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April 13, 2005

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?I knew you were too drunk when you started petting people.?

- My webmistress on our drunken evening out together? and thus, my column is late.

Billy Glides Into Distribution; Christian's Return to Video; Sin City's "Harlot"; Kurt Lockwood's Guide to Sex Positions.


BILLY GLIDES INTO DISTRIBUTION: Billy Glide is grinning. Daytime, nighttime, week days, and week nights, Billy Glide is grinning. All the time, grinning like a Cheshire cat. It makes you wonder what secret Glide is hiding or maybe he?s just privately amused that he has accomplished so much in the porn industry, yet still remains almost anonymous.? So reads the press release for Billy Glide?s (pictured here with Alana Evans) distribution deal with Maximum Xposure. I?m confused, since when is Billy Glide ?almost anonymous?? The man?s a fucking super star of the straight male XXX talent pool. Women tell their husbands to pick up movies he?s in. Men seek out his scenes because they know he?s going to bang the living hell out of whoever he?s paired with. Gay men WORSHIP HIM.

Billy Glide?s XXX Adventures , the first product from Billy Glide Productions, is pending release any day now, shot on location in Big Bear. The movie stars Taylor Rain, Nadia Styles, Katie Gold, Venus, Cheyene Collins, Oliver Bone and, of course, Billy himself!

?When I?m not working, you get to look into a piece of my life,? says Glide. ?I invited some friends to Big Bear for snow boarding and let the cameras roll. There are no scripts, no bullshit, it?s all 100% real.?

Anonymous? Hardly. We?ve all known this was coming all along. For more information and a sneak preview trailer, visit www.BillyGlideXXX.com.


CHRISTIAN?S RETURN TO VIDEO: Twink porn sensation Christian Owen will be appearing in his first gay XXX scene in over two years when Studio 2000?s In the Jeans hits store shelves on April 22 nd. Owen bangs tattooed hottie Ty Walker in his scene, set at a garage sale where the delicious blonde shows up to find a nice pair of jeans... I suppose he finds the ones he wants on Ty. My spies tell me Christian Owen was one of the few dependable stars on what was otherwise a troubled set. The scene was originally to star Billy Brandt, but when he appeared on the set in October 2004, they felt he was not in good enough shape for the part. Then Owen came aboard as a last minute replacement, but the scene was originally intended to be a threesome with Stonie, which would?ve marked the return of two twink porn hotties -- but alas, while Stonie was bent over a sofa getting it in the end, a crew member went to shoot an aerial view and when Stonie raised up, he hit his head on the camera! Stonie stormed off the set ala Diana Ross and the footage was scrapped with B-role redone featuring just Christian and Ty. So, who is in the movie? Jason Crew, Brad Slater, Jason Harley, Rafael Alencar, Viktor Pereso, Niko and John Marcus. You can buy Studio 2000?s In the Jeans on DVD now at a special pre-order rate of 25% OFF in the Curious Corner Store.


SIN CITY?S ?HARLOT?: It?s official. Sin City is my favorite straight XXX company of the moment. They have the nastiest contract girls. They hire the hottest male talent. They have some of the most talented directors on the scenes. They make cum-drenched double anal flicks and they make plot driven tamer fare. They are at the top of their game. This is their moment. Their latest? Director James Avalon?sHarlot, starring Sin City exclusive, Aurora Snow.

The true star of the movie though is Chris Cannon who carries most of the movie?s dialogue (rather believably!) and is featured in three of the movie?s five sex scenes. When he becomes suspicious of his wife, Aurora, he hires a psychic detective, Brittney Skye, who tells him she?s running a kinky sex club behind his back. Chris opens the movie with a sex scene opposite Kimberly Kane, most notable for a few laughs since there?s a lot of script spoken and conversation held during the actual sex. If you?re not interested in plot, you may want to turn down the volume for this one. His second scene may be his best with Brittney Skye -- the oral action is superbly captured from an aerial view where we see Brit?s big eyes looking right up at him as he fucks her face just as hard as if it were her pussy. His final scene is a three-way with Aurora and Talon. It?s always great to see Aurora get it on, but she is the undisputed queen of anal these days and it seems such a waste to not have any anal action in the scene at all, much less what would?ve been a rockin? double penetration. I understand Sin City saves its ?crazy ass fun? for their Mayhem division, but every now and then an anal scene in a feature is appreciated. Ah, extremists!

Then there?s the sex club footage, if you?re into kinky outfits and such you?ll love Dillan Lauren on Alex Rox while across the club Billy Glide is banging Kinzie Kenner. The hottest scene of all though is Aurora?s other threesome with Holly Wellin and Grant Michaels. Highlights include Michaels continuously pulling out of Aurora?s pussy to stick it in Holly?s mouth, making her lick up all her juices, and the moments when Holly rides him cowgirl while Aurora sits on his face is most every man?s fantasy come to life on screen.

Sin City?s Harlot is now available on DVD at 23% OFF in the Curious Corner Store.



KURT LOCKWOOD?S GUIDE TO SEX POSITIONS: Everyone will love LukeFord.com?s guide to sex positions in porn, with photos courtesy Kurt Lockwood showing you how it?s done. Well, if you?re going to use an instructor, use the best, right? Haven?t heard much from the straight porn stud lately so it?s good to see he?s still around and sticking it to as much pussy in as many positions as humanly possible. Check it out. The photos are hot and you may even learn something. See, porn can be educational! I?ve been saying it for years.

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