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May 19 , 2003


“I had to keep asking the guys to leave the room. Then, I’d yell out, ‘Okay, come back in here,’ so they could shoot the scene.”

- Mark Dalton discusses the solo shoot that started it all with DNA magazine.

Mark Dalton - Gay Porn's Next Phenomenon; Steamed Over Brad Rock Box Cover; Adam & Eve's "Free Ride"; Gene Sees Stormy Weather for Jenna's Marriage.



MARK DALTON – GAY PORN’S NEXT PHENOMENON: The folks down under are getting a taste of Mark Dalton this month, as the star appears on the cover of Australia’s DNA magazine. Included in the piece is Dalton’s most revealing interview to date, as he goes back to his roots and discusses how a flop attempt at modeling in New York led to humble beginnings as a stripper in Dallas and eventually becoming what DNA calls, “an adult entertainment phenomenon.” And they aren’t the only ones singing Dalton’s praises. At an after party for this year’s GayVN’s, industry impresario and award-winning director, Chi Chi LaRue, admitted an undeniable infatuation for the super star. “His name is selling movies, he’s Men’s magazine’s Man of the Year, and he hasn’t done anything but jack off on camera,” says LaRue. “That’s phenomenal.” Dalton is even nominated for Best Newcomer and Best Solo Scene (Prick Tease, Pacific Sun) at The Grabby Awards this weekend.

While Dalton may currently be billed as a Pacific Sun exclusive, my spies tell me that the hunk has his sights set elsewhere for the future. In fact, I’m told that Mark Dalton, now represented by Forest Entertainment, is currently considering his first hardcore sex scene, but if and when he does, it will be for his own video label or his own web site, www.markdaltonxxx.com. Brains and brawn – it’s a rare combination.

“I wouldn’t say I’m gay or bi, neither top nor bottom,” Dalton tells DNA. “I’m whatever you want me to be.” Spoken like the quintessential porn idol… which Mark Dalton certainly has the potential to become.






STEAMED OVER BRAD ROCK BOX COVER: Chances are, someone’s steamed over Brad Rock being featured on the cover of the All Worlds new release, Sand Gods. Rock, who up till now has practically been a Blue Blake exclusive for all of his XXX work, has begged Big Blue not to use his image on any box covers due to a blossoming boxing career, not to mention his heterosexual lifestyle beyond the camera. Blue, of course, granted Rock’s request with his first hardcore feature, Hard as Rock, despite the stud’s selling power from various solo work. Alas, Rock isn’t receiving the same treatment from All Worlds, who display his photo prominently on the box for Sand Gods. What’s worse? The scene is Rock’s most lackluster to date.



ADAM & EVE’S “FREE RIDE”: Originally shot as a sequel to Adam & Eve’s blockbuster hit, The Hitchhiker, director Bud Lee helms Free Ride as a starring vehicle for Asia Carrera. The movie gives Carrera another chance at exercising not only her body, but her acting chops, as she portrays a mysterious hitchhiker who changes the lives of everyone who picks her up. It’s a sexed up, modern-day retelling of the old urban legend that delivers more sex than spooks, with Carrera in three of the movies five sex scenes. And it’s a good thing. The rest of the cast leaves a lot to be desired. Though some of the supporting cast, which includes Shaena Steele, Randy Spears, Dee, Mia Smiles, Flick Shagwell, Wendy Devine, and Steven St. Croix, may be industry favorites, Lee fails to capture the standard of performances we’ve come to expect from both them and Adam & Eve.

Still, any fan of Asia Carrera’s will be delighted. She steals romp after romp and thanks to intelligent editing, most of the attention is focused on her. The feature also screams “couple’s movie,” as only Adam & Eve can, and is definitely one that any Carrera fan will want to bring home to their lover.

The DVD features a hot photo gallery, as well as a nearly hour-long insightful and sexy “making of” reel, plus a bonus sex scene from another Adam & Eve winner, Guilty as Sin, featuring Kayleen and Dillion Day.

Free Ride is now available on VHS and DVD at www.adameve.com.






GENE SEES STORMY WEATHER FOR JENNA’S MARRIAGE: You’ve got to check out Gene Ross’s column at www.therealgeneross.com and read up on what he and his spirit guides have to say about the future of Jenna Jameson. After her appearance on Howard Stern last week, in which the disc jockey insisted her planned heterosexual marriage would never last due to her love of women, Ross decided to take matters into his own hands and consult the cards. I’ve been reading tarot cards for years, but never thought to incorporate it into my work in adult entertainment. Only Gene Ross, kids… only Gene Ross!


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