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March 22, 2005

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?You can and should shape your own future because if you don?t someone else surely will.?

- Joel Barker

Where To Stalk, Er - Find Jason Hawke These Days; They Cum and They Go; Falcon Studios' "Super Soaked"; Will Clark's Anniversary Tour.



WHERE TO STALK, ER - FIND JASON HAWKE THESE DAYS: Question: Have you ever seen a Jason Hawke sex scene you didn?t like? Probably not. One of the most consistently sensational performers in the biz (there?s a reason why he?s in over half the movies that come out from major studios year after year), Hawke?s star is a force to be reckoned with and if you?re like me you probably want to know where you can find him in the flesh. Call it what you will, whether you see it as patronage, worship or just plain stalking, here?s where you can find Jason Hawke these days if you live in the West Hollywood area.

When Jason?s not working out at the gym, shooting a sex vid or cuddling with his boyfriend Jeremy Jordan in their humble studio apartment, our Mr. Hawke is working as a (shirtless) bartender these days at a little hole in the wall called the Mother Load in WeHo. I?m not sure of his exact schedule, but I do know he works Thursday happy hour and I?m sure if you call the bar they?d be glad to let you know when he?s serving next. ? Meanwhile, Jason Hawke is also performing live jack off shows these days at The Midtowne Spa. For their schedule, you can point and click to www.MidtowneSpa.com.

If you?re not in the West Hollywood area, I?ve got good news for you, too! Jason Hawke is making a triumphant return to the Internet on April 15 th with the relaunch of his official web site, www.JasonHawkeXXX.com. I was treated to a special sneak preview of the site?s member?s section last week and while the project is not yet completed, what I did see was far superior to anything I saw on Jason?s old web home. New and exclusive photos, video clips, writings, the works! It?s the closest you can get to Jason? without having him serve you a drink or jack off in front of your face, of course.

Jason Hawke will also make a rare appearance at Micky?s in West Hollywood on Thursday, April 21 st for autograph signings and meet and greets with his fans at Cocktails with the Stars, hosted by yours truly, from 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm. In the two and a half years I?ve been hosting the show, I?ve yet to feature this gay XXX superstar as a guest, so mark your calendars. It?s going to be a special night!


THEY CUM AND THEY GO: Well, Tiger?s comeback was certainly short-lived. I received a barely audible voice mail from the striped porn star late last week. Something about being in jail and hospitalized, has some crazed fan after him and needs to leave town, but wants Chi Chi and Brittany to know he loves them. Wanted me to pass the message along. And so I have. When I went to call him back, his number had been disconnected. And so, true to Tiger form, he has breezed in and out of our lives once again, now pouncing out of the forest and back into the jungle. ? I?m also doubting newcomer Kevin Brown (pictured here) will be coming around again anytime soon. After performing his XXX debut in All Worlds? Captured for director Doug Jeffries and shooting his first layout for [2] Magazine opposite Chet White, Brown returned home to his wife in North Carolina and his ?people? say they don?t think he?ll be coming back. ? These crazy kids!


FALCON STUDIOS? ?SUPER SOAKED?: Forget Falcon?s big budget epics. Under the direction of Chi Chi LaRue with an award worthy editing job from Fay DuBois and Max Phillips, the humble film Super Soaked is the most beautiful movie I?ve seen from the company in years. You may have already heard quite a bit about Super Soaked, the big hype being that it?s Mark Dalton?s first movie with the company and his first movie in well over a year. Dalton, looking bigger than ever in his career, is still only jacking off for the camera, but LaRue gets him to show off more of it than ever before as he tries to suck his own cock and plays with his asshole at length for the first time. (I?m told there was also footage of Dalton that didn?t make it into the movie, like the part where he whips it out and pisses in the great outdoors. Talk about a super soaking! Chances are, the movie will become a classic and you?ll see it on a special edition a few years from now.) Mark?s jack-off scene is interspersed throughout the movie and between each romp.

The first sex scene may well be the best, marking the debut of Falcon exclusive Roman Heart as he takes a hard pounding from the beautifully boyish Brent Everett. Heart was one of the most bootylicious backsides the biz has seen since Stonie and he eagerly takes hold of Everett?s cock and shoves it in his hole. But it?s the constant whining while he?s fucked that will become Heart?s signature sex move. Everett gives one of the hardest dickings of his career, making Heart?s hole absolutely gape and making him scream out in ecstasy.

Another Falcon exclusive makes his debut in Super Soaked, Erik Rhodes, who performs a three-way with Jason Ridge and Drew Sumrok. Each performer fucks and gets fucked at one point during the scene, but it?s Rhodes who we want to see more of with his imposing shoulders and perfectly sculpted torso. Rhodes first scene should have been a one-on-one where we really get introduced to him properly, but then it?s always good to leave the audience wanting more.

Falcon exclusive Tristan Adonis gets it on with Justin Wells next. Adonis?s eyes and lips will make your heart melt, as will his asshole when it?s spread to get a tongue lashing, but it?s truly Justin Wells who carries the scene as the ferocious bottom to Tristan?s fucking, which at times seems void of all emotion.

The final scene is another three-way, this time with Falcon exclusive Josh Weston, Christoph Scharff and Thom Barron. Weston takes a pounding from the boys in a gorgeous underwater sequence, cameras capturing all that goes on both above and below the pool?s surface.

While at times Super Soaked may not be the hottest sex Falcon has captured in the past few years, it is undeniably the most beautiful. From dripping wet pecs to oiled up buns, Falcon?s Super Soaked will definitely have you drenched.

Falcon Studios? Super Soaked is now available on VHS and DVD at www.FalconStudios.com.



WILL CLARK?S ANNIVERSARY TOUR: He?s not taken up Kabbalah and he?s not strapping on twelve different wigs a night for a three-year run, but gay porn icon Will Clark has announced quite an illustrious anniversary tour. I am loving his tour page at www.WillClarkUSA.com that features a photo history of the many incarnations of Will over the past ten years. From porn star to porn journalist to porn host, Red?s done it all and now he?s going to come do it to you. Personally, I?m in awe of his hectic travel schedule, giving him all of 13 days off from now through May. Will has back to back appearances scheduled from now through August 4 th, the ten year anniversary of the shooting of his first video, Dr. Goodlove. I?ll be attending at least two dates on the tour, The Bad Boys Pool Party on May 7 th in Palm Springs and Cocktails with Will Clark at The Gentry in downtown Chicago on May 28 th, a fundraiser for TPAN.

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