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March 30, 2004

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“I WAS paying attention, but then I stopped talking and it all got really BORING!”

- Roseanne

Cody Cash & Rocky to Grace the Cover of All Man Magazine; Marcus Iron's Mom in the Dark; Rascal Video's "What Men Do"; Ollie Kicks Now Exclusive with MSR.



CODY CASH & ROCKY TO GRACE THE COVER OF ALL MAN MAGAZINE: Power manager David Forest forwarded along this teasing image of his two clients, gay XXX newcomer Cody Cash and gay XXX superstar Rocky. Both studs recently shot a layout together that will grace the cover of All Man magazine’s November issue, expected to hit newsstands in late September.

So what’s going on in these two hotties ever illustrious careers? Well, Rocky finds himself performing for the camera now live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, living at the live-cam site Live & Raw Hotel. His latest performance opposite Rod Barry can be found in Falcon’s recently release feature, Getting it Straight. Meanwhile, as Cody awaits the release of his first movies (Man Handy and Jet Set Direct, Jet Set Productions; Bad Boy’s Club, Studio 2000), he’s taking to the road, making his live stage debut at Joy in Omaha, NE on April 2nd, followed by Bounce in Cleveland, OH on April 15th and Axis in Columbus, OH on April 16th. And to thin, he’s only just begun!



MARCUS IRON’S MOM IN THE DARK: “Gee, where have I seen that guy before?” That’s what one of the owners of Micky’s, the most popular night spot in West Hollywood, kept asking himself staring at the gorgeous Marcus Iron during his appearance at the club for Cocktails with the Stars. As soon as Marcus revealed he was from Montana though, it all started to make sense. It seems this owner had dined with a group of people that included Marcus’s mother during a recently vacation to Montana. Described as pretentious with her nose in the air from the second she sat down at the table, proud momma couldn’t stop talking about how her son was a “model” and kept passing his picture around. At one point, others at the table told her that she’d had too much to drink, where upon she relieved herself to the restroom but not before looking down on the table and saying, “We don’t associate ourselves with your kind anyway.” Her husband apologized for her and after an awkward silence blurted out, “You know, it must be hard being a model out there. I don’t think it pays very well. I’m always sending him extra money.”

Perhaps the most humorous thing about the situation is that when I asked Marcus if his parents knew what he did, I added, “You’re probably one of those guys who crops all his Falcon pictures and sends them to your mom to say you’re a model.” Marcus laughed hysterically and admitted that yes, that’s exactly what he does.

I really ought to just join the Psychic Friend’s Network.



RASCAL VIDEO’S “WHAT MEN DO”: If Rascal’s previous release, Take One for the Team, was too pretty and too sweet for your taste, What Men Do should satisfy the “pigs” of porn aficionados. Every now and then, director Chi Chi LaRue likes to get nasty and that’s just what she does here.

Above all else, What Men Do is a showcase of what Johnny does! Here, Rascal exclusive Johnny Hazzard shows that he is the company’s “bad boy” in a hella hot GayVN Award nominated threesome with Gus Mattox and Gage Matthews in the slings, plus an even more scorching romp with Tag Adams in a filthy public restroom where Hazzard, who is strictly a “top” man to date, forces Tag’s face into his ass and has him lick his hole extensively. It’s all about dirt-ridden restrooms, stained jock straps and long-lasting hand prints. If this is what men do, is there any question why we are gay?

Other highlights include another GayVN nominated sex scene between Owen Hawk and Ollie Kicks, and the ever insatiable Drew Peters getting fed from every orifice by Ricardo Dias and Rascal exclusive Matt Summers. These scenes are equally filled with filth and cum/saliva-drenched pulchritude, but nothing can come close to equaling the screen power and of Johnny Hazzard.

Rascal Video’s What Men Do is now available on VHS and DVD at www.Channel1Releasing.com.

* NEWS FLASH: Johnny Hazzard will appear this Thursday night at Micky’s Cocktails with the Stars from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm (PT) to sign autographs and giveaway copies of What Men Do. He’ll also make a promotional appearance during a sit-down interview on my sex talk radio show, The Young & the Curious, this Friday night at 6:00 pm (PT).




OLLIE KICKS NOW EXCLUSIVE WITH MSR: Following his sensational performance in MSR Video’s Sex Pigs, Ollie Kicks has now signed as an exclusive to the company. Kicks has only performed in a few videos to date, with Sex Pigs being his stand-out performance, and MSR intends to make him the next super star of the gay XXX video world. I met Ollie in person one night at a club in West Hollywood and I have to say, he’s even more adorable in person than he is on camera. Studly but boyish, masculine but submissive – he’s most men’s dream come true. And now he’s MSR’s!


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