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December 10 , 2004

Bobby's World

By Bobby Brennan

Monthly Column Exclusively at JasonCurious.com

Column #9: ?Rambling"

Another year, another December, the end of yet another year in life. Some years are good, some are mixed up with all the likeness of a nice rollercoaster. And maybe some are great. But I would have to say that this year in 2004 was a year I will never forget. One twelve month journey that came and will soon be history.

I am still in college and working on my certificates toward being a Microsoft Specialist, and staying busy for the most part with studies and school. I have my finals at the end of next week and well, I?ll see how much my dedication paid off.

I recently worked with porn star Shane Rollins and? a girl!? in a hot little bisexual scene. I think it was a great scene! You will have to wait for it to come out early spring.

I would like to say to those of you who have emailed asking about my home videos I have been shooting ere and there around school, I will be selling them eventually along with a fetish gallery of photo sets and a few other things through my web site.

In other words, I have become a bit boring. Or maybe the boy next door type. On second thought, I may just have dual personalities. I like being the boy next door who nobody knows secret alter ego is Bobby Brennan. Since I live in the suburbs down near La Jolla and everyone is all? well, how shall I say it? in a relatively good manners?? I feel so out of place some times. Like when I am out swimming in the pool and some little kid notices the tattoo on right shoulder and sporadically yells out, ?PORN STAR! PORN STAR!? Nevermind keeping it a secret in my suburban dwelling. And so much for the boy next door, I might just as well put the strap-on over my jeans and walk around the complex asking for some assistance. Hmm? well, I am going to leave it at that. I am not complaining or even smiling, I am just saying what it is and what is currently going though my mind?s mindless rambling.

Thank you?

Bobby Brennan

?Born Naked only Once!!!!!?

P.S.: I am sure you are probably lost on the whole column. But I like the fact that I am just rambling. I amuse myself easily. I do hope all is well and peaceful in your worlds this holiday season.

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