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November 25 , 2002



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Column #2

ďThis & ThatĒ

First of all, I have to thank everyone who has written in to Jason at [email protected], giving me ideas for the column and so many compliments that my head is beginning to swell. (And you know which one Iím talking about!) Above all else, the people who wrote in told me they were really interested in the leather outfit I wore for my dominating sling scene in Studio 2000ís Aceís Place. (See last monthís column.) So, since the movie isnít due out for another couple of months, I thought Iíd give you all a sneak preview with this monthís column. Let me know what you think of the outfit. Iíll be wearing it to most of my upcoming live appearances at clubs, including Cupidís in West Palm Beach, FL on New Yearís Eve. Iíll be doing three full-nude shows, 9:00 pm, 11:00 pm, and 1:00 am. I hope some of you can come out and see me in the fleshÖ and in the leather!

I saw my performance in Caesarís new movie, Cowboy, from Big Blue Productions, recently Ė and I think the movie is a must see for anyone who is a fan of Caesar, much less a fan of mine. We have a short scene together that only consists of oral, but itís a good one and it opens up the movie. The quality of the movie is so great, everyone looks flawless and it was beautifully shot.

The scene was shot at a ranch estate down south of Los Angeles that actually belongs to an ex-porn actress. It was a beautiful place and it was such a sunny day, which is clear in the scene. Everyone was really getting alone. Blue Blake has always been one of my favorite directors and Iím really thankful he put me with a star of Caesarís magnitude. He was a really cool guy behind-the-scenes too, very easy to work with. Between takes, we were goofing off a lot, putting our dicks on a slice of pizza and calling it ďDick Pizza.Ē It might have made it onto the DVD extras, Iím not sure. Itís one of those things that was really funny at the moment, but otherwise might just seem stupid.

The only thing disappointing about the shoot, really, was that I didnít get to fuck Caesar. It was such a tease! I guess itís good to leave something for next time, but I am praying that I get to work with him again and plow that ass! He is one of the hottest guys Iíve had the pleasure of working with. Maybe Blue will put me in a movie with him again sometime, the sooner the better!

Speaking of which, Iím doing another movie with Blue Blake this month. Itís called Lord of the Ring, and all that I know as of right now is that itís a wrestling movie and Iím sure one of my future columns will be all about it!

To update you on the West Hollywood hate crime saga I spoke of in the last column, it seems hate crime charges didnít get pressed. Instead, another charge was added that does sentence a life penalty. Coolie is remaining in office due to the fact that he may have open channel communication and thatís the only thing that might save his career at this point. Iím going to be auctioning a portrait of my name that a fan made for me during my appearance at Cocktails with the Stars at Mickyís in West Hollywood on Thursday, December 5th. The money will go to a charity that supports action against hate crimes so, please come out and support. Iíll be there with my fellow Forest Family member, Sam Tyson, and Jason Sechrest himself will be hosting that evening! Should be a good time!

See you next month!



Rhett OíHara is represented by David Forest.

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