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October 12, 2004

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“Fucking him was like ‘Waiting for Godot.’ He never came and I was thrilled when it was over.”

- Gay poet, Ragan Fox.

Rascal Signs New Exclusive Jan Fischer; Spotted! in WeHo; Big Blue Producions' "Musclemen Moving Company, Inc."; Ethan Marc is Tops at "Wet Palms."



RASCAL SIGNS NEW EXCLUSIVE JAN FISCHER: Discovered in Germany while filming Kollide, director Chi Chi LaRue immediately sensed mega-stardom for drop dead gorgeous hunk, Jan Fischer. LaRue’s company, Rascal Video, is now proud to announce Fischer as the latest addition to their elite roster of exclusive contract studs.

The young, fresh-faced Fischer with his naturally rosy cheeks and piercing blue eyes is a versatile performer and one of the best looking LaRue says he's seen in a long time. He makes his gay XXX video debut in Rascal's BOLT, the most expensive movie to be shot by the studio to date, now available in three versions on VHS and DVD at www.Channel1Releasing.com. Fischer’s first-ever sex scenes, however, Kollide and One Night at Bruno’s, both shot on location in Germany, are soon to be released, as well as his latest romp in Lookin’ for Trouble.

This news comes hot on the heels of Rascal’s announcing horse hung-newcomer Tommy Ritter to exclusive contract. The two boys now join fellow Rascal brothers, Johnny Hazzard, Eddie Stone, Brandon Lee, Robbie Angel, Theo Blake, Patrick Downs and Claudio Martin -- all of whom are anxious to “initiate” the new boys into the family!


SPOTTED! IN WEHO: It just couldn’t get any gayer in West Hollywood these days! Falcon Studios’ exclusive Tyler Gunn (pictured here) at the Equinox gym at least twice a week. … The star of COLT Studios’ latest, BuckleRoos, Dean Phoenix was spotted in Dorothy’s Surrender at The French Quarter on Sunday afternoon. … Alec Powers lifting weights at the Las Vegas Athletic Club, which, incidentally is NOT in West Hollywood or even California, but thanks for the item anyway! … Logan Reed grocery shopping at Pavillion’s on Santa Monica Blvd. … Off-Broadway musical Bare’s out composer Damon Inbartalo at Micky’s on Sunday night for Karen Dior’s memorial. … Spot a porn star? Email me at [email protected].



BIG BLUE PRODUCTIONS’ “MUSCLEMEN MOVING COMPANY, INC.”: Producer/director Blue Blake’s band of merry muscle men are packing more than boxes in Musclemen Moving Company, Inc., a starring vehicle for Big Blue Productions exclusive, Robert Van Damme who opens the movie with a scorching scene opposite fellow exclusive, Jim Slade. Slade, submissive that he is, worships Van Damme’s cock with his mouth and his asshole, completely surrendering himself to  become Van Damme’s virtual blowup doll to fuck any way he sees fit -- but not before Slade obliges Van Damme’s request to have a very slim dildo shoved up his sculpted ass. Slade is also becoming king of the facials, this time taking the load not only on his face, but on his tongue too! Fucking hot! Get it while we can, right Blue?

Chad Conners is back and has never looked better. Though gone is the baby-face, the baby fat went with it and what’s left is a stunning bodybuilder hunk that Ben Campezi has a helluva good time getting fucked by. We’ve seen Conners get fucked so many times on camera, it’s hard to believe that he can be such a verbally and physically aggressive (and borderline abusive at times) top -- but it is one of the hottest scenes of his career. Campezi is a great vocal bottom too, but this isn’t him looking or performing at his best. Conners carries the scene.

There’s a reason why Jason Hawke is used in nearly every Blue Blake movie and it’s because time and again he has one of the best scenes in the flick. This one is no exception as he snarls while getting his ass eaten and plowed by Van Damme atop moving boxes. Doggy style and missionary, Hawke’s body continues to get better with every movie and Van Damme fucks him here until he’s literally squealing between each heavy breath.

Carlos Morales services Big Blue exclusive Tony Valentino next. Personally, I’ve had enough of Valentino. He’s not someone who gets better with each show, not that he gets worse by any means. He’s like a David Carradine film; you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all! What’s hot about the scene is that while Morales may be a muscle stud, he’s got some serious back and Blue Blake knows how to capture his rump at the hottest angles while Valentino slides in thick cock in and out of his (literally!… watch and you’ll see) juicy hole. Morales also gives Slade a run for his money in the cum eating department, licking up every last drop and taking a massive load all over his face and tongue.

The final scene puts Jim Steel with grandpa Derek Steel, who admittedly does have a rock hard body, but a head of white hair and silver eyebrows to go with it. He also happens to be hung bigger than anyone in the film. It’s a massive slab of meat that only Slade would possibly know what to do with. Slade likes to get fucked hard and the great thing about his performances as a Blue Blake exclusive is that it’s always something different. He’s done double penetrations with the biggest cocks in the biz (Muscle Penitentiary), then he did an all black gangbang (The Matrixxx: A Muscle Explosion). Now he’s doing grandpas. Teamed with Blue, Slade is nothing if not original and never ever in the slightest redundant.

Big Blue’s Musclemen Moving Company, Inc. is now available on VHS and DVD at www.BlueBlake.com.




ETHAN MARC IS TOPS AT “WET PALMS”:  Regular on the NakedSword/Jet Set production, Wet Palms, Ethan Marc shot episodes four through six of the series over the past few days, commencing in last night’s sex scene with Corbin Michaels in which he tops for the first time on camera! “Of course I’ve done it before in my personal life and I’ve always been really versatile,” says Marc, “but I’d never been afforded the opportunity to do it on camera. It was a great scene. He’s a cutie!” … Wet Palms, also starring yours truly in a non-sex role, airs each Thursday at www.WetPalms.com.


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