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November 11, 2004

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?Up there on stage, I?m not haunted by people?s opinions of me. I am what I do.?
- Liza Minnelli

Brady Bond's in Town; COLT Studios' "BuckleRoos, Part 2"; Jacob Slader at "Cocktails" Tonight.


BRADY BOND?S IN TOWN: We featured Brady Bond in our Jason?s Discoveries gallery last week, but truth be told, we found him through his manager/agent David Forest, who now tells us that Brady is actually in the Los Angeles area and anxious to work! Brady says he?s only staying through Friday, but I?m hoping he gets a lucrative job offer or two and decides to stay for a while. If you?re in the L.A. area and want to book some time with the stud or if you?re interested in shooting him for your next project, hit up [email protected]. Fast!


COLT STUDIOS? ?BUCKLEROOS, PART 2?: Yesterday I gave a lukewarm review to COLT Studios?BuckleRoos, Part 1, with hopes that part 2 would live up to the hype that the production company has built over the film. Well, I?m pleased (and have been pleased) to say that is indeed the case. COLT saved the best for last, making this second part of the 2-Disc installment hands-down the major reason for buying the movie.

The first scene takes place at a service station where Dean Phoenix and leather biker Dave Angelo get the full works from mechanic Hank Locklear. The scene is intense and the chemistry is on between the three performers as they work up a sweat with lots of spitting in the mouth action between Hank and Dave. And this is the weakest scene in Part 2.

The next scene takes the cake, in my opinion, as not only the best scene in the movie but quite possibly the best scene of the year. It?s innovative, it?s beyond sexy and its gay pornmaking at its finest that comes off as authentic as it gets in this biz. The plot of BuckleRoos sort of surrounds this magic COLT belt buckle that helps you to get more action. (COLT was cool enough to actually include one in their press kit. If you want it, email me at [email protected]. I?m in a giving mood today!) So when two young Bible-toting Mormons played by the adorable pair of Sammy Case and Timmy Thomas show up at cowboy Marcus Iron?s door, Iron uses the powers to make both of them naked and then proceeds to teach them how to have sex with each other. Iron literally coaches the two throughout the entire scene and it?s like watching to experimental teens losing their virginity for the first time. It makes you wonder how much hotter your first experience might have been with a gentle-tongued and a well endowed Marcus Iron by your side instigating the way. Iron, of course, ends up taking over the action (who wouldn?t?) by taking turns plowing both of the boys. Sammy case gets in for a just a couple minutes of hitting Timmy towards the end of the scene, too.

Next up is a toy fest with Andrew Rubio and Ty Hudson. The two take turns shoving dildos up each other?s asses and if you think that the first pair of toys are larger than life, wait till you see the last one. They get bigger and bigger and bigger? again, highly innovative and highly hot off the richter scale!

Owen Hawk returns from Part 1 for the next scene in a jock strap to seduce Jason Kennedy in the locker room after football practice. The two take turns topping and bottoming for each other after a lot of hot oral action. It?s a great scene, but nothing can compare to the grand finale between Marcus Iron and Dean Phoenix. It?s what has been hinted at throughout most of the movie and what we?ve all been waiting for. The ultimate flip-flop between the two as they each take turns fucking each other. How is Dean?s first time bottoming on camera? He?s a trooper! Marcus gives it to him trademark and most of the time Dean either grits and bares it or closes his eyes solemnly and seems to go to his happy place. It?s a great end to what is really a damned near perfect tape.

It should be noted that Zak Spears has a non-sex role throughout the entire movie, popping up sort of like the little paperclip cartoon icon on your computer. He comes off as the finest actor of the bunch and it?s fun to have him there like an emcee, rooting the players to go all the way.

BuckleRoos, Part 1 may very well be one of those movies you have no problem loaning to a friend and never getting back, but Part 2 is something you?ll keep wherever you store your porn and it will stay a part of your collection for a very long time.

COLT Studios? BuckleRoos, Part 2 is now available on VHS and DVD at www.COLTStudio.com.



JACOB SLADER AT ?COCKTAILS? TONIGHT: Come chill with Jacob Slader tonight at Micky?s in West Hollywood during his appearance at Cocktails with the Stars, hosted by yours truly. The gay XXX newcomer will be signing autographs, giving away movies and submitting to a no doubt grilling Q&A session from me live on stage from 6:00 pm ? 8:30 pm. Hope to see you there!

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