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April 23, 2003

Sechrest Parodies Seacrest in Jet Set's American Porn Star

By: Scott Ross

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. Jet Set Productions has cast adult entertainment personality, Jason Sechrest as the host of their latest feature, American Porn Star," where he parodies the role of American Idol host Ryan Seacrest.

"They set aside an entire 24 hour block to shoot my dialogue scenes," an ecstatic Sechrest told AVN.com. "I have never seen such an extensive non-sex role in an adult movie. I think they have me in just about every piece of the script that isn't a sex scene. Matthew's writing is just so impressive to me. It was like he tailored the script for my kind of tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic sense of humor."

Written and directed by Matthew Moore, American Porn Star takes place in Chicago as gay porn hopefuls partake in a variety of sexual acts including stripping, blowjobs, rimming, a full-on anal sex scene, and masturbation scenes to turn on judges (besides Sechrest, Tag Eriksson and Lorenzo Vargas play judges) in hopes of getting to the final round in Los Angeles.

Things get complicated when Eriksson and Vargas get a little too enthusiastic with the competition and start to take part in the sex acts causing people to wonder if a fix is in or not. Sechrest maintains his modest reputation and keeps his clothes on.

"The irony of having Jason Sechrest in Ryan Seacrest's role is not only in the similarity of their last names," says Jet Set's director of publicity, Brett Drysdale, "but also the fact that Jason Sechrest is sort of the Ryan Seacrest of the straight and gay adult world, what with the shows he's hosted and been a broadcaster for. "

American Porn Star is tentatively scheduled for a June release, starring Jason Adonis, Derec Lang, Tag Eriksson, Alec Powers, Lorenzo Vargas, Ken Scott, Ben Campezi, and Rico Suave.

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