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November 18, 2003

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“It is fatal for anyone who writes to think of their sex. It is fatal to be a man or woman pure and simple; one must be woman-manly or man-womanly.”

- One of my favorite writers, Virginia Woolf.

Billy's Back in Town; Rod Barry Wants You for His Birthday; Kyle Kennedy Now "Former" Rascal Exclusive; Jason Ridge - Life After 3 New Movies?



BILLY’S BACK IN TOWN: It seems hardly a week goes by if not a whole entire day that we don’t run a News Desk with Billy Brandt as our top story these days, but the sun does shine just a little bit brighter on West Hollywood when we all know the crowned prince of gay porn is in town. Brandt, donning his best brace and harness for his recently broken collarbone, (can you not just see this boy becoming the porn version of Liza Minnelli?) has now returned to town for some warm weather, rest and relaxation, and to promote his new movies. “It’s getting very chilly in Mississippi and he’s been living on a farm in Raymond,” says the super star’s manager, David Forest. “He’s found that he has much less pain with warmer weather.”

Billy will be promoting the release of his first gay XXX feature in a year and a half, Down to Earth, from GAI Studios, which goes into stores nationwide this week, as well as his sexy documentary, Totally Billy, from director and former flame Faye Dubois. I get Billy all to myself for two consecutive nights this week while the stud is on his L.A. promo blitz. First, he’ll make a brief appearance at this Thursday night’s Cocktails with the Stars at club Micky’s in West Hollywood to say hello to his fans, sign some autographs, and giveaway some movies along with featured guests Bobby Brennan, Gino Romano and Kyle Kennedy. Then, this Friday night from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm (PT), the world will hear an exclusive live interview with Brandt on The Young & the Curious. Brandt has agreed to make this his “Barbara Walters interview special” opening up on anything and everything in his personal and professional lives. Totally Billy director Faye Dubois will also be making a very rare, special appearance on the show. The audio portion of the show can be heard free via www.KSEXradio.com, while members of JasonCurious.com get the bonus of seeing all the live in-studio action and can watch the show again and again in the archives.

The last time Billy did Y&C, he chased me around the studio, picked me up over his shoulders, threw me onto the couch, ripped off my clothes, and started going down on me as the first person to have ever gotten me naked on camera! Those pics are still circulating somewhere in his and my Yahoo! fan groups. … Heaven knows what will happen this Friday!



ROD BARRY WANTS YOU FOR HIS BIRTHDAY: On Saturday, December 6th, gay porn legend Rod Barry will be throwing his birthday bash at Burbon Street in San Diego, California. What does the boy want on his big day more than anything else? For you to join him! That’s right, the party’s open to the public this year and knowing Rod, he’ll probably wind up in his “birthday” suit and get some “birthday” spankings before the night’s end! Look for him to arrive at the bar around 9:00 pm.



KYLE KENNEDY NOW A “FORMER” RASCAL EXCLUSIVE: After four years and nine movies, Kyle Kennedy has opted not to resign his exclusive contract with Chi Chi LaRue and Rascal Video. His final appearance for the company will be the prestigious honor of serving as one of the cover boys for next year’s Adam Gay Film Directory.

After that, Kennedy’s a free man. Well, not totally free. He’s already been snatched up by Forest Entertainment where the aforementioned David Forest will now be managing his gay XXX career and booking all of the star’s video, print, and live appearances. The Forest office has already set him to star in the upcoming Ken Ryker film from director Michael Zen, Ryker’s Ranch, which begins shooting in early December. Kennedy will appear in two sex scenes of the film, one of which will be with the super-schlonged Ryker himself.

And as mentioned earlier, Kyle Kennedy will appear this Thursday, November 20th at Micky's for Cocktails with the Stars where Bobby Brennan, Gino Romano and Billy Brandt will also be featured.



JASON RIDGE – LIFE AFTER 3 NEW MOVIES?: Former Red Devil Entertainment exclusive, Jason Ridge, is heading back to Chicago after shooting his first three movies out of contract: Falcon’s Getting it Straight with Maxx Diesel, Jet Set’s Carnal Haze with Grant, and Unzipped’s In Bed with Tod Parker. Ridge has been telling his close friends that he’s done with the business, which would explain why his official web site is now no longer in operation. Hopefully, the windy city will provide the hottie with some much needed time away from the sex pool and when it comes time for award nominations early next year, he’ll be refreshed and ready to make a return. On the other hand, Jason Ridge’s ultimate goal as he once told me has always been to become a mainstream actor. Maybe he’s finally looking to pursue it full time. Although if that’s the case, why not stay in Los Angeles?


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