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June 16, 2004

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ON THE SET OF SIN CITY’S “MENDING HEARTS”: I received this on-set report from the studly Devan of HardcoreGossip.com, who is now working as public relations representative for Sin City. A hottie with a talent for writing smut to boot! Here’s his latest report from the set of Sin City’s Mending Hearts. …

The long, scenic drive to Yellow Hill Malibu could be worse. It stretches unavoidable miles along Pacific Coast Highway which offers some of the most beautiful scenery on the face of the Earth, not to mention the girls running across the highway in small two piece bikini’s, which severely enhance the drive in my humble opinion.

Then near Neptune’s Net you make a sharp turn and veer off into a desert landscape, winding high into the dry hills, and finally arrived in the deserted location of a small outdoor ranch. This was the location for the newest movie from Bud Lee and Sin City, Mending Hearts, a supernatural romantic drama about a man who loses his fiancé and finds new love with her help from beyond the grave. Luckily for me when I got there, they were just beginning.

Barrett Blade and Brittney Skye, who is curvy, lithe, and tan from her recent return from Hawaii, climb into the back of pick up truck after exchanging some crucial dialogue to the script. Then Barrett puts his arm around Brittney’s waist and pulls her closer, in front of him, and slides his other hand down over her short skirt to her naked thighs. With a swift movement he greedily cups her pussy in his palm and she sits back on his lap, her tan legs spread wide apart and ready to receive everything he has to give her.

Slow and softly Barrett rubs the ball of his thumb over her labia, which is already growing visibly larger and moist with excitement, budding out from her swollen labia lips. The sweet petals of her cunt open willingly as he slides his fingers inside of them and explores their delicate folds. Brittney rolls her head back as the fingers slip easily in and out of her lubricious honey hole and moans wantonly, a rhythm developing as Barrett pushes deeper and deeper in, adding more fingers into her velvety heat.

By the time drops of sweet cunt nectar begin to drip capriciously from his hand, he decides he is ready for more of what she has to offer. Barrett forces Brittney to her feet, his hand still wrapped around her curved ass, and turns her so she is sitting facing him in the back of the truck. Then spreading her soft thighs into a glorious ninety degree arc, he kneels his head between them and applies his tongue to her sun glistened slit.

Overwhelmed with the erotic sensation, Brittney leans back on her elbows and issues out a soft moan that resounds in the hills, bucking her pubis into his working mouth and busy tongue. Barrett seems like he is in heaven as he noisily sucks her juicy cunt into his lips and licks along her labia until his tongue finds the bud of her swollen clit, teasing it and sucking it hard.

"Oh God, " she whimpers as she starts to tremble with her first climax visibly rippling through her and leaving her flushed and shaking. Barrett removes his fingers and puts his lips to her hole as her sweet pussy cum gushes into his mouth, flicking his tongue like a serpent to catch every drop as she writhes. After what seems like an eternity, the waves of her orgasm subside and she relaxes, but Barrett isn't done with her yet. He is just beginning.

He stands between her parted legs and, wrapping his fist around his rigid cock, he steps forward

And places it in her willing mouth. Brittney takes the entire cock into the back of her throat and tries not to choke, lavishing heavy oral attention on Barrett’s swollen sex stick. She fingers her neglected cunt while administer a scorching hot, sloppy blowjob to the former rock star, and when he looks like he might explode if she doesn’t stop, she takes it out and smacks it on her tongue, giggling incessantly. Barrett kneels back between her legs and rubs the engorged head of his cock around her gleaming cunt, sliding it between her lips and over her clit so that he is well lubricated in her hot juices. Brittney begins to stir once more, ready for a solid fucking, and she wraps her legs around his back driving him even deeper into her delicious cunt. Barrett thrusts his girth into her hot, tight cunt, pausing occasionally to savor the delight of his throbbing shaft enveloped in her sweet young flesh. His strong hands grope her ample breasts, squeezing both her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, and rubbing them gently, as he begins to work up speed and momentum, pounding her harder and harder, until she whines with pleasure, then pulling back all the way so the tip of his cock is delicately poised between her lips once more, and slamming it back inside right up to the hilt once more.

Brittney’s legs visibly tighten hard around his back and soon she is wailing unabashed again, near hysterical in the grips of another powerful orgasm. Barrett kisses her open mouth, then turns her around inside the back of the truck bed, bending her over into a standing doggy, and slips his angry meat back into her waiting orifice, hammering into her juicy heat with loud, wet vigorous gusts. Brittney thrusts her hips back into him, bucking to match the rhythm of his consistent stroke. Soon Barrett’s face begins to contort, as the determination to blow seed into her begins to overtake him. He pulls out and spins her willingly to her knees, unleashing a cascade of pearly white cum into her bright, bubblegum pink mouth and flat, wide, extended tongue. Brittney doesn’t wait for the camera’s to snap the sex photos. She grabs Barrett by the base of his twitching shaft and slurps on his still engorged cock until he is weak to the point of placing his hands on her shoulders. The first scene of the movie is now finished, and there are only four left to go, and a mountain of dialogue. It is just past noon.

Bud Lee is insouciant by nature. By all appearances, the man appears to have been lost for more than two decades on tour with the Grateful Dead. His entire demeanor suggests that of an affable Uncle still pining for the Sixties, possible ensconced coastally and subscribing to fringe element periodicals on solar technology, grass roots, recycling, and green power. With his kempt beard brindled salt and pepper and his long, silver tresses, which align him more with the portrait of a mirthful wizard of myth than an institution within the adult industry, his lackadaisical approach to directing belies the true effort and intent that goes into each of his productions. I ask him to recount from memory how many movies he has directed and he falters.

“More than twenty,” he offers with uncertainty, a smile, and a shrug. Try more than one hundred and twenty, from a preliminary search online. Today’s movie, while just another brick in the wall of his career, is one that Bid finds himself waxing nostalgic over.

“It’s kind of special to me since I wrote it,” he offers. “This man is dealing with the incredible grief of losing a loved one, and moving on with her help to find someone who can console him.”

Consoling seems like a mild way of putting it to say the least. By all accounts, there is a great deal more than consoling in what would otherwise be a couples movie were it not for scorching hot couplings by enthusiastic participants like newcummer Sofia and the athletic and boyish Scott Styles, who get the chance to tear into each other, after exchanging knowing glances filled with desire on set for an hour beforehand, in an authentic native American Tee Pee.

Fortunately for you I miss most of the dialogue involved with the scene, which you can catch when the title is released, and only get to cover the good stuff, hot and nasty sex.

"Wow!" exclaims as Scott strips down naked, her eyes running over inch of his muscular body while he similarly stares at her perfectly tear shaped breasts. Sofia shakes her breasts and they sway seductively as she pushes her skirt and panties down to the ground. They exchange some passionate kisses and soon Sofia is on her knees, her round face and large doll eyes staring longingly up at Scott as she takes his tumescent prick in her tiny mouth. She wraps her arms around his chiseled ass and hugs him cock first into her mouth, struggling like a Copper mouth trying to get its jaws around a wrestling rabbit. Her shoulder length, brown hair swings with the ministrations of force-feeding herself Style’s cock and her face glows with purpose and the thin sheen of lust, Saturnine and transient. Then, unexpectedly, she withdraws the rigid member from her pouting lips and gasps.

"You want me to taste your big cock, don't you?" she sneered. "You want to feel my hot lips, my tongue, work to make you come. You like the way I choke and gasp on it, don’t you? Say it."

Scott smiles, but doesn’t say a word as he gently but firmly guides her head back down onto his awaiting cock. Her only response is a muffled gulp as she slips him into her inviting mouth, her tongue moving up and down his swollen shaft as he throws back his head and lets out a long and satisfied moan of approval.

Then it’s his turn, and he pushes the young slut onto her back, and heads downtown to get her wet and ready for his ample endowment.

"Oh god that feels good," Sofia lets slip with a little too much authenticity as he slurps at her slit and stuffs several fingers in her cunt. Within a few minutes she is flailing around on her back, overcome by the intensity of the orgasm shrieking through her nubile frame.

"God, you know how to eat pussy," she comments genuinely startled, while Scott, laconic as ever, merely repositions and let’s his rock hard cock slide into Sofia’s searing hot gash. Sofia gasps again, arches her back, and slides down the length of his pole until she is firmly impaled on his throbbing and vein riddled joystick. Scott takes a handful of her luscious breasts in his hands and rocks forward, until he is up and over her supine form, pinning her to the ground, helpless and penetrated. Sofia doesn’t seem to mind a great deal as she thrusts up with her pelvis, pushing Scott’s erection against every wall inside her. Caught in pleasure, the two all but ignore the rest of us looking on with jealous fascination at the raw scene unfolding before us, and copulate with grunts and howls like wild animals.

“Capture what you can as best as you can,” Bud sagely instructs his camera crew. “ But don’t interrupt them. These two have real chemistry, which is worth losing a thousand scenes. This is what it is supposed to look like.”

Scott rolls over and drags the tiny nymph on top of him, bucking his hips up and thrusting deeper into her while using the force of gravity to drive himself even further into her tiny frame. Sofia grunts and bounces up and down, fucking him deep into her stretched cunt, and emitting an erotic gasp of tortuous ecstasy with each drive into her pussy. Scott holds her supple hips and pulls them towards him grunting and pistoning, while Sofia rolls forward still mounted on Scott and grinds the swollen nub of her tiny pink clit on the hard edge of his cock until she unravels in peels of unmitigated pleasure, her song of release throaty and breathless and debilitating as it winds through her. She collapses into uncontrollable quivers on Scott’s buff pectorals. Scott holds her to his chest as the last spasms of agonizing pleasure fade, then rolls her over again as hot and steamy cunt juice escapes her.

Sofia has kind of a dreamy look on her face when she turns over and gets on her hands and knees, still slightly dazed from her astonishing release. Scott thoroughly lubes up his cock with her silky cunt emissions and positioned it at the entrance to her ass. Sofia reaches back, prostrating herself face first into the ground as she does, and spreads her ass cheeks with both hands, exposing her puckered and anxious asshole.

“Go ahead,” chides the anal expert. “ Drive it all the way in. I want you to.”

Scott wastes little time with such an invitation, pushing the head of his cock slowly into her tight hole, and then all of his girth in, inch after inch, until her ass cheeks are flush with his lower abs. Sofia’s breathing grows rapid and shallow, and I lean over Bud’s shoulder to check the shot on the monitor, the sight of Sofia's expanded asshole around Scott’s cock too good to miss. Scott is a true professional, and took his time, slow fucking her exit only hole open gently, with long and deliberate strokes, until she has obviously accommodated his fullness and begins pushing back her ass into his thrusts. Then Scott begins to pick up speed and Sofia lifts her head to show her face contorted with deep, animal satisfaction, as he pries open the soft and delicate crevice of her ass.

“Fuck....fuck...yeah....that's so good,” Sofia bursts out as Scott pummels his cock into her with renewed frenzy, fucking her senseless. She announces that she is cumming yet again and a rush of hot liquid flows freely out of her vacant cunt. It seems to be more than Scott can handle, having put the young whore through the paces for nearly an hour, his balls slapping into her wet, dripping cunt as he rams his dick as hard as he can into Sophia's asshole. He pushes his dick into her wonderful round ass for one last time, holds it all the way in until her eyes look like they are going to pop out, then pulls out and covers her in his load. Sofia turns as the torrents of sperm gush out and Scott growls, suckling his cock for all she can get and cupping his balls.

“I think that just about covers it,” laughs Bud, and we leave, moving on and allowing them to lie on one another and recover from a fantastic scene.

Next it’s back to Brittney and Eve Lawrence off in the woods, getting down and dirty in a girl’s only scene that shows both women to be doing it for more than the money. Eve’s a twenty one year old, shy type, with large, curious eyes and big breasts that compliment her knock out hourglass figure. Her short cropped raven hair drapes stylishly across her brow accenting her soft, newborn fawn eyes. Her skin is a creamy take on the traditional ivory, far more milky than nacre, but still every bit as resplendent, especially when juxtaposed against the rich tan curves and long blonde curls that Brittney possesses. The girls tear into one another, pressing their exposed breasts into one another and rubbing their hard nipples together while full lips part and their tongues entwine in an intimate and passionate dance. We are spectators to their Sapphic rendering, stumbling across their fiery lovemaking, as Brittney’s character tests out Eve’s for her still living love, Barrett. There is no hesitation between the two of them once they get started. Always the aggressor, Brittney bends down and presses her mouth against Eve’s wet and intimate flesh, spearing into Eve’s willing cunt with her long tongue, then sucking and licking her in a near frenzy of lust. Brittney finds Eve’s firm clit and holds it between her teeth while driving her fingers deep into Eve’s slippery pussy. Her mouth voraciously devours Eve’s cunt all the while, even as Eve squirms against the pleasurable sensations coursing through her body. But Brittney doesn’t care and has no plans of stopping now, drunk with the scent of Eve’s pussy coating her slick face, possessed by a raw and unbridled lust, she digs her fingernails into the sides of Eve’s soft hips and presses forward in a manic display of cunt lapping, until Eve surrenders her orgasm up to her, abandoning all decorum and pretense of inhibition, and enjoying the rapture of Brittney’s adroitly delivered climax.

Transformed now, she reciprocates with practically vengeful intent, laying the triumphant cunt licker on her back and performing brazen acts of cunnilingus on her in return. You don’t have to tell Brittney to enjoy herself and cum, and she shudders into several smaller orgasms before letting Eve finger fuck her to gushing climatic heights. Cameras swirl around them snapping and filming, but they don’t pretend to care anymore. Both of them give each other a look of sated satisfaction as the scene ends, like two old rivals staring across an ancient divide with newfound understanding and admiration. There will be no whispered endearments, no nuzzling and cuddling after the act, because this wasn’t about love. Those who witnessed what they gave each other know now their unspoken truth, wordlessly exchanged in a glazed glance, that real lust leaves nothing left over when it burns that bright and fierce and savagely.

I conduct a series of interviews with those still coherent enough to respond lucidly, while the cameramen and lighting guys reset the shot for the front of the ranch. I am told that this will be the last shot of the night, captured before the sun goes down, and that I will be glad that I got to see it. When I discover that Damian, Lisa Marie, and none other than Cole Conners are the participants in the sexual soiree, I have to admit I am forced to agree. Call it a throwback to the glory of my college days, but I love watching one guy get treated to the time of his life by two beautiful and lascivious sluts who can’t get enough of his cock. Damian is about to get a first hand lesson in what it is all about to be a porn star.

I wait for them to finish the dialogue again, not wanting the story, which I have largely missed, to distract me from the killer sex I have seen all day long.

Neither one known to waste time when hard cock is around, Lisa Marie and Cole Conners both immediately go to work on Damian’s cock in practiced unison, sucking his shaft and licking his balls, as he makes the kind of face I would expect to make were I in his position. That lucky bastard! Both of them are wearing small g-strings and bent over to perform their ministrations on Damian, wiggling and showing off their curved asses and barely covered cunt lips as they jointly masturbate him and give him fellatio. When Damian complains that he can take no more, Lisa Marie looks over at Cole with a pleading expression on her face and pulls her panties to one side revealing her shaved pussy. Cole is so busy still licking Damian’s cock that she doesn’t immediately understand what Lisa is suggesting. It is up to Bud the director to help her figure it out.

“Go ahead and eat out Lisa, Cole,” he instructs as Cole comes up off of Damian’s shaft and lets out a giggle.

“Sorry about that but I was enjoying myself,” she confesses before eschewing all traces of her own clothing and burying her face into Lisa’s wet snatch, licking it up and down, not missing an inch of her slit. Lisa goes wild with the sensation of Cole’s expert tongue rapidly massaging her smooth pussy flesh and begins to issue forth a series of sincere cries of pleasure. Damian now gets up and licks out Cole, wetting her, then slides his cock into her from behind while she gasps and continues eating out Lisa. He slides his hands under her stomach and runs them up into her supple breasts, cupping them and pinching her nipples while he drives firmly into her hole, slow and sweetly, enjoying every second of it. Lisa lets out a loud cry and then unexpectedly cums. She climbs to her knees again and holds Cole’s face, kissing it and talking dirty into her ears, spinning a filthy tapestry of degrading adjectives and insinuations that leave Cole blushing, then cumming, a wild and erratic eruption as Damian pulls out of her and feeds his cunt drenched cock to the greedy mouth of Lisa Marie. Cole rolls over on her back and sucks his hanging balls while Lisa works the shaft yet again. Then, when they have had their fill, Lisa climbs on top of the solid cock in reverse cowgirl and begins to ride it into her cum slicked slit. Cole continues licking Damian’s balls, vacillating between taking them in her mouth and flicking Lisa’s swollen clit now prominently displayed. After a short and fierce ride it appears that Damian is almost ready to come, but Bud is intent on not letting the scene end so quickly.

He instructs the girls to switch positions, leaving Damian in missionary fucking Lisa with Cole riding her face. He thrusts into Lisa while deep kissing Cole Conner’s and soon they are all moaning with delight, a strangely discordant symphony of off tempo ecstasy. The triangle ends with both girls on their knees, mouths open, and Damian standing and spraying them with fierce jets of semen.

Damian doesn’t say much after the scene. He just sits in the back of the set as the girls clean up and Bud finishes some more dialogue and smiles, a radiant glowing smile that spreads from ear to ear. He has just lived one of man’s greatest fantasies, with two stellar beauties, and gotten paid for it. He has every reason to smile. And somewhere in his smile there is a small piece of me, of everyman, resonating throughout the universe, connecting the entire male species together for a single brief instance. It may not be wisdom for the ages, or a life altering realization that unites us in his smile, but it is still an undeniably attractive addition to the collective consciousness of mankind. It’s enough. I pack it in, hit the car, and cruise Pacific Coast Highway at sunset, watching the sun’s departure paint the water’s ever moving surface new pink and burning orange and eventually navy and black and gray. I can’t wait to get home and take care of business after the day that I have had.


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