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December 7, 2004

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?Do I think that Alexander was bisexual? Absolutely. You know, don?t sue Oliver Stone. Don?t sue Moritz Borman. I say, yes -- sue me. And try to tell me there?s something wrong with it. And try to tell me how the fuck, excuse my French, you?re gonna prove physically that this man wasn?t. Get out of your bigoted frame of thinking and just see that it was a beautiful thing and, if anything, we have de-gressed, we have de-evolved because of our ability to judge. Why is it even a big deal? Just go and see the movie.?

- Colin Ferrell talks to the ladies of ?The View.

Mark Dalton - Down But Not Out; Carlos Morales - "Tod Parker Was Lame!"; Bel Ami Entertainment's "Pretty Boy"; Falcon Shooting the Big One in L.A. This Week.


MARK DALTON - DOWN BUT NOT OUT:Forest Entertainment was contacted late last week by the father of Mark Dalton , the gay porn phenomenon currently behind bars for violating his parole and pending charges on domestic violence and possession of a controlled substance. Dalton reportedly told his dad to let his agent, David Forest, and all industry insiders know that he ?would be out sooner than later? and is hoping his fans will begin writing to him in jail: Jeremy Sons 87129, 127 N. Woodrow, Denton, TX 76205.

Though Mark has been sentenced to five years in the Texas Department of Corrections, he?s recently hired a new attorney who has filed a motion for reconsideration of evidence in the assault charge against his girlfriend (which was the cause of his probation being revoked and the five year sentence.) ?Texas State law clearly permits the use of defense when defending one?s property,? says Forest. ?Mark and his girlfriend both contend that he was only trying to have the gal leave his home and was not trying to hurt her in the events of last April.?

Mark?s reconsideration hearing, which is open to the public, will be held on December 16 at 1pm in Denton, TX. Mark would love as much ?support? as he can get and hopes you?ll attend the hearing if you're in the area that day. ?Mark says that he fully intends on resuming his career as soon as he possibly can,? says Forest, ?and wishes everyone a very healthy and happy holiday season.?


CARLOS MORALES - ?TOD PARKER WAS LAME!?: We mentioned last week how hot the COLT movie Couples is that Carlos Morales is selling in his online store, but we had no idea what went down behind the scenes! ?My scene was with Tod Parker, directed by John Rutherford,? says Morales. ?Manfred Speer, the talent coordinator, was also there and took me to the gym and showed me how to work out like a pro, like I didn?t know how to, but I did learn some good tricks from him. Tod Parker was lame and very self-conscious and weird, and the sex wasn?t that hot. I did like when he was sucking my dick, but wouldn?t open his mouth big and I started ramming it in as he gagged. He wanted to stop because he didn?t want to do it and John kept saying ?Don't Stop! Don't Stop!? That was fun.? ? That?s reason enough to me. Buy the film!


BEL AMI ENTERTAINMENT?S ?PRETTY BOY?: No one quite captures the all-American pretty boy like the foreigners. This time around Bel Ami?s stable of euro-studs is directed by George Duroy - and what a stable he has to offer! With their dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, full lips and perfect physiques how could these young boys keep their mitts off each other?

In Pretty Boy, a group of studs decide to see if they have what it takes to be male models and in the interim, wind up licking, sucking and fucking with everyone from their fellow pin-ups to the photographers. The action is shot with a soft lens and a beautiful glow, making the whole thing seem like a hardcore sex version of an MTV music video. Each scene is enriched with chemistry and hot poundings, but the real reason we?re watching is the final flip-flop between box cover boys Matt Phillipe and Josh Elliot; a scene that climaxes with Phillipe shooting four loads and Elliot shooting two before the action?s end. Pretty indeed!

Bel Ami Entertainment?s Pretty Boy, also starring Mark Aubrey, Sven Olafsson, Kiefer Sullivan and Marc Vidal is now available on VHS and DVD at www.BelAmiOnline.com .



FALCON SHOOTING THE BIG ONE IN L.A. THIS WEEK: The entire family of stars over at Falcon Studios is in the Los Angeles area this week, shooting their biggest movie of the year, Heaven to Hell. The movie will feature each and every current Falcon exclusive including Matthew Rush and will be directed by Chi Chi LaRue with the legendary Max Phillips doing videography. And it?s shooting at pornstress Kylie Ireland?s house! If she doesn?t work herself in a non-sex?

This Week:

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