decomposition of ?Happily Ever After? ... I am shooting new movies at the end of March and will be seeing you quite soon, I would imagine. Take it easy.. Nick

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