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December 19, 2024



By Sin City exclusive, Aurora Snow

Monthly Column Exclusively at JasonCurious.com

Column #2: A Birthday Gift to Myself

Because we’ve named this column after my directorial series, Assploitations, I thought it appropriate to write my second installment of the column about the second installment of my video series. As you are about to see from my private diaries, I often find myself getting just as wet playing the voyeur behind the camera as I do when getting anally pounded in front of the lens!

Day One:

The first scene on the first day begins flawlessly with my little body squirming at the mere sight of Mr.Marcus, who was sitting just beyond my reach.  Nude under a red silk robe, I began fingering myself under white cotton panties as Mr. Marcus pulled his luscious appendage out to tease me. The teasing really had me going, but enough was enough! It was finally time for Marcus and I to engage in close, hand to cock combat. He came over to where I lay ready to partake of my blowjob skills.  Spit, hands and mouth flew at rapid paces. Ooooh and then the sex! MMMmmm... it was indescribable! Our eyes met and our bodies followed. The chemistry between us filled the room and our scene took on a heat of its own.

Following my scene was Hannah Harper and Ashley Long taking on the sexual brute Jay Ashley. So far this is one of my favorites, but perhaps I am particularly biased when it comes to Hannah. She and Ashley dripping wet from head to toe rip their clothing apart while shoving butt plugs from ass to mouth on one another. The short but sweet girl/girl action was soon transformed into fierce three-way action when Jay stepped in. Showing complete dominance over the event he manhandled both girls shoving their heads into his body, one for the cock and one for the balls. Still in blowjob mode, Ms. Ashley continued to suck cock while Hannah whirled around to give Jay's ass a lesson in tongue. Quite pleased with Hannah's work, Jay returned the favor by tossing her up on the couch and giving her pussy a little action with a huge black dildo conveniently left on set. Jay then plowed Hannah with his own cock, switching from her to Ashley in such a variety of positions and with such rapid intensity it was almost hard to keep up!


When it came time for the anal, the monstrous dildo from earlier came into play again, to the delight of both girls. Hannah worked up a storm on it, as did Ashley. Jay flipped Ashley over doggie style and began a double penetration with his cock and the dildo, while Hannah expertly placed herself between his legs face up into the action so as to suckle Ashley's wet pussy and Jay's balls as they slapped against her face. At some point I asked the girls to position themselves side by side, asses out and bared so Jay could go from ass to ass. I must say, it was an incredible sight!

After a few more anal exploits, Jay was ready to burst. His cum shot into Ashley's mouth first and from there she dripped every drop into Hannah's mouth. At this point after watching all that they did, I wanted some too, so I jumped in to receive the load from Hannah and upon receipt happily swallowed. What better way to end a scene?

Julie Night topped our day off performing a double anal with Alex Sanders and Mr. Pete. She too had her sights set on the huge black dildo and insisted on warming herself up with it. After some amazing toy play the guys enter from either side and use her as she had used the toy. There was very little pussy play as Julie was intent on having her ass reamed as much as possible. Julie's small frame springs from one cock to the next, never satisfied constantly begging for more. Her ass goes from one cock to the huge dildo, back to the cock and then on to receive both cocks in her ass. She even continues to play with her dildo as the guys ream her with their double action. Both guys had their way with her and when satisfied both left her with cum dripping down her face.

Day one went even better than I'd hoped for, as each scene was not just good or okay, but outstanding! Not to mention that each girl managed to take on a black cock of some sort...

Day Two:

Vicky Vette starts our second day with a mouth watering tease done inside a cage, as Tony T. looks on, his cock bulging from the visual. Ready to show Vicky what he's got in store for her he shoves his cock between the bars of the cage. Eyeing his cock, Vicky promptly drops to her knees devoting serious attention to his throbbing member. After the fantastic show of Vicky's oral skills Tony opens her cage and heads straight for the pussy.  Very hot sex ensues in and out of the cage. Outside the cage Tony flings the gorgeous blue eyed blonde onto the couch where he'd been watching her from and goes all out. From missionary to a great reverse cowgirl where upon Tony's cock work's her ass as her tits bounce in perfect unison. In the midst of their excitement they manage to end up on the floor in a spoon position with her ass pumping back and forth with his cock. Vicky began begging for cum and ever the gentleman Tony lets her have it all over her face.

Now it's my turn again. Lucky me, I get to play with Lauren Phoenix and Steve Hatcher! Lauren and I started things off giving Hatcher a tease. He entered cock first and we obediently dropped to our knees for a double blowjob, much to Hatcher's pleasure. Lauren enjoyed sucking cock just as much as I did. The more we sucked and licked the hornier and wetter we became. Hatcher was obviously aware and just as anxious to have our pussies folded around his cock as we soon found ourselves in just such a scenario. We went through any and all sexual positions that could best suit our lust, which of course includes plenty of ass play. At the end of our romp Lauren and I did a cum swap, doing our best to share it all.

I had so much fun, I am almost inclined to think of it as a birthday present to myself rather than work. In case I neglected to mention it earlier, I chose to shoot day two on my birthday. I couldn't think of a better place to have been to celebrate! I was surprised with a special kitty gift, cake, flowers and a rendition of the birthday song sung by several people on set.

It was quite a shoot from start to finish, every scene blanketed with individualized strong passion. The second installment of Assploitations delights in exceeding the standards set by the first.

Look for “Assploitations” in stores February 2004 from Sin City Ultra.

Visit Aurora’s Black Book entry for where you can find more of her on this site!

See more of Aurora Snow at her official web site, www.AuroraSnowXXX.com.

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