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September 7, 2004

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“Spooning leads to forking!”

- Charo, “The Surreal Life” on VH-1.

Vicky Vette Tells All; Cal Jackson Back & Buff; Adam & Eve's "Titty-Titty Bang Bang"; Bobby Brennan Checks In.


VICKY VETTE TELLS ALL: I simply adore a good recovery story! It seems column favorite Vicky Vette revealed to The Sports Swami on Cyberstation USA’s Money Shots & Body Shots last week in a taped interview that she’s a former alkie! Vette recalled an instance where she went on a binge that lasted for four days until she was literally convulsing that climaxed in her sitting at the kitchen table with a knife in front of her, trying to decide how best to cut her jugular. According to her story, she listened to a voice in the back of her head, opened the Yellow Pages and it just happened to open to the Alcoholics Anonymous page. She hasn’t touched a drop since.

Vicky Vette was recently featured on the cover of AVN Magazine and at 39 years young is Hustler’s ‘Beaver of the Year’ beating out a slew of twenty-somethings in her path to porn superstardom!


CAL JACKSON BACK & BUFF: While his boyfriend Nick Thomas may be taking some time out of porn to grab his Masters in December, gay pornster Cal Jackson is hot on the trail of coming back to Los Angeles and shooting some more scenes. “I took a little break from the industry to put more size on to look better on film. I was 175 in my last film and now I am up to 200,” he says. Here’s the most recent photo of Cal for those of you out there interested in booking him on your next project… or for your own living room! More on him at www.caljackson.com.



ADAM & EVE’S “TITTY-TITTY BANG BANG”: No one knows how to throw together a good compilation tape these days like Adam & Eve, masters of “the couple’s video.” Their latest, Titty-Titty Bang Bang, is marketed towards fans of well-endowed women who here give ten bouncy scenes over two big jiggly hours, featuring the likes of Madison Day, Asia Carrera, Keri Windsor, Zana and more.

The title says it all and the move delivers the goods with plenty of titty-fucking, breasts drenched in semen, bouncy boobs and nipple play -- but moreover, what makes it a winner is that the fuck scenes are some of the best of these girls careers as well. In particular, Keri Windsor gets wild with John West and Meridian takes on Peter North, Julian St. Jox and Paul Cox in a scorching three-way.

Fans of boobage, this one is not to be missed!

Adam & Eve’s Titty-Titty Bang Bang, also starring Charlie, Dante, Joey Ray, Brick Majors, Aja, Dakota, Tyce Bune, Anita Cannibal, Ian Daniels, Bernadette, Valentino and Nick Manning is now available on VHS and DVD at www.adameve.com.





BOBBY BRENNAN CHECKS IN: It’s good to see familiar faces! Here’s the latest in our mail bag from former columnist and gay XXX porn sensation, Bobby Brennan:

Hey, J! Wanted to let you know I’m working on shooting my own movie right now. It is almost like a Sim City beginning, with a nice pimp ass colorful effect with placed marketing all through out Southern Cali and in Baltimore… on the plane, in the bathroom, on the lawn late at night in Washington D.C., in TGIF restaurant where I whipped it out...lol

It is titled, “EXTREME PORN” and it‘s kinda like “JACK ASS” but porn. I should be done editing in December ready for release to the public. I am going for the Mark Dalton look or Brad Pitt but bigger. I am in weight training and body building these days.

I also get double fucked in the movie, dildo of course. It is huge!

Other than that, I’m in college at Mesa, I am taking pre algebra, and in classes for Microsoft, and I am slowly working towards my real estate license.

They like my body for a straight video with metro-interactive and I am going to be in casting soon with them or that is what director said. Hope the site is going well and Cocktails. I will stop in when I am ready and all built up… for people to not even recognize me… lol

talk to you soon..
hope all is well buddy..

Bobby Brennan


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