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February 2, 2005

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?If you want to say it with flowers, remember that a single rose screams in your face: ?I?m cheap!??

- Designing woman, Delta Burke.

Vicky Vette #1 on Camz Network; Rick Patrick Says "I'm Single"; Sin City's "Undertow"; Skye Blue to Close Studio.



VICKY VETTE #1 ON CAMZ NETWORK: Late last year we announced Vicky Vette as the #1 porn star of JasonCurious.com, her photos and video being hit up by our visitors more often than any other female! Now her live cam network is spouting her popularity as well. Camz.com has confirmed that of their hundreds of live feeds, porn superstar Vicky Vette is the most watched solo show on their networks. Vicky performs her shows weekly, sometimes more, at her official web site, VickyatHome.com, via the Camz Network. Members of VickyatHome.com also gain access to Camz.com's hundreds of other feeds, covering the full gamut of niches, providing something for everyone.

?We are very excited to have Vicky on the network,? says Daniel Hogue, co-founder and CFO of Camz.com. ?She is truly a gal who love to do live shows and does it for no other reason then she really gets off on them. That comes through to the members who watch and they appreciate and are extremely satisfied by her shows.?

Vicky's web site, updated daily, was built and is maintained by the award-winning star herself, bringing you as close to her as possible.


RICK PATRICK SAYS ?I?M SINGLE?: The rumors stop here. While Rick Patrick may no longer be dating either Tawny Roberts (pictured here) or Savanna Samson, he is definitely not settling down anytime soon with Austin Kincaid. When I asked the stud if he and Austin would appear on my radio show he said, ?Absolutely! It?s not a couple?s show though, is it? I want to make it clear that we?re not in any way a couple, just very good friends.? And there you have that. Rest comfortably.


SIN CITY?S ?UNDERTOW?: I love everything director Francois Clousot is putting out for Sin City these days, the latest of which is an epic called Undertow, starring the company?s three exclusives in the same movie, Hannah Harper, Shay Sweet and Aurora Snow. Unfortunately, they are not captured in the same scenes.

Still, Clousot has a real knack for capturing down and dirty sex acts at their most glamorous and glistening. The first scene out of the bag between Shay Sweet and Tory Lane is permissible and full of chemistry, rare for a girl/girl scene, but it?s the follow up with Shay and Billy Glide that really turns up the heat. Sweet clearly loves having both her mouth and filled by such a big cock, much moreso than she does having her clit slapped by a chick.

Another scene where the guy seems to know just what the girl wants is Evan Stone?s romp with Aurora Snow. It should be an instructional video on how to eat a girl out properly. That is, before it gets crazy! Stone eventually shoves four fingers inside her twat a thumb up her ass, only to shove his entire fist in her mouth and make her taste all her juices. It?s hotter than the actual sex. (Aurora has another scene at the end of the movie with Steven St. Croix that is nearly forgettable -- just another day in the ass.)

The pairing of Hannah Harper and Dale Dabone is worth it alone just to see two of the most drop dead gorgeous people in the biz get it on, much less Harper?s awesome ass-to-mouths on Dabone?s boner. And of course, Clousot loves to wrap up a movie with a double penetration, but like his last sexvid that ended this way, the actual DP action between Shayna Night, Anthony Hardwood and John West is only about two minutes long, if that -- and not quite enough for the grand finale.

It can?t be denied though that this is the Sin City exclusives captured at their best. He does know how to pull the ultimate from his performers!

Sin City?s Undertow is now available on VHS and DVD at www.SinCity.com.



SKYE BLUE TO CLOSE STUDIO: It seems director Skye Blue is shutting down her studio and relocating to an actual residence, a new 30-acre ranch in fact, where her own and other?s adult movies can be filmed. The former XXX star herself says the studio space was no longer profitable. ?The closing of adult studios reflect more of where our industry is headed now,? she told AVN.com yesterday. ?With gonzo shoots requiring less and less elaborate sets, and opting for the easy solution of residential rentals with natural light as well as the increasing popularity of exterior shots in films, Digital Blue?s full service studio, where we provided set construction, a prop shop, costumes and other production assets, was simply becoming less and less cost effective.?

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