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December 9, 2004

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?If you vote for Bush, you?re not becoming like God.?

- So said Madonna a couple months back. And now Rabbi Berg?s new Kabbalah book, ?Becoming Like God? is on the bestseller list.

The Return of Lee Walbash; FHM Crowns Jenna Jameson Top Author of 2004; Pacific Sun Entertainment's "Collision Course: The Big Blow"; Cody Cash, Shane Rollins, Bobby Brennan & Chet White at "Cocktails" Tonight.



THE RETURN OF LEE WALBASH: It looks like my all-time favorite gay porn twink, Lee Walbash, is set to make his first on screen appearance in three years. Walbash will perform in the Rad Video?s California Gold 2, the sequel to the chart topping video in which he made his XXX debut. Walbash performed in only a couple of movies before retreating back home, the best of which was a scene opposite Jason Sizemore in Pacific Sun Entertainment?s Sunny Delights. Sizemore spent a lot of time with Walbash behind the scenes and once told me that he felt Walbash was the most ?sexually confused? person he?d ever met. He claimed to be straight, yet enjoyed Sizemore?s sizely member up inside of him and before bowing out of the biz managed to perform in a trannie movie.

Labels, schmabels! Let the boy stick it in whatever the hell he wants, just capture it on camera. Can?t wait to see him back in action!


FHM CROWNS JENNA JAMESON TOP AUTHOR OF 2004: The popular mainstream magazine, FHM, has proclaimed Jenna Jameson as the Top Author of 2004 in their upcoming January issue. ?Until recently her body of work was stashed under your mattress or in a computer folder titled ?Boring College Term Papers,? now she?s on your coffee table next to Chaucer,? quipped the popular men?s magazine. Noting that Jameson?s book How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale, has been reprinted seven times and placed her alongside the likes of Bob Woodward on The New York Times best seller list this year, the magazine says of others on the best-selling list that: ?They can write sort of OK, but none of them have ever received a pile-driving from Rocco Siffredi. Jenna Jameson has.? Jameson told FHM that she was happy with the book?s success. ?I wanted to write the best book possible; it just happened to do well. Now, people take me more seriously. I don?t know if they should ? but they do.?


PACIFIC SUN ENTERTAINMENT?S ?COLLISION COURSE: THE BIG BLOW?: Director Csaba Borbely loves his men in uniform -- whether they be jocks or sergeants, Borbely uses any excuse to make a ?themed? movie for Pacific Sun Entertainment . This time around the theme is boxing and the movie is Collision Course: The Big Blow.

Borbely?s pack of euro-studs are always so hot that it?s hard to pass a movie of his by, so allow me to be of service in saying that if there?s one you can?t afford this year, count out Collision. Not that it?s a bad movie! It?s just the worst of what Borbely has put out this year -- which basically means it?s a B+ instead of an A+. The beautiful people are all there, but the chemistry is lacking the intensity we?ve come to know from the director. And the most disappointing factor is that the three box cover studs Fredy Costa, Gerardo Cortez and Julien Salieri, don?t perform any actual hardcore sex acts. They merely do solo jack-offs while standing next to each other. However, if history is to repeat itself, Collision will have a part two and perhaps therein one of the boys will take the next step towards gay porndom.

In the meantime, stick with Bang of Brothers, Borbely?s last real heart stopper.

Pacific Sun Entertainment?s Collision Course: The Big Blow, also starring Carlos Baxter, Kevin Cage, Billy Camino, Adriano Lazzari, Ted Colunga and Lucio Maverick is now available on VHS and DVD at www.GayMagix.com .



CODY CASH, SHANE ROLLINS, BOBBY BRENNAN & CHET WHITE AT ?COCKTAILS? TONIGHT: Tonight will mark one of the biggest night?s Cocktails with the Stars has seen all year at Micky?s in West Hollywood, CA, featuring more gay pornsters than any night so far this year as Cody Cash (pictured here), Shane Rollins, Bobby Brennan and Chet White come out to celebrate their manager/agent David Forest?s birthday. And those are just the porn stars on stage! It?ll also mark my return to Cocktails for the first time in three weeks, the longest I?ve been gone as host since I took up the duty in 2002. And note the new time change! Cocktails is now from 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm. See you there!

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