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October 6, 2004

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“I’m sorry I spoke harshly of your vagina this morning, dear.”

- One of many classic lines from John Waters’ new flick, “A Dirty Shame.”

The Return Of Christian Owen; Gino Colbert Cameos In New John Waters Movie; Unzipped Video?s ?Dorm Days?; Kurt Lockwood To Pen For Mixte Magazine



THE RETURN OF CHRISTIAN OWEN: Just two months after his announcing on our site’s weekly live show, The Young & the Curious, his plans to return to adult moviemaking, twink porn sensation Christian Owen is officially back! This past weekend, the star filmed his first scene in over two years for Studio 2000. The yet to be titled feature has Owen topping newcomer Ty Walker; both stars are under exclusive management to Forest Entertainment.

The movie also marks delightful director Mike Donner’s first production for Studio 2000. You can rest assured that it will be one of Owen’s greatest performances to date with Donner at the wheel.


GINO COLBERT CAMEOS IN NEW JOHN WATERS MOVIE: How many mainstream movie cameos will legendary porn director Gino Colbert rack up this year? He’s got another one on his hands with the latest flick from John Waters, A Dirty Shame, starring Johnny Knoxville, Tracy Ulman, Selma Blair and Chris Issak. Look for Colbert at a Sexaholics Annonymous meeting. Where else?



UNZIPPED VIDEO’S “DORM DAYS”: It’s as though it were raining twinks the day Chi Chi LaRue shot Dorm Days for Unzipped Video. It’s all about the slightly built all-American baby-faced boys with big cocks and open holes, and fortunately, unlike many twink fests these days from American studios, Dorm Days features some really beautiful talent.

The movie’s opening scene is certainly one of its most intense, with Dallas Foster and Colby Adams proving that just because they’re young doesn’t mean they’re inexperienced. They’re verbally abusive to each other and Foster opens up Adams ass with reckless abandon. The scene is followed by a three-way between Johnny Law, Caleb Carter and Matthew Matters. The gorgeous and horsehung Matters has never looked more straight out of high school and he takes Carter for a ride doggy style before Law bounces up and down on his massive member. Law provides a nice ending, too, taking a big load on the face!

Dallas Foster returns for another scene with Cameron Daniels, this time as the bottom. This time around there’s lots of spitting action and lots of ass-eating to kissing, with the twinks telling each other to taste their own asses. Foster certainly knows how to talk dirty -- and then proves that he’s not all talk! This is all too quickly followed up by a solo from Holden Grey in which he jacks himself off in front of a mirror, complete with staring at his own spread hole, which she stretches till it’s a major red opening with his fingers.

The movie ends with Josh Carter and Corbin Michaels. Michaels is sleeping naked on the couch, ass in the air, when Carter decides he can’t help himself and must dive into licking his hole. Michaels wakes up, but begs for Carter’s cock inside of him. With no foreplay, the anal action begins with the oral goodies performed between positions. Very hot and innovative on LaRue’s part!

If you’re a twink lover, there’s just no question. Dorm Days is one you’ve got to add to your collection.

Unzipped Video’s Dorm Days is now available on VHS and DVD at www.UnzippedVideo.com.




KURT LOCKWOOD TO PEN FOR MIXTE MAGAZINE: His online diary at his own official web site has gotten such a following, Paris-based mainstream magazine Mixte is going to start featuring straight male porn star Kurt Lockwood’s journal on a regular basis! Lockwood is excited about the opportunity, as well as his upcoming appearance in the mainstream movie, National Lampoon’s Project Redlight. This isn’t the first time Lockwood’s appeared in the rags. Earlier this year he was a featured model in Details magazine.


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