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June 15, 2004

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“I’m tragic because they like me that way. I give the people what they want and then I go and get a hamburger.”

- Judy Garland

Spotted! in WeHo; Scott Bradley's Revelations & My Two Cents Worth; Pacific Sun Entertainment's "The Roberto Giorgio Collection, Vol. 1"; Introducing Robert Van Damme.



SPOTTED! IN WEHO: Jason Hawke (pictured here) perusing the club scene last Thursday night, again Jeremy Jordan -less. … I ran into Talon shopping at Pavillion’s in West Hollywood, “straight” from the gym in Adidas pants and blue wifebeater. … Performer/director Drew Warner working out at the Gold’s Gym with Keith, the studly bartender from Micky’s. … The recently retired Bobby Brennan walking West Hollywood with Billy Brandt’s ex-girlfriend, Tass. … Micky’s go-go boy turned XXX performer Alan Gregory working out at the Bally’s on El Centro.



SCOTT BRADLEY’S REVELATIONS AND MY TWO CENTS WORTH: Gay XXX performer and fellow columnist Scott Bradley recently made some revelations about himself in his column on VidioView.com -- though they may not have been startling revelations. Many of us in the industry have known for quite some time that Scott Bradley was HIV-positive. Hell, a great many performers in the gay side of the business are HIV-positive, but thanks to nearly all companies being condom mandatory, the performers are able to keep their status to themselves and do not have to deal with the invasion of privacy that the straight porn world has to endure via AIM HealthCare. (Chi Chi LaRue made quite the statement about this on stage the Grabby Awards in Chicago, which she concluded with the shocking, “Fuck AIM!”)

There is much of Scott’s column that I agree with -- him feeling that more performers like him coming out about their positive status and sharing their experiences is the most affective “safe sex ad” there is -- and then there’s other things I vehemently disagree with, such as his statement that performers are discouraged to talk about their status if they are positive -- something I’ve never heard of from any other performers; they all talk about it quite openly behind the scenes actually, or at least they always have with me.

What I’m most pleased with though is that Scott isn’t passing any judgments. He’s simply going to tell his story, for the first time honestly and from the beginning, and leave his readers to make their own decisions. Is this career suicide for Scott Bradley? If it is, it’s not the truth about his status that is going to do it -- it’s the fact that he’s performed in bareback movies, which has become, whether we like it or not, the land where porn stars go to die. My opinion has always been that it is a performer’s personal decision, just as it is an individual’s personal decision, to use or not use a condom when it comes to their personal life and it is up to their partners to request status or protection. I’m inclined to believe though that when it comes to performing on camera, it’s our duty to do the condoms -- not for educational value, but for the safety of our business. The porn business is currently a self-regulated operation and we want to keep it that way. The safer we are, the less chance we have of the government stepping in. If you’re a true member of our “family,” I think you stick to the rules and look out for one and other. …Just my two cents worth!



PACIFIC SUN ENTERTAINMENT’S “THE ROBERTO GIORGIO COLLECTION VOL. 1”: The ultimate fan of mine knows that I am the ultimate fan of European porn stud Roberto Giorgio, star of many Casa Borbley pictures, and so I am thrilled and delighted to announce that Pacific Sun Entertainment has compiled the hunk’s hottest scenes into a greatest hits of sorts called, The Roberto Giorgio Collection Vol. 1.

This first installment features eight of Roberto’s hottest scenes from movies like Desires of a Gymnast Part 1: Secret Desires, Lumber Jocks, Full Force, Frathouse Bash, Biker’s Bang #2, Airborne, Revenge of the Dragon - Part 1 and Arabian Knights. One of the most versatile performers of my generation and certainly one of the most drop-dead gorgeous, if this doesn’t turn you into a drooling Giorgio fan, nothing will!

The Roberto Giorgio Collection, Vol. 1 is now available on VHS and DVD at www.GayMagix.com.






INTRODUCING ROBERT VAN DAMME: Blue Blake just can’t stop raving about his latest exclusive, Robert Van Damme, who co-stars in the forthcoming Big Blue releases Musclemen Moving Corp., Inc. and Cowboy Rides Again. He even passed along this exclusive on-set image to us as proof, with Van Damme banging one of our favorite muscle hunks, Chad Conners. When I asked about booking Van Damme on my radio show this Friday, Blue told me he couldn’t because that’s when he teaches hockey to kids. Oh, my! … New topic, quickly.


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