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March 3, 2005

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?The quickest way to know someone is to go shopping with them!?

- Marcelene Cox

Tiger Posed For A Comeback; Chi Chi Signs Two New Exclusives; Bel Ami's "Enchanted Forest"; Meet Ben Damon Tonight.



TIGER POSED FOR A COMEBACK: I received the following text message from one of my favorite pornstresses, Miss Brittany Andrews late last Friday evening: ?He?s baaaaack!? Somehow I just knew who she was talking about. The tattooed Tiger, formerly on hiatus from the porn biz and living in Las Vegas, is back and ready to show his stripes again before the cameras. (Constant readers will remember that Tiger was always one of Brittany?s favorite ?slave boys.? We?ve even got a gallery of the mistress fisting him!) In only a matter of hours, I was speaking to the boy with the surfer stud looks by phone. ?I?ve missed you so much!? he laughed, that bubbly personality still firmly in tact. ?I can?t tell you how good it is to be back in town and I am looking better than I ever have. I?d love to get back into XXX moviemaking and I?d love for my first comeback movie to be huge. This time around, I?m looking at getting into both straight and gay porn. I did a lot of bi movies before and I?m ready to try for the crossover.? ? Why not? It seems everyone else is doing it these days, Tiger.

The star who contributed to making movies like Falcon?s Shock, Pacific Sun?s Palmer?s Lust and Tribal Pulse?s Skateboard Sliders such chart-topping successes is now available for print and video work, as well as live appearances. Email me at [email protected] to get in touch with him.


CHI CHI SIGNS TWO NEW EXCLUSIVES: Before they send a press release out to the masses, I wanted my readers to be the first to hear that Chi Chi LaRue?s Rascal Video has signed two -- count them, two! -- new exclusives to their roster of beautiful boys. The first is Tommy Ritter (pictured here), star and box cover stud of their recently released Hole Patrol, and the second is Luca Di Corso who you can catch your first glimpse of this Saturday as a member of JasonCurious.com when he performs a live solo sex show from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (PT) on Live & Raw. They?re big?they?re beautiful? and you?re gonna love ?em!


BEL AMI?S ?ENCHANTED FOREST?: Tell me where the Enchanted Forest, from whence Bel Ami gets the title of its latest film, is located and I?ll gladly be on the next plane there. Hell, just tell me where they find their boys and I?ll roll there in glass. This newest release from the company leaves you panting, gasping, begging for an oxygen tank as the foreign hotties take to the trees for some sensual sex romps under the direction of George Duroy.

The scenes to watch for are the second romp showcasing two of the most flawless looking models to come across Bel Ami?s camera in the past couple of years and the last scene wherein two studs who look eerily like Billy Brandt (the early years) and Christian Owen (on steroids) really get into the ?thick? and become one with nature.

Bel Ami?s Enchanted Forest is now available on VHS and DVD at www.BelAmiOnline.com.



MEET BEN DAMON TONIGHT: Stop by Micky?s in West Hollywood tonight and meet Ben Damon live and in color at Cocktails with the Stars! You know you?ve jacked off to him before. He?s the star of such recent releases as Jet Set?s Parts & Service, Falcon?s Kept and Red Devil?s Straight to Bed -- and he?ll be giving them away tonight to his loyal fan base while signing autographs and getting interviewed by yours truly on stage from 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm. What good is sitting alone in your room? Come! See the porn stars play! Life is a cabaret, ole chum! Come see why Jason?s gay.

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