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March 29, 2005

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?I am so fucking into you. But Betsy is so jealous. But let?s fucking have sex. And I want to lick your pussy and suck your tits. But you have to be into Betsy -- I told Betsy that you were into her. And if you get this message, just look at me and say yes. But I want to fuckin? lick your pussy and make you cum so much. And get crazy. I don?t know why I?m like this, but I want you so badly -- and I know you want me. But you have to be into Betsy too. So when you get this message, if you agree with me, say yes. Get another woman up. Hire a hooker. Let?s get crazy and get some coke.?

- Fellow columnist Billy Masters already beat me to the punch in making this a quote of the week from Pat O?Brien. ? Fucking Betsy. Always in the way, that cunt!

Storm Attack!; Anthony Shaw's New Career; Junior Studio's "California Gold 2"; "Passport to Paradise" Coast to Coast Premiere Parties.



STORM ATTACK!: One pioneer of the bareback genre in the gay XXX video biz, Sean Storm, doesn?t seem to be losing too much work over his controversial productions of last year. His latest movie is from mega-studio Raging Stallion! The Shaft is written and edited by Chris Ward and features Storm with Miguel Leonn. ?This will probably rank in my unofficial Top 5 scenes I?ve ever filmed,? Storm told VidioView.com this week.

Meanwhile, Sean?s new production company Cre8tive Juices is under way where he?ll be shooting the first of a 7-part series called The Storm Chronicles. The first installment, Direct Deposit, is slated to co-star Ben Archer, Wayne Gray, Austin Shadow, Erik Austin, Steve Rocket, Alec Brawley, Max Wolf and Ian Rawlings.

Now the ultimate question that hangs in the balance? will Sean be sporting that facial hair or will he be clean shaven for these performances? Because condoms or no condoms, that?s what we all really want to know! And since you?re starting your own bareback company, Sean, I?ve decided to think up some delicious titles for you to use that may get your own creative juices flowing! How about making your next film, Satan Wore A Condom. Oooh, sounds like a horror movie, doesn?t it? Now, there?s an idea. A gay porn horror film! Rosemary?s Baby 2: Satan?s Condom Broke! If you wanted to be really controversial you could do, And the Lord Said, Bareback! Or you could always just go with my personal favorite: Sodommight? Sodomdefinitely!

I was bored.


ANTHONY SHAW?S NEW CAREER: Anthony Shaw has been calling a lot, leaving cryptic messages on my machine with techno music in the background. Here?s the one that came through this morning at 10:12 am: ?Once there was a little hooker named Anthony Shaw from a small town in Colorado. Used to do sheep. He misses the sheep because he went to the big city Los Angeles to do porn, but instead he found the joy of writing techno from an alien. They met on the planet Crackton and they were called Underbus.com.? ? And then the music plays. God, I wonder if there?s a way I can actually post this message on my site? You?ve really got to hear the music that follows to appreciate. It reminds me of my three year old stepbrother at the electric keyboard.


JUNIOR STUDIO?S ?CALIFORNIA GOLD 2?: How to begin reviewing California Gold 2? Let?s get the essentials out of the way. The movie is directed by Richard Morgan and Tony Cool from Junior Studio and is distributed by Rad Video. It?s still a twink fest and it marks the return of the first movie?s star, Lee Walbash, who this time dons a God awful brunette wig with bangs that make him look like he?s either a bad 70?s porn star or a very masculine Sally Bowles. If you?re looking for more of the Lee Walbash that starred in the first movie, you will not find him here.

The movie opens with narration from Lee Walbash, who desperately needs to articulate but tells us, if we listen closely enough, that he has been very busy since shooting California Gold. He?s in college now. ?And Christian, you remember him, right?? he says as they cut to a four-second clip of Christian Owen banging away. ?Christian is in Africa doing wild animal studies.? Yeh, also known as West Hollywood where he?s doing wild anal studies. I laughed so hard I nearly pissed my pants. I?m still not sure why it was necessary to explain Christian?s whereabouts.

Soon enough, Walbash is taking it all off and exposing his well known and well hung member with the massive curve to Dutch Malone who takes it all down his throat. The major shock of the scene is that Walbash bottoms for the first time, but with the scene itself lasting less than ten minutes in length, you can imagine how lengthy that action is. What footage we do see seems less than glamorous too; Walbash just isn?t as fit as he was in the first movie and although we don?t hear his cries he?s gripping onto Dutch Malone?s hand for dear life. The highlight of the scene though is Dutch with his luscious lips and an asshole ripe for fucking, which Walbash does in the scene?s best moments. And for those dying to know: Yes, Walbash does take a load on his face just like he did in the first one.

The next scene may prove that most of the previous one?s shortcoming weren?t all Walbash?s fault. The pairing of Dick James and Justin Newport is one that an gay man would love a gander at. How long does the actual anal sex run? Less than two minutes.

At an outdoors barbeque, Rusty Marshall and Aiden Houser are getting it on in what may be the best scene of the movie. It?s certainly the longest. These two are the selling point of the movie and that?s why they?re on the box cover. After Houser throws his legs up in the air to get his ass eaten, Marshall plows him doggy and mish before busting a load all over his ass. They switch positions so Houser can cum on Marshall?s chest. He then licks it up and kisses him with it.

A couple of foreign hotties show up out of nowhere, Sareen and Shamim, but we?re not complaining. They do the deed in the great outdoors as well. This leads right into the final scene, a three-way with Rusty Marshall, Lee Walbash and Dick James. Walbash gets fucks once again, this time by James and this time we see slightly more of it before James bends over for Mashall. Still the hardcore footage overall is minimal with lots of softcore filler.

As the credits roll, it?s hard to believe something this awful could come from the same people who made one of the bestselling ?twink? movies of all time, California Gold. With the sequel, Junior Studio must?ve known they already had a home run based on the return of Lee Walbash and the success of the first movie alone. Still, would it have killed them to put a little effort into it? If they had, people might have actually begged for a California Gold 3. ? Don?t count on that hitting store shelves anytime soon.

Junior Studio?s California Gold 2 is now available on VHS and DVD at www.RadVideo.com.



?PASSPORT TO PARADISE? COAST TO COAST PREMIERE PARTIES: Passport to Paradise is Raging Stallion?s biggest release since last year?s multi-award winning A Porn Star is Born andpremiere parties for the Latin themed sexvid will take place coat to coast in the coming months, the first being Saturday, May 7 th at Splash in New York City beginning at 10:00 pm, featuring special appearances by Raging Stallion exclusives Manuel Torres, Pete Ross and Carlos Morales. The studs will perform live on stage and sign autographs while giving away Paradise gift packages, followed by a more personal meet and greet session with their fans at Rainbows & Triangles on the afternoon of Sunday, May 8 th. Then, the following weekend Raging Stallion exclusive Michael Brandon will host the San Francisco based premiere party at Mezzanie from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm on Saturday, May 14 th, featuring autograph signings and more giveaways with the studio's exclusives Manuel Torres, Pete Ross and Ivan Andros. The three boys will then appear the next day, Sunday May 15 th, for another autograph signing and fan meet and greet at Castro Gulch in San Francisco from 3:00 - 6:00 pm.

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