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June 16 , 2003


“An unexamined life is not worth living.”

- Words of Socrates.

Ashton Moore to Make Boy/Girl Debut; Kirk Kelly's Heartbreak; Falcon Studios' "Alone With - Volume 5"; Mark Dalton Site Back Up and Running.



ASHTON MOORE TO MAKE BOY/GIRL DEBUT: Jill Kelly Productions exclusive, Ashton Moore, who up to now has been seen sexing it up only with girls on camera, will take her first step into man territory next month in what promises to be her biggest feature to date. Moore tells me the movie is tentatively titled Erotic Focus, with an alternate title of Picture Perfect, and will be helmed by writer/director, Cash Markman.

Moore has always teased that she would someday take a cock on camera, though after years in the biz, no one has ever expected her to actually come through with the goods. Now the JKP contract performer is happy to say she’ll be doing it all and having a ball come mid-July.



KIRK KELLY’S HEARTBREAK: Twink pornster, Kirk Kelly, showed up at Micky’s Cocktails with the Stars last Thursday night, adorably drunk off his ass. “This is the third night in a row and I never get drunk,” he told me. “My boyfriend of nine months dumped me three days ago.” If that’s not bad enough, the way in which he did it is all too painful and embarrassing to even go into. Kirk, if nothing else, you must know you’re bound to find someone new out there in West Hollywood. Especially if you keep drinking like this! Not that I’m one to promote that sort of thing, but it does make you cute as a button.



FALCON STUDIOS’ “ALONE WITH - VOLUME 5”: Falcon Studios’ famous jack-off line, Alone With, is back again, this time with the now-retired company exclusive, Jeremy Penn, headlining what is undoubtedly the series’ sexiest star lineup to date. This is probably one of the last performances we’ll see from Penn, and while one does wish that director, Max Phillips, would have gotten more shots of his perfect ass while he’s bent over there for a time, Penn does turn in a stellar solo performance and one perfect cum shot up to the shoulders.

The real show stopper here, however, is fellow Falcon exclusive, Andrew Phillips. With his perfect jock frame and cock, thick as all hell, Phillips gives off the energy of the straight boy next door who doesn’t mind jerking off to some porn at your place. While Penn may take star billing, it’s Phillips who delivers the hottest j/o of them all.

Falcon’s Alone With - Volume 5, also stars Jacob Hall, Antonio Majors, Ross Stuart, Jason York, Cassidy Stone, and Braeden Casey, and is now available on VHS at www.falconstudios.com





MARK DALTON SITE BACK UP AND RUNNING: When you get a minute, you might want to revisit the official web page of everyone’s Man of the Year, Mark Dalton. The site was recently revamped with a live webcam (there’s a scheduled show every Tuesday night at 9:00 pm, Central Time), dozens of exclusive home videos, and candid snapshots of Dalton in the shower, in the bedroom, at the gym, performing at strip clubs, and anywhere else you can think of! There’s one video in particular where Dalton, lying on a bed, rolls over on his side, spreads his ass, and pushes his cock under him, pressing his own head up against his hole. It’s hot as fuck – and certainly more than we ever saw him do when under contract to Pacific Sun Entertainment. I have a feeling now that the contract is “over,” we’ll be seeing Mark Dalton do a lot more than we’re used to at www.markdaltonxxx.com.  


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