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July 22, 2005

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By Jason Hawke

Monthly Column Exclusively at JasonCurious.com

Column #2: ?Sex in the City (Park)?

Being a porn star, you would think I would have no inhibitions about sex in public places, but being on a porn set, for the most part, only consists of a handful of crew and your other naked costars. In my personal life, I tend to be the shy one while my boyfriend, you probably know him as porn star Jeremy Jordan, is the real exhibitionist.

We decided to go hiking a few weeks ago. The sun was shining and it was already looking like the perfect day. We started out hiking up some steep hills until we got into this area with a bunch of trees. Jeremy stripped off his shirt and continued to take the lead as the trail narrowed. I could already see the sweat trickling down his back and it was starting to wet his shorts too! I couldn?t keep my eyes off his tight little ass, bouncing down the hill right in front of me. Haha!

Ten minutes later, I was warmed up and ready to strip off my shirt too. Jeremy stopped to wait for me and watched me take off my sweat drenched shirt. He got this grin on his face and I knew what was running through his dirty little mind. That?s why I love him!

It was in my mind too. I wanted nothing more then to drop to my knees right in the dirt and start licking the sweat off his cock! I looked around to see if anyone was in view. Jeremy started laughing knowing what I was up to and came over to kiss me. Soft at first and then harder while his hands moved up and down my chest. He reached for my belt buckle and put his hand down my pants. I couldn?t believe it! He wasn?t scared at all! It?s weird how your boyfriend can still shock you after all these years. I reached back and grabbed his ass. I wanted to take his hole right there so bad!

Jeremy undid my pants and got on his knees, taking my hard dick down his throat so far he could hardly breathe. I was hard as fuck, but I kept having to look around, checking for other hikers before I could really let lose. He grabbed my shorts and tried to yank them down, but I stopped him. I was sooo nervous someone might catch us! ?I want to lick the sweat off your balls. Stop getting in my way!? We laughed and laughed.

I guess he just couldn?t take anymore because he yanked my shorts down and stuffed his face with my big sweaty balls, sucking and licking until I almost busted right there in his mouth. I told him I was going to cum really fast if he continued. Jeremy smiled and looked up at me and said, ?Cum on my face.? He started playing with my asshole with his fingers. I think he even worked a few in there, enough to make me shoot my load. I pulled out of his mouth and jerked myself off, shooting my load all over his face. Jeremy rubbed his fingers in my cum and licked them all clean.

But then there was still the problem of his face being drenched in my semen! ?How are we going to get back to the car without anyone noticing?? he asked. Oh sure, now he?s worried! I did the only thing a good boyfriend should do. I licked my cum off his face and swallowed the evidence.

On our way back to the car, Jeremy reminded me about that saying. You know, the one about life imitating art. I wasn?t sure what he was talking about until he reminded me we did a layout like this together set in a park just a year or so ago! So we dug it up and thought you?d like to see a glimpse into our private life. Hope you like it!

Keep jerkin' it,


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