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May 19, 2004

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“If your life is sweet heavenly bliss, it will never be told by me.”

- So said the original gothic web weaving marvel, auteur V.C. Andrews, in a rare interview before dying.

First Look at Tristan Adonis Tonight; Sam Phillips Returns to the L.A. Air Waves; Big Blue Productions' "The Matrixxx: A Muscle Explosion"; Carly Milne Talks "First Time" at Book Soup.



FIRST LOOK AT TRISTAN ADONIS TONIGHT: The boys over at Falcon Studios are already preparing for the soon to be released Tristan Adonis (pictured here) debut, Taking Flight. As the real-life brother of Jason Adonis, one of the hottest commodities in gay porn today, Tristan’s star is bound to take a flight of its own upon the movie’s arrival. Tonight, fans will have their first chance to take a look at the new Falcon exclusive as he performs a live sex show with Pierre Fitch from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm (PT) on Falcon TV.

I might have to tune in for this one, boys and girls. I’m anxious to compare what Tristan’s got under those duds to his brother’s, just as they probably compared so many years ago! :-P



SAM PHILLIPS RETURNS TO THE L.A. AIRWAVES: She’s baaaack! Multimedia super star of mainstream and former Penthouse Pet, Sam Phillips, is back on Los Angeles’s own talk radio station, KLSX 97.1 FM. The talk maven who formerly hosted The Sheena & Sam Show and can now be heard on her own program, Saturday nights at 9:00 pm. Tune in and listen for me and her other “porn friends” calling in from time to time It’s a riot of a show!



BIG BLUE PRODUCTIONS’ “THE MATRIXXX: A MUSCLE EXPLOSION”: There’s two things that turn Blue Blake on: straight bodybuilders and anyone who has been on MTV. In the writer/producer/director’s latest effort, The Matrixxx: A Muscle Explosion, he incorporates the two of them and makes blue movie magic. While the box cover features Big Blue Productions exclusive Jim Slade, the movie belongs just as much to MTV’s True Life star Tony Cage, who was previously seen in a solo for Blue’s The Bouncer. He’s the one who wanted the calf implants to make his life complete, remember? Now he’s doing gay porn!

The movie, which chronicles Slade’s character’s cheating road to win the all-time greatest bodybuilding competition called The Matrix, begins with Slade and Cage getting it on at the gym. It’s amazing to see this guy Cage, who we all remember from True Life being completely self-consumed and talking about how he does it all for the chicks, now getting his cock and some seriously low-hanging nuts sucked by Jim Slade. Then it becomes even more amazing when he bends over and has Slade lick his ass, which seems to go on for hours, and then the shocks continue as Cage not only sucks Slade’s dick but eats and fingers his hole as well. In fact, the only thing we don’t see Tony Cage do in this movie is kiss, get fucked, or get cum on his face -- but then we do have to save something for next time, don’t we? Cage does, however, drop quite a load on Jim Slade’s face, which he surprisingly laps up with his tongue, something we don’t see much of in gay porn these days. Slade’s tongue and Cage’s cum make this the best “ending” to a sex scene in the movie.

Tony Cage’s scene with Jeremy Jordan is just as hot and I’m inclined to even say hotter. Jordan, being the lone non-bodybuilder in the movie, is more of a twink and can get his body into certain positions that Slade doesn’t. Jordan jumps on Cage’s cock like a monkey and takes it for the best ride we see in the movie, carrying the entire weight of the scene. His very naturally boyish and masculine “come fuck me harder” demeanor is a much needed contrast to the over the top let’s-lower-our-voices-and-growl-real-loud uber masculine tones of the bigger boys in the feature. And incidentally, if you’re into muscles, Jeremy Jordan’s abs are better defined than just about anyone in the feature.

Slade has his chance to shine though in the movie’s grand finale where two new black bodybuilder studs, Flexx Deon Blake and Dan Packin, decked out in tattoos and face masks, take turns plowing his hole and then double penetrating him. If you thought Slade’s hole could go no further than the DP between Chad Hunt and Carlo Cox in Muscle Penitentiary, you’ve got another thing coming! This scene is more relentless and more hardcore than anything Jim Slade has done to date. What’s more is that he loves every minute of it and for that we can’t help loving him.

Between these three highlights, there’s a scene with Big Blue exclusive Tony Valentino and Trey Rexx where thankfully on-looker Stefan Milos, a real Russian bodybuilder, gets most of the screen time. Milos is gorgeous, well hung and has no problem winking his hole for the camera. He plays with himself and does the voyeur thing while Valentino and Rexx go at it. … There’s also a solo scene from a newcomer who goes by the name of Jay Poison where he fucks himself with a dildo that must be at least twelve inches in length.

The hidden unsung star of the movie is Drew Warner who contributes the best videography we’ve seen on a Blue Blake title in years, making every sex scene look absolutely gorgeous and glossy, while also stealing the title of Assistant Director. Blake and Warner make quite a team in The Matrixxx and deliver a bodybuilding punch like no other we’ll probably see this year.

The Matrixxx: A Muscle Explosion is now available on VHS and DVD from www.BlueBlake.com and www.ArenaEntInc.com.






CARLY MILNE TO TALK “FIRST TIME” AT BOOK SOUP: Fellow columnist Carly Milne of Pornblography.com will do a book reading next Monday, May 24th at Book Soup, beginning at 7:00 pm. Carly will be one of a few women picked to read aloud the stories of their first-time sexual experiences, from the Random House publication, Virgin Territories. You can pick up a copy of the book while you’re there and have Carly sign it, too. She’s on page 131.


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