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July 1 , 2003



By Tina Tyler

Monthly Column Exclusively at JasonCurious.com


Column #5: Food For Thought

This month I thought I’d talk a little bit about one of my passions. As a Cancer, I love to eat. Incorporating food with sex has always been one of my favorite things. From the ordinary like whipped cream and chocolate syrup to the not so ordinary like sausage and fondue cheese, food is a big turn on to me.

Since I’m orally fixated and can rarely smoke during sex (blowjobs only counting for a portion of the entire act), food fulfills my oral needs quite nicely. What follows is a recounting of my favorite food experience.


It all started at Le Dome where my date and I were enjoying a sumptuous meal and flirting heavily. By the time the entrée arrived we were already feeding each other. When it came time for dessert, I suggested that we get it to go and eat it back at my place. We took our gooey chocolate concoctions back home and proceeded immediately to the bedroom. I ripped the sheets off the bed and put down a big towel, told him to get naked and lie down on his back. He did. I undressed, slowly… teasing him. I took a scarf from my closet and blindfolded him, telling him that he was about to feel several different sensations and he had to guess what they were... very 9 1/2 Weeks.

I caressed his skin with fur, feathers, leather and silk before bringing out the chocolate cake. First I smeared icing over his nipples and gently licked it off, then a trail of icing from stem to stern stopping just above his naughty bits. This time I licked with a little more intensity until it was all gone. By this time, his soldier was standing at full attention and ready to salute. I took a hand full of the gooey cake and began to stroke him slowly until he was entirely covered with moist, chocolate goodness. As I knelt between his thighs, my mouth watering, I leaned in and gobbled up every last crumb (even the ones that had fallen between his cheeks). I removed his blindfold and that’s when things got messy. We covered each other in gooey cake front and back, our messy, sweat covered bodies pressed up against each other, our mouths hungry. By the time it was all over, there was chocolate everywhere (and I do mean everywhere), and our appetites (both sexual and otherwise) were sated. Clean up was a bitch, but it turned out to be a recipe for a really good time.


Come back next month for more from Tina’s twisted mind.


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