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July 8, 2004

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Monthly Guest Columns

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“There is life after sex work.”

- Sharon Mitchell, the veritable Mother Theresa of porn.

Bobby Brennan Bids a Fond Farewell Tonight; Gina Lynn is One Top Notch Bitch; Studio 2000's "Bad Boys Club"; The Resnick Twins Are Not to Be Missed.


BOBBY BRENNAN BIDS A FOND FAREWELL TONIGHT: Porn stars grow up so quick nowadays! Our exclusive columnist of nearly a year, Bobby Brennan has decided to make this evening’s soiree at Micky’s Cocktails with the Stars his final appearance in the gay XXX business. Tonight, he’ll stand up on stage with yours truly as host and we’ll talk all about his best and worst moments of a career in adult movie making and escorting -- from the funniest stories to the most disastrous stories, to the untold dramas inbetween!

Don’t forget to check out Bobby’s final installment of his column, Bobby’s World, complete with 20 new photos here: https://jasoncurious.com/desk/gc-bobby.html.



GINA LYNN IS ONE TOP NOTCH BITCH: Mainstream porn icon, Gina Lynn writes: “ Jason, I wanted to let everyone know that I started my own production company and my first release hit stores today, called Top Notch Bitches, which is being distributed thru Exquisite. We are also building a web site at www.topnotchbitches.com. My movies are more a gonzo line than a feature because I feel that’s what the fans want to see -- SEX, SEX and more SEX! I just wanted to make you aware of this. I attached a picture of the cover so I’m looking forward to hearing back from you. Love, Gina.” … Congratulations on starting your own company, Gina. You yourself are one top notch bitch!



STUDIO 2000’S “BAD BOYS CLUB”: The exclusives over at Studio 2000 are at an all-time high these days and directors Doug Jeffries, Derek Kent and John Travis put the proof in the pudding with the trio-directed Bad Boys Club. A “vignette feature” I’d call it, with each scene containing its own separate story, holding the common thread of young boys doing bad, bad things. Straight away you see the badness in the movie’s opening locker room romp with Studio 2000 exclusive Rafael Alencar and Chip Noll. Alencar’s cock is as thick as his accent and anyone who hasn’t been living under the gay porn rock for the past few years knows there’s nothing Chip loves more than his mouth and his ass filled to the max, making this a fantastic kick-off to the sex smorgasbord that is to come.

Another exclusive, Trevor Knight, is up next feeding his super long member to Luciano Haas. Luciano takes Trevor’s verbal and physical abuse like a real trooper, but it’s Trevor himself that you can’t keep your eyes off of. There isn’t a moment he’s not completely dominant over what he calls “his little slut” as he sticks it to him doggy style and spits on his back. If there were a medal for which of the boys in the cast is the “baddest” of them all, it would undoubtedly go to Trevor Knight.

Tommy Brandt, fresh out of a contract with Falcon Studios, has his legs in the air for Studio 2000 exclusively now, getting plowed by fellow exclusive Ryan Alexander. Both boys are just so stunningly beautiful to look at and Ryan gives Tommy a good, hard fucking every which way but loose. A nice, quiet welcome for Tommy to the Studio 2000 family.

The grand finale features exclusive Matt Van Dorn with newcomer Cody Cash. Cody displays what is hands-down the best acting in the movie, as a cop who gets seduced by the bad boy he’s about to arrest. Cash is, with every breath, believable in the role, his Boston accent adding to his allure. The scene is the only flip-flop in the movie and both performers seem equally adept as being the top and the bottom. Matt has never looked more passionate in his career when it comes to fucking on camera (those eyes… so intense!) and Cody makes an unforgettable first impression on the gay XXX scene.

With the release of their best contract studs in Bad Boys, Studio 2000 proves there’s never been a better time to join the club. The DVD release includes photo gallery, cast bios, chapter index, trailers and a hilarious blooper reel.

Studio 2000’s Bad Boys Club is now available on VHS and DVD at www.studio2000video.com.






THE RESNICK TWINS ARE NOT TO BE MISSED: Pacific Sun’s latest movie Double Size may be only a jack-off movie, but it’s got something most any gay man will appreciate -- twins! Dean and Dave Resnick, blonde surfer twins, do a back-to-back masturbation in the movie that is not to be missed. If you’re into the twin thing or even just want to see a couple of brothers jack off next to each other, I highly suggest clicking over to GayMagix.com and getting you some Double Size today!


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