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April 14, 2003


“Yes, I get that a lot.”

- So says Madonna on her upcoming episode of “Will & Grace” to character Jack McFarlane’s comment that, despite his obvious gayness, he is fiercely drawn to her. My sources tell me Mo only agreed to do the show if every one of her scenes were shot with Megan Mullally, who plays the formidable Karen. Now the two are, as Jack would say, “new best friends,” and call each other “every five minutes.”

Ryan Idol Resurfaces; 20/20 Follows Gina Lynn Today; Digital Playground's "No Limits" Premiere Down-Low; Gino Colbert's "Phone Booth" Cameo.



RYAN IDOL RESURFACES: It was only a matter of time before the original gay XXX legend, Ryan Idol, resurfaced and I’m pleased to be the first to announce that he has every intention of doing just that. I spoke briefly with the porn icon yesterday afternoon by phone from his home in Palm Springs where he hinted at both plans for production behind-the-scenes as well as in front of the camera. “I was headed down the wrong path with FARTE,” admitted Idol within the first thirty seconds of picking up the phone. He’s speaking, of course, about his highly publicized battle to unionize porn, which never quite came to fruition. “I still think it’s a great idea, but as one man, I can’t do it by myself and I didn’t know how to get supporters other than through my site. So I backed away from it, being more realistic, now that I’ve gotten back in touch with God.”

Apparently, Ryan Idol did find his God… and God sent him back. Idol quoted a scripture, reading, “Go into the city and seek the welfare of the people for where I have sent you… or something like that. It’s a great quote! I don’t want to sound too preachy. The time I spent with God has allowed me to get to know myself better. I had to go to the desert, as Moses went to the mountains, to hear the voice of God. It allowed me to find myself and know myself even more than I did from my first meeting with God, which was my near death experience. And now I’m back! Who is that singer who has a face that looks like a Mac truck hit her? Celine Dion! I’m not a diva, but she came back. I want to do the same.”

While making his “comeback” movie has been on the lips of industry insiders for years now, Idol claims its still a dream of his, though not a priority. “It’s not on my agenda immediately because I want to come back establishing myself as a business man,” he tells me. “I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll just say that I’m working on a project that will be billed as ‘Ryan Idol presents PPBoyz.’ I’m in Palm Springs so there’s a shit load of maintenance to be done here, in the PP sense. Everyone needs a porn pool boy!”

While Idol tells me there will be a site for the project, PPBoyz.com, don’t count on a revival of his official web site anytime in the near future. “I’m a business man now and I don’t want to be tied down with a web cam and all that bullshit. It limits me. I want to shoot for the stars so I at least land on the moon and with a web cam, you can’t leave your fucking house.”

And as for that comeback movie? “There is a movie that is being contemplated,” he says, “but it will happen when the time is right. It’s not Idol Gods and it’s not Idol Cruise. It’s going to be a hot, fun movie. The desert kind of does something to the mind, you know? I just want to be creative.”

This, of course, means rekindling his relationship with long-time friend and manager, David Forest, who would insist to any nay-sayers that this time around, Ryan Idol will make his highly anticipated movie. “This is the last hoorah,” Forest told me Sunday afternoon. “God wants him to finish what he started, so I’ve said okay, let’s go. Before this year is out, we should have a new movie done and be able to complete everything. Knowing him, he may like it so well, he’ll do another movie. He’s a hot item and if he wants to have sex on film, which he does, I’ll be happy to administrate all of that. The only question is, who is going to make the movie?”

Why not Forest Films? Ryan Idol can be reached through David Forest at [email protected]. The two “idols” themselves will be on-hand to reveal more details of Ryan Idol’s latest incarnation on Thursday, June 19th at Micky’s in West Hollywood, California, during the Forest Men annual June extravaganza at Cocktails with the Stars, hosted by yours truly.



20/20 FOLLOWS GINA LYNN TODAY: A camera crew from television’s 20/20 will follow Pleasure Productions contract star, Gina Lynn, on her photo shoot with Hustler magazine today. The news and entertainment program will profile Lynn and her recent turn to mainstream, first in the motion picture, Analyze That, then in Eminem’s video for Superman, and now most recently guest starring on HBO’s hit series, The Sopranos. Gina Lynn’s mainstream crossover stardom shows no signs of fading, does it?



DIGITAL PLAYGROUND’S “NO LIMITS” PREMIERE LOW-DOWN: I hear nothing but good things about Friday night’s premiere party for Digital Playground contract performer, Devon’s, new feature, No Limits. The first word on the event, held at infamous Beverly Club, was posted at StunningCurves.com by Cly Maxwell, who takes you through bullet points of all the hot porn stars with whom he schmoozed! Attendees included DP exclusives Devon and Jesse Jane, along with Alana Evans, Chris Evans, Belladonna, Ashley Blue, jessica drake, Kim Chambers, Scott Styles, and Monique Alexander.

Even more revealing, however, is the site’s exclusive video interview with DP’s latest contract starlet, Jesse Jane. Not to be missed!



GINO COLBERT’S “PHONE BOOTH” CAMEO: I took in a Sunday matinee of the week’s blockbuster, Phone Booth, directed by Joel Schumacher and starring that super hunk, Collin Ferrell. What I was more interested in, however, was catching super hunk Gino Colbert’s cameo appearance in the feature! Only the legendary performer/director’s biggest fans will recognize him, but it’s a genuine treat that will leave you with a satisfied smile knowing you’re in on the secret. By the way, someone who was on the set of Phone Booth – I’m not saying it’s Gino and I’m not saying it isn’t – tells me that Ferrell is just as gorgeous behind the camera and can’t stop telling everyone how incredibly well endowed he is! … As my dear acting coach, the legendary, Bobbie Chance, always says, “Show, don’t tell!”


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