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March 30, 2005

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?When you?re the underdog, the public roots for your success, but when you exceed their own expectations of your success, they start to tear you down.?

- Oprah

Janine Leaves Vivid for Digital Playground; Dillon's Near Death (And Amputation) Experiences; Mayhem's "Ass Fucked 2"; Jill Kelly Warms Up Alaska.


JANINE LEAVES VIVID FOR DIGITAL PLAYGROUND: After one of the most short-lived contracts in adult entertainment history, lasting less than a full year, Janine announced last week that she has left Vivid Video for Digital Playground. My sources say Janine walked from her contract due to ill treatment on the set of her movie with Rocco, which wouldn?t surprise me as she?s certainly been openly public with her disdain for the performer since working with him. Meanwhile, Digital Playground, a company infamous for creating superstars, is now taking on an already bonafide adult celeb for the first time.

Janine?s shoot with Rocco was one of the few boy/girl scenes she?s shot to date, a decision she made after breaking up with boyfriend and popular extreme sport TV personality Jesse James (now dating Sandra Bullock) and coming out of retirement in April 2004. Up until then, Janine?s claim to fame had been both being the most famous ?girls only? performer, as well as being one half of one of the most famous feature dance acts of all time, Blondage. And while Janine still has releases pending for Vivid, including the highly anticipated Janine Loves Jenna, her home will now reside exclusively at Digital.

?There was no hesitation to bee line straight to Digital Playground; I had worked with them before and it was fantastic,? says Janine in a statement made earlier this week. ?I am excited because [they] will allow me to express myself in entirely new ways and the possibilities are limitless. Their roster of girls is top of the line and it?s an honor to be included.?

Digital Playground?s Virtual Sex with Janine remains one of their biggest sellers in the interactive DVD series and is available at www.DigitalPlayground.com.


DILLON?S NEAR DEATH (AND AMPUTATION) EXPERIENCES: Poor Dillon! It?s hard being a straight male porn star/director. ?Europe is great, but has been a little hairy for me the last month and a half,? he emails. ?First I had emergency surgery on my left hand and almost had to have it amputated due to an infection. Then, just last week my brand new car was sideswiped by a bus and completely totaled. The bus hit me so hard that it spun me in a 360 across the intersection and into a parked car. I hit the parked car so hard that it slammed into the car in front of it and spun me back the opposite direction in another 360, back across the street. I am still in shock that I walked away without a scratch. Jerry T. was here shooting and he and everyone else who saw the car couldn?t believe that I wasn?t killed or severely injured at the very least. Someone was without a doubt looking over me. THANK GOD! On the great side, I just found out that my baby that is due in three months, will be a BOY! Guess that?s why I?m still here.? ?And no, it?s not Dasha?s! They broke up a while ago.


MAYHEM?S ?ASS FUCKED 2?: Wow. I?m breathless and multiple times spent walking away from Mayhem?s latest filthy fuckdolls release, Ass Fucked 2, from director Jim Powers. Let?s get started.

Poor Hillary Scott. All she wanted was to have her ass fucked, but her boyfriend called her a slut and threw her out of the car. Now, as the movie opens she?s walking down a barren road as mega-cocked Lee Stone pulls up in his pickup truck. He offers her a ride and soon realizes he can also offer her a ?ride.? Lee?s dick really gives blonde Barbie incarnate Hillary a run for her money in every orifice. She gags on it down her throat, it stretches out her pretty pink pussy and it makes her asshole gape by the scene?s end. Lee fucks the living hell out of her holes doggy, mish, standing up, upside down and every which way but loose. It?s one of the best I?ve seen from either performer in quite some time. It has Best Anal Sex Scene of the year written all over it.

Marie Luv , our lovely chocolate covered box cover girl, isn?t so glamorous in her actual sex scene. Within just minutes, Sascha has her gagging on his thick cock so much that mascara is running down her face. The jungle fever continues from there as she does most of the work, bouncing up and down on his cock throughout the scene.

There?s two double penetrations in the movie. The first is from Jamie Brooks in the back of a warehouse and that?s the one to watch for. Melissa Lauren seems less eager when it comes to her?s and the actual hardcore DP action is minimal.

The movie?s final scene stars Tyla Wynn and Scott Lyons in a record store. Tyla lays on her back, throws her head off a table and gets lets Scott fuck her throat like he?s fucking her pussy. Of course, he proceeds to do the same to her ass, her face still drenched with thick slavia from the gaggings. There?s lots of ass to mouths here to keep that saliva fresh, I suppose.

You know what, it?s not that they?re more beautiful than any other girls in porn. It?s not that the videography is more glamorous. It?s just plain hotter sex than most companies are putting out right now. It may just be the best anal-themed release so far this year.

Mayhem?s Ass Fucked 2, also starring Alex Sanders, Van Damage, Dick Nasty and Bad Bob is now available on VHS and DVD at www.MayhemXXX.com.



JILL KELLY WARMS UP ALASKA: I?m sorry, but is it wrong that I?m laughing each time I picture Jill Kelly in Alaska? All bundled up in her Eskimo outfit? Fur for days? Ice diamonds still clinging to her neck? Boobs out to here? Well, this will be the picture come this Friday, April 1 st (and no, it?s not an April Fool?s Day prank!) when the legendary porn star and President of Jill Kelly Productions takes to the state?s new chain of Castle Megastores to sign autographs, giveaway DVDs and do a meet and greet with the Eskimos. The rare personal appearance will be held in at the igloo just south of? nevermind. Something tells me if you live in Alaska, you can find the new Castle Megastore just fine on your own.

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