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March 15, 2005

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?I went away from the lights of 14 th Street and into my personal haze, but now that I?m back in the lights of 14 th Street, tomorrow will be brighter than the good old days.?

- Dolly Levi says hello again.

Nick Capra's Triumphant Return; Brad's Dirty Little Secrets; COLT Studio's "Muscle Up!"; Meet the COLT Men in WeHo Tonight.



NICK CAPRA?S TRIUMPHANT RETURN: Hardcore Nick Capra fans have been following his romantic dramas and traumas on his web site as of late. Capra retired from the business for all of a few hours to settle down with Keith, a bartender at local pub we call Micky?s, where everybody knows you?re gay. Now that Capra?s mending the pieces of his broken heart, he?s also looking for a new hole to stick it to and he?ll be doing that this week in the second movie for new company Adonis Pictures, headed up by former GayVN Managing Editor, Jeremy Spencer. The movie is currently called The Naked Runner, though Capra?s agent, Dak King of Hot Rods Casting, says the title will probably be changed to The Raging Hormone? and he?s not kidding. As my esteemed colleague Mark Adams always says, ?I don?t make this stuff up, kids!? The hole in question? Anthony Shaw. Which means it?s no longer in question. These two will be a match made in blue movie heaven. I?m surprised someone hasn?t cast them together sooner. ? You can also see Nick Capra LIVE this Thursday right here on JasonCurious.com. He?ll be performing a live chat and solo sex show from 9:00 pm - Midnight (PT) on ?Live & Raw.?

Loving Capra! Loving his diary entries! Loving that he?s BACK like Liza, who also never went away! But what I love the most is that he called yesterday afternoon to refute that he ever told me he was walking outside Micky?s hand in hand with Jason Ridge on GayVN night last week in hopes of making his former lover jealous! (See my latest Diary entry with all the gossip from the GayVN Awards evening.) I?m not buying it. Maybe if it had been later in the evening and I?d actually had a drink, but Capra was one of the first people I spoke with that night. He is now, however, going on record claiming he is very much over Keith and would never in any way attempt to make him jealous. ?And that?s a good thing because I?m going on a date with Keith next week!

Loving Capra! Loving his ex?s!


BRAD?S DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS: It?s about time director Jett Blakk get back to directing for the studio he does the best work for? his own! Blakk will be back in production with Red Devil Entertainment in the coming days for a new epic called Dirty Little Secrets. It?s his most heavily dialogue driven movie in quite some time and though the director?s trying to keep the project hush-hush, my sources say the movie is about a young man?s plight and plowings in Bible school! The movie will star 2005 GayVN Award winning Best Supporting Actor, Brad Benton, and who better for the role of a wholesome stud battling his primal urges? Benton has always been the ?good boy? of our bad industry. Did you know he doesn?t even like cum? ? I already sense a Best Actor nod for this one in 2006.


COLT STUDIO?S ?MUSCLE UP!?: Director John Rutherford?s latest from COLT Studio, Muscle Up!, is quite possibly his most enjoyable from the company yet. The movie takes our favorite muscle studs and daddies to the great outdoors where they worship each other?s ripped bods, each in their own very different way.

The movie opens with Muslce Up!?s star and box cover hunk, Carlo Massi, in a romp with Mike Dasher. Both are COLT Man exclusives and the poolside sex scene is a great introduction to what we?ll be seeing in the movie -- hard bodies lathering up in tanning oil before slipping and sliding into one and other, but the natural sunlight doesn?t capture Massi at his best despite best efforts from Mr. Pam?s brilliant direction of photography. It?s hardly the Massi we see on the cover or the Massi I saw at The GayVN Awards this past week. The man is smolderingly gorgeous in person and in photos, though here he looks just another daddy. Same goes for his second scene with fellow exclusive Adam Dexter, but this time he bottoms for the well hung black stud and let?s face, you could put those two in a meat locker and it?d warm up.

COLT Man exclusive Edu Boxer and Pierro Sias provide what is undoubtedly the dirtiest romp in the picture, Boxer spitting on Sias much to the submissive muscle bottom?s delight; he laughs aloud the more spit winds up on his face! The scene also gives Rutherford a chance to go at his signature ?under water? camera action.

Meanwhile, the longest scene in the movie is exclusive Dave Angelo?s tryst with Lee Young and that?s probably because they have the most chemistry and every second the two shimmer beautifully in the sunlight. You can just feel that Angelo as a top absolutely worships this boy?s ass just as much as Young loves getting fucked.

But ironically, the hottest scene in the movie comes from two men who do nothing but jack each other off. COLT Man exclusive Chris Wide along with Roger Danik pull down their speedos just long enough to rub their cocks against each other and shoot out their loads. The two don?t do oral, they don?t even kiss, but you can tell at least one of them is absolutely dying to and that intensity makes this one of the hottest ?teases? captured on camera in quite some time. When Wide runs his thumb along Danik?s full lips, you can feel he?s just dying to shove his tongue down his throat! We as an audience feel his pain and we thus feel the heat!

COLT Studio?s Muscle Up! is now available on VHS and DVD at www.COLTStudio.com.



MEET THE COLT MEN IN WEHO TONIGHT: COLT, by the by, will be promoting the above reviewed title tonight in West Hollywood with a signing at A Different Light book store on Santa Monica Blvd. Stars of the movie and COLT Man exclusives Chris Wide and Carlo Masi will be signing copies of the new COLT magazine #41 where Masi dons the cover and the brand new MEN?s magazine April edition where Wide does the same. The event begins at 7:30 pm and I?m not sure how long it?ll go, so I suggest getting there early.

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