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November 10, 2004

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" Crazy doesn' t know crazy' s crazy.'

- Confucius? or confusing?

Anthony Shaw Slams Gauge; Bobby's Back!; COLT Studios' "BuckleRoos, Part 1"; Franko's First Nude.


ANTHONY SHAW SLAMS GAUGE: Gay porn god Anthony Shaw had the audience in the palm of his hand when it came to his recent appearance at Micky' s Cocktails with the Stars - and why shouldn' t he? He' s been around forever, but hardly ever makes the rounds. It was a rare treat for fans to meet and greet with him and he was the most polite, gentlemanly soul that bar has seen in quite some time. He had nothing but kind words to say about everyone he' s ever worked with in the blue movie world? everyone, that is, except muscle hunk Gauge!

Shaw once performed in an amateur wrestling video with Gauge where, before the shoot, his rough and tumble scene partner referred to gay people in general as " those AIDS faggots.' Of course as soon as Shaw said he took offense and that he was gay, Gauge used the wrestling shoot as an outlet for some bottled hostility.

Thus, it was the first and last wrestling video you' ll ever see with Anthony Shaw.


BOBBY' S BACK!: I' m pleased to announce that former columnist Bobby Brennan is back in front of the cameras again and will be back with a new column as of this Friday. Brennan is back with Forest Entertainment for all bookings and is said to be shooting a few projects as soon as the next couple of weeks. It' s good to have you back, old pal! And hotter than ever, at that! Look at that shaved head! My, how our little Bobby has grown.


COLT STUDIOS' " BUCKLEROOS, PART 1' : The long-awaited and much hyped BuckleRoos has finally arrived from COLT Studios and it' s a 2-Disc DVD set, with part one being, what I' m going to assume is merely a follow-up for a lot of the hotter action to follow. It' s a grand piece and I mean that in every sense of the word. It' s obviously very high budget. Everything from the sets to the costumes are akin to the wild west and they' re all very realistic.

Dean Phoenix and Josh Hardman kick off the sex action in an attic romp that makes us all thankful Dean has made a comeback to porn, but leaves us panting for more. (I believe we get that in abundance in part two.) Phoenix has lost a lot of his muscle and his hair is overgrown (maybe for the part?), but he' s still at the top of his game, so to speak, when it comes to pounding Josh Hardman who looks like he' s having so much fun.

It can' t compete with the movie' s greatest sex scene though that follows, as hick Marcus Iron is pulled over by state trooper Todd Maxwell. They share a smoke back and forth before the trooper decides to let Iron off by getting him off. He starts to suck his dick and in a turn of the tables, Iron quickly becomes the dominating force no matter what the uniforms. He takes the cop' s nightstick and makes him suck on it and take it up his ass before he uses his own super thick cock to bring all our highway patrol fantasies to life.

In a highly unimaginative move the next scene is set pretty much where the last was - in a truck, out in the open of nature. But this time it' s a three-way between Brad Benton, Diego LaHoya and Owen Hawk. Each of them get a turn to top and bottom and there' s plenty of sucking and rimming action beforehand to please any overachiever. It' s the longest scene in the movie.

Arpad Miklos and Ricky Martinez do the dirty at home, but not together. They suck themselves off and bust on their own faces! The intensity and heat of the scene can' t match what should be a climactic pool table orgy between Jake Andrews, Edu Boxer, Mike Dasher, Chris Wide and Sam Shadon. They' re all enjoying themselves enough, but we get to see Marcus Iron and Dean Phoenix sitting on the sidelines watching them the entire time - and one can' t help but wish they' d avert the cameras from the orgy to the two drop dead gorgeous pros more often, even if they only have their dick in their hands.

Look for BuckleRoos, Part Two to be reviewed in the coming days!

COLT Studios' BuckleRoos is now available on VHS and DVD at www.COLTStudios.com.



FRANKO' S FIRST NUDE: I believe I' m the first gay porn gossip columnist to grab ahold of Franko Del Torro' s first ever nude photo! This is the stud whose brother is straight porn superstar Voodoo. Del Torro is following in big brother' s footsteps and has been banging chicks left and right, being booked through Erotic Star Models. If he isn' t just the spitting image of his brother! And I don' t just mean in the face, if you know what I mean.

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