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March 25 , 2003



Monthly Column Exclusively at JasonCurious.com

Column #4: Fucking Feet!

Greetings, my fetish friends! It's Brittany Andrews, your Diva of Deviance back with another installment in our journey to the sexual netherworld. This month's topic is one of my all-time favorite kinks: footjobs!

Ever since I began to work in porn, I've been exploring my own desires through my work. I was so pleased to find that many of you share my enthusiasm for foot worship and the wonders of footjobs. Footjobs usually involve using your feet to masturbate your partner. You can wrap the soles of your feet around a throbbing cock and slowly fuck it to footgasm. It's such a delightful feeling to have a nice, hard cock thrusting against the sensitive soles of your feet. Knowing that I can work my pedicured beauties like a warm, wet pussy is the ultimate thrill for a foot lover. If he's not too big, you can grip the cock between your toes and jerk it off vigorously with one foot, while the other massages his balls or teases his ass!


There's also nothing quite like the feeling of his hot cum spurting out and dripping across your toes. Unless you have someone around to clean them off for you, that is. If you want to try giving a footjob yourself, a pedicure is a must. Your feet must be spotless and immaculate, ready to be licked and caressed. Your toenails should be exquisitely trimmed. This would be an awful time to scratch up your man with rough toenails. Plenty of lube is also a good idea for mimicking the warm, safe confines of your pussy. Trust me on this, I've given more footjobs than some people have had straight sex!

In fact, I hold the world's record for the largest footjob gangbang on record. Just two years ago, we gathered up 100 of my fans and I gave them the time of their lives. I was ably assisted by two of my favorite girlfriends, Randi Storm and Aurora. They were my designated fluffers for the evening, getting all my willing supplicants hard and ready for my feet. One by one, they approached my throne-like bed, cocks pointing the way to my freshly pampered feet. I felt the warmth of their meat on my skin and gave each one the footjob of his life. I had the girls catching all their cum in my glass slippers, specially ordered for the occasion. By the end of the night, it was filled to overflowing with the tributes from each man. As the girls helped me up, I slid my feet into the shoes for a procession past my foot lovers. Their warm cum slid all around my feet, making squishing noises with every step. I was in ecstasy!

The only thing that could top that off was to have Aurora and Randi return my feet to their original pristine condition using only their tongues. They eased me back onto the throne and out of my sloppy slippers. Drizzling the cum over each other's tight bodies, they turned their attention back to my feet. Feeling Randi's tongue sliding across my arch sent the first orgasm tearing through me. Then Aurora's oral gymnastics on my toes caused the second. I started flailing wildly. Thankfully, two of my disciples grabbed a leg apiece and held me tight, keeping me from accidentally hurting my girls. Once I was securely held, my babies went off on me, licking, sucking and nibbling every inch of my feet. I can't even guess how many times I came or how long they pleasured me, but when they finished, my feet were as sparklingly clean as if I'd just stepped out of the shower.

Another facet to footjobs involves letting your partner use their feet to tease the twaté. I love the feeling of a sexy foot probing and pushing deep inside me. Maybe it's a big toe in the butt, or a slender foot in the pussy, but I love the way feet feel on and inside me. I also love seeing the look on the face of a lover as I teach them a whole new way to give pleasure. In fact, this year after the AVN Awards, I came back to my dressing room to find a cameraman, a hot little model and a big bottle of lube waiting for me. Before I knew what was going on, I had her well-lubed little foot getting a toehold in my pussy. I gripped her shapely calves and rode that sexy foot, getting it deeper and deeper into my action. As my pussy enveloped her foot, she wiggled her toes inside me, sending waves of pleasure coursing through my body. In no time at all, my pussy was contracting around her foot, giving her the silkiest, warmest foot massage there is, as I came all over her.

The absolute best part about footjobs is that they are incredibly safe sex. You can't get pregnant or any diseases I know of, by giving a footjob. I guess under very extreme cases and if you don't choose your partners carefully, you could end up with some sort of athlete's cock or twat, but I've never heard of it!

Who ever knew that feet could be this much fucking fun, literally! For more foot fucking action, come see me at my foot fetish site, www.ExquisiteFeet.com.

Until next month, be good, my cyberlovers and if you can't be good, make sure to invite me!

Kisses and foot rubs,

Miss Brittany Andrews

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