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September 17, 2004


By Mac Turner

Monthly Column Exclusively at JasonCurious.com

Column #2: With My Foot in the Door

Well, it's that time again! Time for the Mac man to write another column. Where to begin? Well I guess I'll pick up where I left off. My German friend has either become very busy or something, I haven't spoken to her in about a month.

Since I last wrote I have been working my ass off -- LITERALLY! I took part in the Savanna gangbang for Vivid. That shoot took forever! I showed up at a call time of 1:30 and didn't leave until 9:30; it was mainly a lot of hurry up and wait. Some of my costars took naps until it was time to do the shoot. The shoot it self was VERY hot. The room had these lights that produced so much heat it really must have been almost 100 degrees in there. This was also the first time I had to cum on cue. When the director, Chi Chi LaRue said, "OK guys stand around and go for the pop shot," I felt a lot of pressure, but then I went somewhere in my mind. I imagined myself at home where I was comfortable and watching one of Jenna Haze's DVDs and BOOM! I had to cum. There was nothing I could do but cum. The problem was that Vincent Vega was cumming on her and I had to hold it. As soon as he was done I literally lightly pushed him aside and said, "I GOTTA go!" and blew it right on her face.

My favorite people to work with so far have been Trina Michaels and Saskia. Trina and Saskia were so easy to work with. They were both so sweet to me and were what I call "team players" or "troopers." The way they moved their bodies and how we could tell what each other wanted and were thinking during the scene was just AMAZING! I have spoken with both since and we want to work together again. I have also become friends with the youngest guy in straight porn, his name is James Deen. I have worked with some that were not as cool, little primadonnas. They will remain nameless. But do you know how hard it is to cum on cue with someone that just pisses you off? I still did it, but I once again had to take a trip to Macville in my head. (Ms. Haze was not the star of it this time LOL) I mean the primadonna was good looking, but I felt like a was fucking a love doll with a snobby attitude. It was her second scene and she was acting stuck up. What the fuck?

But all in all, the porn world has been treating me great. It's just been hard work, surprisingly. In the porn world it's all about networking, it's all about who you know and connecting with people. I didn't really know that till I met Pamela Peaks and she kinda gave me a little lesson in porn. Pamela has been cool every single time I have had a question or a worry and have called her she has made me feel reassured and less stressed.

Lately I have been doing a lot of MILF scenes. (Moms I'd Like to Fuck) I feel like I'm becoming a MILF master. I have been working for Inter-Avid Production's www.freepornwilly.com. The site will be up and running on October 15th. So being a MILF master, I was talking to my friend the other day and I said, "Hey, what's your mom doing next week?" Of course, I got yelled at for that one, but who could resist?

I have also done some back seat bangers scenes. This was a unique experience for me; as I had never had sex in a vehicle WHILE IT WAS MOVING! But the shoot was really fun. The director Jonas is by far the coolest director I have met in the biz; his production manager Trish has also become like my big sister. If I had to sum up how working with Inter-Avid is in one word it would just be, "AWESOME!"

In my personal life I have met some really cool people. One night out I met an Indian guy by the name of Kazi. I didn't think I was gonna like him very much and now... Well, now we're gonna be rommies as of September 20th. Kazi is now my best friend in the state of California and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Well, maybe for Jenna Haze. *wink wink* . Just kidding, he's the best and besides I have also found a girl to love; her name is Arezoo. (Hey, what's with all these damn middle easterners in my life, huh?) She's Persian and by far the girl of my dreams external and internal. She's cool with the porn thing and that makes me very happy. No friction whatsoever and as a matter of fact I think she kinda gets off on it.

I don't want you to think that being porn is just the best thing in the world and there are no negatives. Recently I had a Chlmydia scare. It kinda hurt when I went to use the bathroom. So I rushed my ass down to aim and got tested. Turns out I just had an erection for too long due to a marathon shoot the day before. I have had also had many weirdos come at me and try a few things. Try to deceive me and get me to do things I didn't wanna do. But nothing is perfect and as with all things ya gotta give in order to get. So for me the positives outweigh the negatives by a thousand! I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into the life of Mac Turner. I can only hope to entertain you with my next column. Oh and thanks for all the emails I've been getting. Keep them coming! Talk to you guys later!

-Mac Turner

Mac Turner's 60-minute jack off show is now available in the "JC TV Live" archives.

See more photos and video on Mac Turner on his page in the Black Book.

Email Mac Turner and let him know your thoughts on his column at his NEW email address, [email protected].

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