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August 4, 2004

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“This life isn't bad… for a first draft.”

- Journalist Joan Konner

Bret Wolfe's "Anatomy" On Stage in Chicago; Out with the New at Falcon; Unzipped Video's "[2] The Movie"; Forest Men Out on the Town.


BRET WOLFE’S “ANATOMY” ON STAGE IN CHICAGO: It’s all about the acting for gay porn superstar Bret Wolfe these days. Last week, Wolfe was in West Hollywood, California, shooting one of the leads in Jet Set/NakedSword.com's forthcoming gay soap opera, Wet Palms. Wolfe plays the manager of “Wet Palms,” a West Hollywood complex where the rent is low and the drama is high. Wolfe has so far signed to star in the first three episodes, the second of which features him in a sex scene opposite Jet Set Exclusive Paolo Cortez.

Wet Palms will begin weekly airings on its official web site, www.WetPalms.com, September 9th with the first three episodes scheduled for a VHS and DVD release on October 11th. A softcore version of Wet Palms will also be shopped to several mainstream gay cable outlets.

Wolfe has now returned to his home in Chicago, Illinois just in time to wrap dress rehearsals on his supporting role in the world premiere stage production of Anatomy of Revenge. The play, written by Michael Rougas and directed by David Zak, will run August 9th through September 12th at The Bailiwick Theatre, located at 1229 W. Belmont in Chicago.

“The play is based on a true story of a gentleman who is living on the edge in Los Angeles and playing a dangerous game of picking up certain gentleman he shouldn't be looking for,” explains director, David Zak, “and one of the people he finds is Bret’s character, Vinny, a real bad boy. It's a departure for Bret because he's such a nice guy in real life. This character is so different from his image, but he came in and just nailed the part during auditions. He does have that street quality and that authenticity; he's lived a life and has had lots of experiences so there's a certain truth and reality to what he's doing on stage. And people really love seeing him up there! I think he's going to go far.”

For tickets to see Bret Wolfe in Anatomy of Revenge, call 773-883-1090.

Bret Wolfe holds the adult video industry's record for having won the most awards in a performer's debut year. He was recently heard live on The Howard Stern Show, as one of the only gay adult performers in history to be featured on the show, as well as being seen on the E! Entertainment Television series. Aside from his career as an adult video performer and actor, he's also a writer, penning a monthly column exclusively for JasonCurious.com, Wolfe Bytes, which can be seen on the last Monday of each month along with a new photo gallery of the porn superstar in action. Bret Wolfe’s official web site is at www.BretWolfe.com.


OUT WITH THE NEW AT FALCON: Falcon’s contracts on some of its hottest exclusives seems to be expiring left and right. Long-time exclusive Tommy Brandt has now found a new home at Studio 2000, Maxx Diesel (pictured here) is shooting for other studios including appearances in tranny flicks and Barrett Long, who hasn’t even been with the studio a full year, is said to be next on their list. Falcon, of course, has their reasons for not resigning each stud respectively -- some were overshot, some wanted too much money. But in the meantime, it’s out with the new and in with the new at Falcon Studios where they’re always on the search for the next big thing, recently having signed real-life brothers Jason Adonis and Tristan Adonis to their roster. The brothers will make their debut in Taking Flight, due out next month.



UNZIPPED VIDEO’S “[2] THE MOVIE”: The release of [2] The Movie marked something more important than the video version of the famous magazine. It also introduced us to a new company on the scene that, with its use of the hottest boys in the business and director Chi Chi LaRue, were clearly shouting from the rooftops that they’re looking to become the next major player in the gay XXX video scene. So far? So good for Unzipped Video.

Opening the movie, Jack Ryan pounds Jason Land in a bedroom sequence that looks straight out of the pages of their magazine. This is followed by a hard-hitting sling scene featuring Rob Anthony sticking it to Adam Wolfe where the action is super-hot, but limited to one position. (I guess there’s only so much you can do on a sling.) It’s Sam Tyson’s scene with Rob Anthony that stands out as super hot -- probably the best ass shots of Tyson’s career to date with Anthony spending his precious time licking and spreading his pink pucker wide for the camera. The only disappointment is that the actual sex footage is minimal. But Rob Romoni and Trey Alimore make up for that in the grand finale, a flip-flop scene that seems to go on for days and still you’ll be panting for more. Their chemistry and the footage LaRue captures makes it the highlight of the movie.

[2] The Movie is a great first effort from a company that promises we’ll be seeing more of them in the future.

Unzipped Video’s [2] The Movie is now available on VHS and DVD at www.Channel1Releasing.com.




FOREST MEN OUT ON THE TOWN: Christian Owen (pictured here) is resurfacing! Though he’s no longer a porn pup, he still likes to hang out with the family and this Friday night he’ll join his former manager/agent David Forest along with Stonie and Dane Brando to take in house seats at the L.A. production of Hairspray, starring Bruce Vilanch. The foursome will stop in on The Young & the Curious this Friday night on their way. Catch them live with yours truly at 6:00 pm (PT).


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