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October 13, 2004

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“Dr. Phil is Hitler.”

- Roseanne, who says at 50 she misses PMS because it was the only time of the month she actually got to be herself.

Alana Evans Hits the Road; Vicky's First Scene Released from "The Vault"; New Sensations/Digital Sin's "Groupie Love" Hits #1 on the Rentals Chart; Axel Braun Triumphs at Barcelona Film Festival.


ALANA EVANS HITS THE ROAD: After six years as an adult flim star, Alana Evans has a new title to add to her credits: feature dancer. If you have ever asked Alana about the story behind her start in the business, she will tell you it all began with a dream to be a feature entertainer. While owning and operating a swingers club in northern California called the Forum, Alana learned to lose all sexual inhibitions.

“My first time sliding on a stripper pole was at the club we owned when I was 19,” she explains in a statement released yesterday afternoon. “I would fool around with the other women at the club and we would take turns putting on a show. Our dancing became so popular, it was a nightly request. Because the show usually sent everyone all hot and bothered into the backroooms, we decided it would be a great ice breaker to have shows on Friday nights. I became one of the regular dancers and I put on a full, feature style show. I loved it so much that I wanted to take my shows to the strip clubs. I soon realized I needed to build a name for myself before I could even try to be a feature act. Since I was a total swinger, porn was perfect. Once I got started shooting scenes, I found a new love and I never left to dance.”

I guess you could say she’s returning to her roots! For the first time ever, Alana will be featured October 14th through October 16th at the Spearmint Rhino located in downtown Los Angeles. Come see Alana pop her feature dancing cherry!

And don’t forget to watch Alana’s LIVE every week here on the site! Her show All in the Porn Family is on JC TV every Thursday night at 6:00 pm (PT).



VICKY’S FRIST SCENE RELEASED FROM “THE VAULT”: Evil Angel has released a video of Joey Silvera scenes that never quite made the cut called The Evil Vault. The movie contains 15 never before seen scenes because they were either too hardcore or there wasn’t enough time allotted in the actual movie (though admittedly, there are some that were “lost” for a reason, but not many), adding up to five hours and 29 minutes of footage in this special extended 2-Disc set. The highlight is Vicky Vette in her first-ever scene. It’s an anal romp with Dick Delaware and Alex Rox, made especially cute by seeing Vette a little nervous, something we don’t see much of on camera. It’s definitely her first time, but she shows beyond shadow of a doubt that this is what she was born to do. And thus, a star is born!




NEW SENSATIONS/DIGITAL SIN’S “GROUPIE LOVE” HITS #1 ON RENTAL CHARTS: The October 2004 issue of AVN Magazine lists New Sensations/Digital Sin's new interactive DVD release, Groupie Love, at the #1 spot on their Top 200 Rentals chart. Groupie Love, a one-of-a-kind product where the viewer has an exclusive pass to enter the world of hip hop superstars, features Lloyd Banks, along with friends 50 Cent and Young Buck as they include you in their entourage for a journey that takes the viewer from their stretch limos to their private jets and all points in between. One of those "inbetween" hot spots includes meeting up with the "groupies" -- there's seventeen to choose from -- programmed to respond directly to the user's direction.

Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent and Young Buck will appear live with gorgeous "groupie" players Kaylani Lei, Lacey Duvall and Daisy next Wednesday, October 20th on The Howard Stern Show.



AXEL BRAUN TRIUMPHS AT BARCELONA FILM FESTIVAL:  He’s raked in countless trophies already this year, proving to be the most talented director on the scene, and still the party rages on. Yep, Axel Braun, exclusive contract director for New Sensations/Digital Sin, took home the two most prestigious prizes at last week's NINFA Awards Show, the ceremony held during the 12th International Erotic Film Festival of Barcelona. In a competition that had him against the likes of Paul Thomas, Frank Thring, Mario Salieri, and Spain's own Narcis Bosch, Braun was awarded for Best Director. His dark and edgy masterpiece, Compulsion, won for Best Film.

“I am so fucking happy!” says Braun, who could not attend the European Show due to his demanding shooting schedule. “Last time I was at the show in Barcelona I had to pick up an award for Patrick Collins, who fell asleep during the ceremony, and I've had it ever since... it's great to actually have one with my name on it!” … This news comes just days after the announcement that Braun is nominated for three honors at the Venus Awards Show in Berlin, competing against himself in the Best Film category for Compulsion and Anal Retentive. He is also nominated in the category of Best Director.

Axel Braun’s movies are available on VHS and DVD at www.NewSensations.com and www.DigitalSinDVD.com.


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