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March 15, 2004

Totally Billy!

By Billy Brandt

Monthly Column Exclusively at JasonCurious.com

Column #1: "Words In My Head"

Well it's Friday and I am heading to Florida to do a dance show at The Metro. Traveling is one of the things I most enjoy, but I could really do without all of this airport security. I mean, really - has anyone been to an airport lately? Seems as if they're really going a bit too far! I try hard to pack light so I don't have security going through my bags and inspecting every piece of clothing. This may be a bit embarrassing for some. For example, having a thong in a bag is okay, but to have someone pulling them out is a bit of a sheepish feeling.

Anyway, I was out in Colorado last Friday and purchased a book on dragons that I'm looking forward to reading on the plane. This year is dragon remembrance year. I've been looking for any book on dragons I could get and I found several books in Colorado. Some I didn't like, but the picture symbol on this particular one caught my attention. Bright blue colored fire flames. Fierce! I love dragons and what they represent. Their strong, muscular bodies and the darkness in their eyes. I feel that I need things to be interested in. Helps with the stress of lack of work, too much drama, and boredom. But who really wants to hear my personal interests?

I also got an Ibook Mac for my birthday, which is not until April, but close enough, right? So I've decided with the new computer that yes, I will try doing a web site again. Happy now? I decided that no one could stop me from having a public web site, so I will be making an all new one and I will own all of the rights so there will be no problems with creative design drama.

So, I'm really trying to find a lot to say, but I am new to the column-writing thing. To tell you the truth, I have never been good at writing and I also know that there will be a lot of people who will gripe about my grammar, spelling, and punctuation. [ That's what an editor is for, Billy! :-P - Ed.] But I really could care less. If people don't like me then I move around, there are plenty of other people who don't really care about my small imperfections. Besides, nobody is perfect.

So to wrap up this month's column, here's something I wrote while looking at the pics of myself that go with this month's column, photographed by the fabulous Richard Armas:

The face hidden with in myself. I dreamed that the face you see here was the face I see in the mirror and was as if transformed over night to see what a dragon sees. Oh how the sky shimmered purple and blue, I could feel things never felt before. Soon after, I stopped being excited, found my self flying high above the clouds. But suddenly I was falling. Then I awoke with a hard on. Hum. Strange.


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